Air Trails Classic Flying Models
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Contents of all issues of Air Trails Classic Flying Models in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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ATCFM 2/3 Fal 79
Jim Walker (US) bio PA
Hawks "Time Flies" Rpwr
AT-6 Dil
Fw-56 Rpwr
Waco N PD
Douglas A-26 S

ATCFM 2/1 Spr 79
post W2 model engine survey PA
XF5F-1 S
Burgess M-5 model engine ill A ca
Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk S
Koolhoven FK-58 Rpwr
Piper Cub Coupe for 1939 Rpwr

ATCFM 2/2 Sum 78
Wakefield Contender Rpwr cont
ac model kit mfg co survey PA
Alliance Engineering (model kit mfr) PA
Aircraft (model kit mfr) PA
Berkeley (model kit mfr) PA
American Junior (model kit mfr) PA
Bay Ridge (model kit mfr) PA
F3F-2 S
North American Navion S
The Duck Rpwr spt amphib
Guff "B" cont ff
Mercury Meteor "B" ff cont
Thermal Snifter Rpwr or HLG spt
Bill Barnes Amphibian Fighter 3v

ATCFM 1/1 Sum 77
Grumman Widgeon Rpwr scale
Wakefield winner Rpwr cont
Baby Buzzard Rpwr stick spt
Connecticut Yankee "B" ff cont
Republic Seabee "B" ff scale
Buzzard Bombshell "C" ff cont
Gladiator CO2 pwr ff spt
Waco CG-4 TLG scale
Albatross "C" ff cont


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