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Contents of all issues of Aircraft & Jets in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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Ac&J Dec 46
Sopwith hist PA
Sopwith Snark PA
Sopwith Gnu PA
Sopwith Cobfham triplane bomber PA
Sopwith Sparrow PA
Sopwith 1919 Schneider racer
Sopwith Wallaby PA
Sopwith Transport PA
Sopwith Dove PA
Bell L-39 (P-63 w swept wings) P
Bell P-63 w V tail P
XP-39E variants P
PQ-13 (Ercoupe target drone) P
Martin JM-1 (B-26 w jet n tail) P
Martin XB-26H (tandem lg test) P
Firestone XF-9 civ P
Fletcher XCQ-1A P
Fleetwings XBQ-2A P
Boeing XBT-17 P
Culver PQ-8 P
National Air Races results PA

Ac&J 1/1 June 46
Miles M.20 PA
Miles M.65 Gemini PA
Sopwith fighters 1912-1919 PA
Sopwith Bat Boat PA
Sopwith 1914 Schneider racer PA
Sopwith Baby PA
Sopwith Bee P
Sopwith Salamander PA
Sopwith Cuckoo PA
Sopwith Buffalo PA
Sopwith Bulldog PA
Sopwith Snail PA
Sopwith B.1 (exp bbr) PA
Sopwith Hippo PA
Bell 47 PA
Bell P-59 PA
Curtiss P-40 development PA

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