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Air Trails MIF
Young Men -- YM
Air Trails Hobbies For Young Men -- ATHFYM

AT Ann 57
US Army, US Air Force color schemes PA
USAF buzz number list A
US Navy color schemes PA

YM Nov 56
Edwards AFB PA
Lockheed XF-104 4v xs A
anti-gravity engines are coming il A

YM Oct 56
Boeing 707 We Fly PA
US Army av recent developments PA
Ninth Annual (scale) Model Plane Show PA

YM Sep 56
American Helicopters XA-6 Buck Private PA
American Helicopters XH-26 Jet Jeep PA
Bendix Helicopters Model K PA
Bensen Gyro-Glider PA
Bensen Gyro-Copter PA
Bensen Mid-Jet PA
Bensen Sky Scooter PA
Capital C-1 Hoppi-Copter PA
de Lackner Aerocycle CPA
de Lackner DH-4 Heli-Vector PA
Fairey Ultra Light (England heli) PA
Focke-Achgelis FA-330 PA
Goodyear 400R Gizmo PA
Gyrodyne XRON-1 Rotorcycle PA
Hiller Flying Platform PA
Hiller Hornet PA
Hiller YHJ-1/YH-32/HOE-1 PA
Hoppicopter "Strap-On" PA
Hoppicopters 101 PA
Kamov K-17 Vertolet PA
Kamov Ka-10 Vertolet PA
Kellett KH-15 Stable Mabel PA
McDonnell J-1 Little Henry PA
Nagler Heliglider PA
Nagler NH-160 PA
Nagler XH-10(?) 20(?) PA
Nagler-Rolz 54 PA
Nederlandse H-2 Kolibrie (Netherlands heli) PA
Schmidt Para-Copter PA
Sud Est SO 1220 Djinn (France heli) PA

YM July 56
Curtiss A-12 4v xs A

YM June 1956

AT Feb 56
homebuilt ac surv il A
P-59A 4v xs ca
Flying Wing cata launch g

AT January 56
collecting aviation books A

"F9F-9" Toger (later redes F11F) 4v xs

ATHFYM March 55
Douglas RB-66A S
Soviet AF new types il A
Yak-21 (rocket-pwr intercep) il A
La-17 il A
Il-16 (4-jet bbr) il A
Il-38 (FICTIONAL) il A
how to finish models PA

ATHFYM January 55
YF-102 4v xs A
Ogden Osprey il A
Verville Air Coach il A
Spartan (4s hw) il A
American Eagle D-430 il A

AT Ann 1954
Jim Walker bio PA
Stinger all-wing hlg
Model engine surve 3v A
Crazy Crate profile sport bip uc

AT Dec 54
Fly-Hi hlg
Boeing 707 prototype 4v xs A
How to Apply Air Force Plane Markings
Cessna 620 PA
"F9F-9" (actually F11F proto) PA
DC-3 .19 uc

AT July 54
Channel Winger 1e channel wing uc sport
Killer Combat Kites MiG-19 & F-100
Over and Under .19 R/C
Stau {it {itt-Putt tethered ff A
XF4D-1 Skyray S
Capital Hoppi Copter 3v PA

AT March 54
Beech 18S 3v
Whizzie catap launch g
Hi and Bye DOT Rpwr cont
P-26A 4v xs
Sud Est Barodeur P
McRae Super Dart (hb US) 3v PA

AT Feb 54
Douglas X-3 P
Piasecki HUP-1 3v PA
Nancy uc stunt
Blueboy PAA ff
Honeybug .15 team racer
Zero u/c .29
M/B/ 323 S|Piper Apache 3v PA
Sikorsky VS-300 Dil
F-100 PA

AT Jan 54
Wright Flyer S
Chanute Hang Glider S
Curtiss Pusher S
The Day the Red Baron Died A

AT Ann 1953
Hawk Model Co advert P
Herkimer engine plant tour PA

AT Dec 53
Piasecki H-21 3v PA
AJ-1 Savage 3v A
Sud Est S.E.2415 Grognard 3v PA
Jersey Lightnin’ R/C .19
Arizona Annie all-wing tlg
Saskie tlg
Rocket Racer ducted fan uc sport
The Day the Red Baron died A

AT Nov 53
C-119H P
Ultra Hogan .19 ff
Caproni F.5 (Italy lt jet) 5v S

AT Oct 53
TT-10 (Japan trnr) 3v A
Li’l Bomb 1/2A speed
X-Pendable .29 uc stunt
Blunderbus 1.2A ff spt
Dornier hist PA
MiG-15 S
U-MiG-15 S

AT Sep 53
Wanderwings r/c .19 bip spt
English A-2 Viking tlg
Little Dugie Jetex 150 spot
Devil Dart Dyna Jet speed uc
F4F uc .19
Hurricane uc .19
Fw-190 uc .19
Hawker Hunter F.2 S
Hurel Dubois H.D.31 3v PA
C.A.S.A. 202 Halcon (Hudstar, combi Hudson/Lodestar) PA
H.P. Hastings PA
C-130 provis 3v PA
Johnny Martin (US test pi) bio PA
Custer Channel Sing 3v ca A

AT Aug 53
E.E. Canberra PDA ca
Fouga CM-170R Magister S
Combo Traner for Clubs Rpwr spt
Blow Bug ducted fan ff spta1/2A
Past Due 1.2A cont ff
Cat’s Whiskers .19 stunt combat
Thalman T-4 (US ltpln trilg) PA
YH-31 PA
P-40 racing mod PA
Alberto Santos Dumont bio PA

AT July 53
Buttercup .049 R/C spt
Swan Song .14 flybt ff
La Dorra Rpwr cont
All Wing Wonder 1/2A speed uc
Little Buttercup 1/2A ff spt
Bonzo .29 uc scale
Baroness Raymonde de Laroche (Framce 1st licensed female pilot) bio PA

AT June 53
Gyrodone GCA-2 PA
Hispano (?) I-115 (Spain trnr) PA
Magic Maid R/C spt
Mirror Glider hlg
Leopart Moth .14 uc
The Bostonian Rpwr cont
Sabre Wing all wing ff .049
F-84F ca PA
Red Russia’s Remarkable A/c Industry PA
Farman Montor (France lt pln) 3v PA
S.F.E.C.M.A.S.. (France? G) PA

AT May 53
Liberty Belle 1/2A R/C
U-MiG-15 S
Sassy Dancer .29 uc sport
Bartlett Bullet .29 team racer
World’s Fastest "A"
Sweet Sixteenth 1/2A ff cont
I Watched Wilbur Fly A
Aeronca Ac Co hist PA
Red Army Controls Soviet AF A

AT Apr 53
The Red Air Force Is Ready PA
Twin Fin Terror Rpwr spt
Fieseler Fi-156 1/2A ff
Speed Bug 1/2A uc
Hurel Dubois H.D. 10 (hw hi aspect wing research) S
Ilyushin U-Il-28 S
JN-4D .19 uc
National PAA Load winner 1/2A ff
Paggio O.150 (Italy trnr) 3v PA
Nardi FN-333 (Italy) 3v PA
A.J. Mikoyan all weather fighter 3v PA xs

AT March 53
PAA ff from Mexico
Leapin Luna 1/2A ff cont
When The Really Built Model Planes early hist PA
Short S.B. 15 PA
D.H. Comet III 3v A
F.A.I. flying wing .29 flying wing
International Stunt Champ .35
Douglas (?) B-26 .29 uc scale

AT Feb 53
Cessna L-19 3v xs A
Convair XF-92 3v xs A
Little Surami hlg
Drifter Rpwr cont
Gloster Javelin S
Little Joe 1/2A uc stunt
Percival Provost P S
Black Tiger semi-scale uc stung .35
Helioplane 1/2A ff
Sub Miniature Chipmunk Rpwr scale
Amazon 400 "A" cont ff
F4U 1st MiG kill PA
XF-91 w V tail PA
Douglas Skyrocket w hydro-skis PA
Tupolev Tu-6 PA
Tupolev Tu-10 PA

AT January 53
HLG 26" hlg
SAAB 210 (devel proto for J-35) S
Minor Mach catapult g
Tippy Tim .074 ff spt
Dyna Jet hist PA
Houn’ Dog .35 uc trnr
Half Pep Racer 1/2A team r
No Time to Kill ac armament & shooting PA
French AF 1926-40 hist PA
All American Helicopter XH-26 Jet Jeep PA
Bristol 173 (England heli) PA
The Day We Stole a MiG PA
Avro 698 (Vulcan proto) 3v xs
Gloster Javelin 3v xs

AT Ann 1952
B-36 S
Mulvhill Trophy winner Rpwr cont
Whistle Wagon hlg
hlg survey il A
Bristol Bullet Rpwr scale
Flyette indoor Rpwr microfilm
World’s Fastest Model - Dyna Jet uc
Ole Slippery .29 team racer
Executive twin Jetex sport ff
Lirrle Senator 1/2A spt
AT-6 uc scale Dil
Flying Wing g TLG
The Fling .29
All American Rubber Model Rpwr spt
Double Whammy .35 bip stunt

AT Dec 52
Russian Type 150 (FICTION) 3v xs PA
Lethal Lucy .59 stunt
Lightning .049 ff cont
Me-109 .29 uc scale
Spitfire .29 uc scale
P-51D ..29 uc scale
S.I.P.A. S
Yak-15 S
Junkers hist PA
USN blimps PA
Sud Est S.O. 6025 Espaden PA
Miles Sparrowjet PA

AT Nov 52
Perfidio .29 ff cont
DHC-3 Otter S
El Nardo II tlg cont
El Sobo TLG cont
F8F Bearcat uc carrier
Aerobatics and the Bucker (Bu-133) PA
Hindustan HT-2 (India AF trnr) PA
Macchi MB 308 PA
SAAB 91B Safir PA
Mooney Mite PA

AT Oct 52
The Combat Kid uc
Georgeous Gertie 5-way ff sport .074
Hawker Hunter S
Perky Rpwr sport
Mysterious Case of the De Schelde "FW-198" PA
Gyrodyne Model 2C PDA
What Makes a Jet Ace A

AT Sep 52
Dottie hlg cont
Little Sport ff R/C sport .09
Max Holste MH-152 S
Shoestring .29 uc
Doman YH-31 PA
Martin M-270 PA
Sud Est S.E. 210 Aragnac PA
Lanier Paraplane II PA
Russian all-weather jet interceptor PA

AT Aug 52
The Pulitzer Race PA
Kopacetic ROW ff cont
Flying Saucer .020 ff spt
Texas A&M Ag-1 .074 ff scale
1/2A spt uc
Smoothie .35 uc stunt
Flying Battleships of the USSR & USA PA
Piasecki YH-21 PA
F-84G PA
Short S.A.4 PA

AT July 52
Perryman’s Polyhedral Soarer tlg
P)hily Whiz 1/2A ff cont
Brawner’s record glider hlg
F-84F provis 3v xs
Martin Matador 3v xs
XB-52 3v PA
Bell X-5 3v PA
Lavochkin La-17 S
Yak-25 (FICTION) S
Fokker hiist PA
The Pulitzer Race hist PA
Gophor "D" speed
A-3B Falcon .049 uc

AT June 52
F-84F 3v
Dassault Mystere S
DH-110 S
Fokker E.III 1/2A uc
National Indoor Winner Rpwr cont
National Outdoor Winner Rpwr cont
Mini Paagan 1/2A PAA
Bouncing Bettie .29 uc sport
MiG-19 PA ca
Spitfire II 3v ca Dil A
Danby Twin Navion PA
Piper Twin-Stinson PA
XH-16 PA
Sud Est SO 1120 Ariel PA
Bristol 173 (England heli) PA
Curtiss NC-4 PA
Siebel S4A PA
Piasecki H-19 PA
Cierva Air Horse PA
American Helicopters SA-6 Buck Private PA
Doman L2-4 (US heli) PA
Saro Cierva Skeeter (England heli) PA
Hiller Hornet PA
Kaman HTK-1

AT May 52
F3D 3v A
Supermarine Attacker S
Galloping Comedian .35 uc stunt
Dart Kitten .074 uc
The Miraculous Models early flymod hist PA
Pan Am Plane PAA Load ff
Curtiss XF6C Raceer 1/2A ff scale
Auster B-4 3v xs
MiG Utka 3v xs
Mil Mi-4 3v xs
Piaggio P-148 3v xs
Pilatus P-2 3v xs
US Fulton Airphibian 3v xs
Breguet Vultur 3v xs
XA2J-1 P
B-45 test bed P
XB-52 P
P-51C ca Dil

AT Apr 52
P-38 Lightning Rpwr spt
SAAB 210 3v xs
Vickers Valiant 3v xs
Fletcher BT-22 3v xs
Supermarine 508
F4D Skyray 3v xs
KZ-10 (Denmark ltpln) 3v xs
Alaparina Baldo 3v xs
Hawker P.1067 3v xs
Tommy Scout .29 uc
Baby Biwinger "Bantam" ff spt
Golden Rod uc speed
Stuka Stunt .35 semi-sc stunt
Me-109E ca Dil
The Open Cockpit Era hist PA
The Good Old Days 1885 -- 1900 PA

AT March 52
Swedish Copter ff sport
1/2A ff
PAA Master 1/2A PAA Load ff
Joisey Hoister PAA Load 1/2A
Ewing 1.2A PAA Load winner
O-S-O-L-O-N-G Rpwr cont
Lockheed PB-2A .59 uc scale
Chow Hound .29 team raceer
F-94B S
Custer Channel Wing test bed PA
Fletcher armed light plane PA
DH Chipmunk PA
Auster B4 PA
Kaman K-0225

AT Feb 52
Torpedo Joe Rpwr sport releases torpedo
The Helicopter 1/2A ff
Combateer .35 uc
Bonnie Lass 1.2A team racer
Batari 1/2A ff cont
Red’s Remarkable Wakefield Rpwr cont
Beechcraft T-36 PA
Short S.A.4 PA
Planes Without Pilots PA
Mil Mi-1 3v PA
Yak-18 S
Red’s (Soviet AF) F-86D pro PA

AT January 52
Hot Canary Dyna-Jet speed
Art Chester Racer .35 uc
Shoestring racer 3v PA
15 (midget racer) 3v PA
Mr. D (midget racer) 3v PA
Little Mike 3v PA

AT Annual 1951
F-86 S
XF-91 S
B-45 S
Battling Boxcar Rpwr spt
Parlor Midget Rpwr spt

AT Dec 51
Aero 45
Anderson-Greenwood AG-1 S
Avro 707B S
Avro Canada (?) CF-102 S
Avro Canada CF-100
Beech Bonanza S
Blackburn Beverly S
Bpeing B-47 S
Boeing B-50D S
Boeing C-97 S
Boulton Paul Balliol S
Boulton Paul P.111
Breda Zappata B.Z. 308 S
Breguet 76-3 S
Bristol Brabazon S
Bristol 170 S
Bristol 173 S
Cessna 195 S
Cierva Air Horse S
Convair Turboliner S
Convair B-36 S
XF-92 S
XP5Y-1 S
Dassault MD 450 Ouragan S
DH Comet airliner S
DH Dove S
DH Heron S
DH Sea Hornet S
DH Venom S
DHC Beaver S
C-124 S
E.E. Canberra S
XC-120 S
Fairey Gannet S
Fokker S-13 S
Sokker S-14 S
Fouga Cyclops S
Gloster Meteor 8 S
Grumman AF-2S S
F9F Panther S
SA-16 Albatross
Hawker 1081 S
Il-12 S
Il-26 S
:Lavochkin La-11
LA-17 S
XF-90 S
F-94C S
P2V s
XF-88 S
McDonnell FD-1 S
McDonnell F2H-2 S
Martin XB-51
Martin P5M-1 S
MiG-9 S
MiG-15 SMorane Saulnier MS 703 S
North American F-86D S
XF-93 S
T-28 S
Northrop XC-125
F-89 S
Omega (heli) S
Percival Prince SPilqui II S
Piper Tri Pacer S
F-84E S
Republic F-84F S
Saab Scandia S
Saab J-29 S
Saab SK 50 S
Saro Dutchess S
Saro Princess S
Saro SR/A1 S
Short SB 3
Short Sealand S
Sikorsky S-55
Sud Est S.E. 2010 S
Sud Est S.O. 4000 S
Sud Est S.O. 6021 Espadon S
Supermarine 535 S
Supermarine Attacker S
Texas Agro Omstotite Agg-1 S
Tupolev Tu-4 S
Tu-70 S
Vickers Viscount 700 S
Vought F7U S
Westland Wyvern S
Yak-11 S
Yak-14 S
Yak-16 S
Yak-17 S
Yak-18 S

AT Nov 51
Stunt Chum 1/2A spt
ROG-ROW Combo 1.2A ff spt
Douglas M-2 1/2A ff sca
Tupolev Tu-10 PA ca
Armed Air Gnats (early COIN propo PA

AT Oct 51
Kaman hist bio PA
Channel Wing model .23 uc
Outdoor Cabin Model Rpwr cont
Wee Whiz 1/2A speed uc
Dummy Lifter PAA Load ff
The Fling .29 speed uc
Gee Bee Sportster D 3v A
Gee Bee Sportster E 3v A
Gee Bee Super Sportster Z 3v A
Gee Bee Super Sportster R-1 3v A

AT Sept 51
Alkie II 1/2A tand wing ff
Bell X-5 S
Fairey FD.1 S
Grumman AF-2 S
Lavochkin LA-17 S
F-89 S

AT Aug 51
Pushie Rpwr sprt
Tiny Tim A spt
Opal Rocket Plane (Germany hw) Jetex ff sc
TLG tlg
Screamin Demon .61 speed uc
Chase XC-123A P
Fouga Gemeaux P
Hawker P.1081 S
Sikorsky YH-18A P

AT July 51
MS-450 Ouragon S
Millet-Lagoode ML-10 (France stall proof) 2vPA
Frank Piasecki bio / co hist PA
Double-Duty Skylark ff or uc
Flying Wing Design Competition il A
Stunt Rocket .49 stunt
Russia, Colossus of the Air part 2 il A

AT June 51
Supersonic Wing Jetex sport
D.H. 116 Comet airliner S
Horton Wingless Plane 3v PA
Russia Colossus of the Air part 1 PA
Air Model Design Competition Flying Boat il A
Stits Jr. .19 - .29 uc salce
Air Adventurers #3 Rpwr spt

AT April 51
Wee 38 1/2A uc spt
Air Model Design Comp PAA Load A
AJ Interceptor 2-e uc 1/2A sport
Saab J-29 S

AT March 51
MiG-15 S
F7U 3v xs PA
Bill Barnes Amphibian Fighter PA
Bill Barnes, Ahead of His Time PA
Petit Pete 1/2A team racer
Crowbar 56 .19 PAA Load
Helio Two PA
Mr. Sikorsky & His Helicopter PA

AT Feb 51
Javelin Glider tlg
Boulton Paul B.P. 11 S PA
Uniliner monoline A spt
Ole Slippery .29 team racer uc
B-47 provisional wind tunnel designs PA

AT January 1951
Augusta CP-110 (Italy ltpln) 3v PA
The Ultra Lights of England PA
Loving-Wayne WR-1 (midget r) 3v A
Little Gem (midget r) 3v A
Mini Speedster 1/2A uc
Sopwith Dolphin .29 uc
Bellanca Cruisair semi-sc Rpwr cont
Little Twister 1/2A ff cont
International Stunt winner .35 uc
Boeing design studies for small tprop engine ac 2v PA
Boeing crop duster (tprop propo) 2v PA
Boeing 2 tprop exec trans 2v PA
Fiat G-80 3v PA

AT December 50
High Pressure Pete 1/2A stunt
El Dobo Rpwr cont
Heath Parasol/Midwing 1/2A ff
Miss Quito 1/2A cont ff
Fairchild XC-120 PA
Helioplane 4-s 3v A
1951 bomber mssion PA
Avro Ashton P

AT Nov 50
C-125 S
Knight 1/2A uc bip
Wee Bee ff/uc PA
I Designed the Zeke PA

AT Oct 50
Commies in Profile il A
Jamieson Jupiter (US ltpln) PA
Delanne and his Duo-Monoplanes PA (France)
The Pappy Trainer .09 uc
Buhl Pup 1/2A scale ff
Strato Flash 1/2A ff cont
Duo Mono biplane tandem wing .29 uc
Luscombe Observer PA
Bristol 171 PA
XC-120 PA

AT Sep 50
DC-6 P S
Comet racer 1/2A uc
Little Elevator 1/2A ff cont
Sud Est 3000 PA
Sud Oest 1110 PA
Sud Est 2310 PA
Sud Oest 95 Corse PA
D.L. 22 Argentina trns PA
CASA 201 (Spain trans0 P)A
T.H.K. 2 1s Turkey trnr PA
D.3802 Switzerland prop ftr PA
Praga E.211 (Czech 3 tail 2 epush lt trans PA
Leduc 010 PA

AT Aug 50
Corben Super Ace ff / uc
Loopy .09 spt
Flying Bazookus ff spt .09
XB-47 S
Kitty Hawk Rpwr spt
Long Wimpy 3v P
Peterson Sportster 3v

AT July 50
Boeing jet trans design studies il A
Super Squirt Dyna Jet uc speed
Class B hlg cont
Skylark ff spt
Taylor Aerocar PA
H.M. 300 3v PA
DeHavilland Trainer 1/2A uc spt
The Challenger Rpwr cont
Texaco No.13 (Travel Air Mystery Ship) .29 uc scale
Aeroplane development 1890 -- 1903 il A

AT June 50
Curtiss XPW-8 .29 uc
Rudolph (Jetex)
Spirit of St. Louis 1/2A uc
All American Free Flight .19 ff cont
KB-29 PA
Mr. Pitts and His Mighty Midgets PA
Charles Lindbergh career as tech rep bio PA
Breda BZ-308 PA

AT May 50
Ibbs Special (midget r) 3v PA
P.A.R. Special 3v PA
Pitts Racer 3v PA
Schroeder Dragontail (midget r) 3v PA
XB-19 3v PDA
Dawson Special semi-sc A ur
B-45 S PA
Thomas Morse Scout 3v ca PA
Hoosier Hot Shot .29 R/C spt
Guided Whistle ?C" uc stunt
T-28 S
Fouga Cyclops S
Acrojets (USAF aerobat F-80 team) PA

AT April 50
JN4D Jenny 3v ca Dil P
Emigh Trojan pirep PA

AT March 50
Convair Liner S PA
Gregor FDB-1 2v PA
Douglas Skyrocket PA
Temco Swift PA pirep
Jet Bomber Jockeys PA
XB-51 PA
Flight before 1960 PA
Roger Dodger 1/2A stunt
Courier A spt

AT February 50
World’s first 30-minute indoor microfilm Rpwr
Wee One 1/2A spt ff
Midget racer surv 3v
Mike Argander Special #39 3v
La Jollity #31 3v
Lil Spook #77 3v
Thompson Balboni Special #84 3v
Bonzo #1 3v
Mirage #42 3v
Estrellita #34 3v
Ballerina #5 3v
Lil’ Rebel #47 3v
Little Toni #3 3v
L.I.T. Special #29 3v
Falcon Special #10 3v
Cosmic Wind #4 3v
Zipper #59 3v
Johnson Speciall #51 3v
Coonley Special #35 3v
Anderson Special #63 3v
Denight D.D.T #97 3v
Long Midget #67 3v
Screaming Meany #40 3v
Rivets #92 3v
Shoestring #16 3v
Little Gem #14 3v
Ginny #94 3v
Mooney Mite pirep PA
Russia’s Anwer (new warplanes) PA
Rheintochter R.1 2v
FW-293 Stralljager 3v
Junkers Attacker 1/2A scale uc
Lockheed Orion .29 scale uc
Heinkel P.1080 3v PA
Feurlilie F.55 (guided missle) 3v PA
Scmetterling H.117 (guided missile) 3v PA

AT January 1950
Parlor Midget Rpwr spt
Beech Mentor 45 S P
Spirit of St. Louis 3v ca Dil
Super DC-3 PA

AT December 49
Burnelli hist PA

AT Nov 49
Cub Sportster 1/2A sport uc bip
The Mighty Gnat Rpwr sport stick
Morane Saulnier (WW2 ftr) "A/B" uc
B-36 "Are Big Bombers Clay Pigeons?" PA

AT Sep 49
Cub Controller 1/2A stunt
Roland D.II Wolfish .23 uc scale
Macchi 308 Co2 ff scale
Beech G-17S 3v
Tayor Aerocar 3v
Super DC-3 3v
Long Midget uc scale .40
Long Midget pirep PA
Marquardt ramjet hist PA
Nelson Hummingbird (US pwr sailplane) PA
Fouga CM-100 (France lt trans) PA
E.E. Canberra PA
Hiller man-carrying rocket propo PA
WLM-1 (Switzerland g) 3v A
Saab Safir 3v A

AT Aug 49
Baby Boomer 1/2A ff spt
Thermal Sniffer tlg
Piper Vagabond Co2, uc, ff 1/2A
Martin AM-1 PA
Will Britannia Rule the Skyways? PA
Piper Clipper pirep 3v PA
The Roadable Airplane - Certainty or Absurdity? PA
XF-88 3v PA

AT June 49
Falcon Special (midget r) 3v PA
Pitts Special 3v PA
Gorgon IV PTV-N-2 3v A
Smith Special uc bip spt 1/2A
Slim Jim .29 ff cont
Beech Bonanza 5v xs Dil
Record Review2 Rpwr cont
Cessna 190 pirep PA
XF-85 3v PA

AT May 49
Planet Satellite (Eng push ltpln) PA
Flying Dutchman (midget r) 3v PA
Sky Baby (midget r) 3v PA
Cruiser Rpwr or Co2 ff
Gay Lady V .60 speed uc
DH-4 .60 uc
F2H-1 S PA
1949 National PAA Load trainer .29
Hiller 360 PA pirep
North American FJ-1 PA

AT April 49
F9F Panther S
Whirlaway C "C" uc speed
Infant Recruit "Infant" engine uc spt
Catamount Rpwr Wakefield cont
Airspeed Ambassador S PA
Radart "Drone Diesel" r/c
Easy uc stunt
Betty Jo (midget r) 3v PA
Baker Special (midget r) 3v PA
Dixon Special (midget r) 3v PA
F-86A P
The Great Zeke Mystery
Cessna 170 pirep PA
V-2 gmis ca PA

AT March 49
C-119B S
Ugly Duckling Co2 ff
Record Breaking Indoor Model rPwr
The Senator .29 ff cont
SC-1 Seahawk Rpwr
The Key .29 team r
Reaver Special (midget r) 3v PA
Townsend Special (midget r) 3v PA
Francis-Angell Special (midget r) 3v PA
Republic XF-12 Rainbow 3v PA
Goodyear Duck pirep 3v PA

AT Feb 49
MiG Utka (utility canard ltpln) 3v A
Soviet "Interceptor" 3v A
Lavochkin La-8 3vA
Ilyushin jet bbr 3v A
Tupolev jet bbr 3v A
Tu-170 3v A
single seat MiG ftr 3v A
Soviet high speed research plane 3v A
Yak-15 3v A
Record Riser (Rpwr heli)
Jetex Job (Jetex ff)
Albatross Trip .24 uc
XC-99 S
Cosmic Rave I "C" ff cont
Aeronca C-3 uc
Jaguar Wakefield Rpwr cont
Minnow (midget r) pirep PA
gun turret devel hist Dil A
Long LA-1 (midget r) 3v PA
Leighnor Special (midget r) 3v PA
Foss Special (midget r) 3v PA
Falck Special (midget r) 3v PA
Dawson Special (midget r) 3v PA
Anderson Special (midget r) 3v PA

AT January 49
Class C hlg cont
F-86 S
F-86 speed record PA
Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser pirep 3v PA
National Air Races review PA
Ercoupe w twin fuselage PA
US blimps anti-sub patrol
Whammy Speed cont
Pleasair Rpwr or Co2 ff spt

AT Dec 48
Dioxide Darling CO2 cont canard
Wright Flyer S PDA
World’s Fastest Model (Dyna Jet)
Atlas H-10 (US lw tadr ret ltpln) PA
Buzzer CO2 ff
Aeronca Sedan pirep PA
Helicopter Engineering Co. JOV-3 (US lt heli) PA

AT Nov 48 (incomplete)
Hughes XF-11 PA
Excess Too Co2 uc speed spt
Beginner’s Goat .23 uc trnr
Rascal Rpwr cont

P2v 3v PA
Fleetwings XBT-12 P
North American (?) A-27 P
Stearman XA-21 P
Piper Vagabond pirep 3v PA

AT Sep 48
SNCA NC-1070 (France) 3v
Battling Boxcar Co2 ff
B-36 S PDA
Towliner C tlg
Phizz Bird CO2 ff
Cyclone Sportster "D" uc
"903" .49 uc stunt
Convair Flying Auto PDA
Thorp Sky Scooter PDA
Constellation PDA
Are Flying Wings the Answer PA

AT Aug 48
Ambrosini Grifo (Italy lw tadr ltpln) S ca P
Champmaker Rpwr spt
Climax "B"
Bojo .29 spt bip
McCullough CO2
Arsenal O-101 (France 2s research) PA
Stinson Station Wagon 3v PDA pirep

AT July 48
Flamingo Rpwr cont
R3C-1 .19 uc
Campus Champ Co2 ff
Campus Chum Co2 uc
Gliding saucer hlg
Schweizer 1-21 S PA
Cement Mixer pusher ff .09
Convair L-13 CP
sailplane survey CPA
midget racing PA
Bonanza 3v PA
Fighter Jet One 1st US ac carrier jet group PA

AT June 48
Beelzebub "A" uc stunt
Fokker Dr.I "A" uc
Martin 202 S
Stinson L-5 semi-sc stunt .35
Mobile Plane Rpwr sport w detachable CO2 pwr auto
fuselage devel hist PA
C-82 CP
Mooney Mite CPA
Custer Channel Wing PAS
Hodek HK-101 (Czechoslovakia lt twin) P
Macchi MB-308 P
Tu-70 P
SG Mark IVD (Canada heli) PA

AT May 48
Aeronca Scout PA
Siebel heli (US) CPA
DH 108 Swallow S PA
Multi Moe
Upstart .35 uc stunt
Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior Co2 ff
Bristol Bullet ff
Boeing L-15 uc CPA
Back Porch Pusher Rpwr spt
Hiller 360 (heli) P

AT March 48
Piper Cub Special S
Flyette microfilm indoor
The Comet "A" ff cont
Garami Bipe Rpwr spt
Sky Shark 1/2A delta uc
XB-47 CPA ca
D.558I PA
Schweizer 1-21 3v PA
Bellanca Cruisair PA

AT Feb 48
Bell Model 47 w Helicopter Air Transport CP covb
Cessna 140 S PA pirep
Nieuport Triplane S or Rpwr
Nimbus I Rpwr spt
Aeronca Champ duo-plane .35 r/c or ff
Air 100 (France slpln) PA
Midget class air racing surv PA
Douglas Skyrocket 3v PA
B-17 air rescue CP
Convair XB-46 CP

AT January 48 (INCOMPLETE)
P-39 racer "Cobra II" CP cov
twin-tail Rpwr cont
A Successful Flying Wing "Brown Jr." pwr ff
National Air Races PA
Kellett XR-10 CP
Luscombe Silvair Deluxe PA irep
Bell XS-1 flying it PA
Mitchell Flying Wing Glider P
British Ram Jet plane P
F-80 rigid tow test P

AT Dec 47
Prue 100 (US slpln) CP cov
Wittman Special .19 uc
Sizzler .35 speed uc
Goodyear Amphibian CPA
Aeronca Super Chief pirep PA

AT Nov 47
Piper Super Cruiser t-world flt PA
Piper PA-11 Special pirep PA
Martin XB-48 CP
Bunyard BAX-3 amphibian (US) P
PB4Y-1 W ku3n GMISS p
Douglas Skystreak CP
piston engine recent developments PA
New York City air police PA
P-80R speed record PA

AT Oct 47
Renard R-2 (Belgium liaison) Rpwr scale
Arrowhead flywing uc .35
Luscombe Silvair S
Stinson 150 r/c scale .09 and 3v
Volmer VJ-21 (US pwr slpln) PA
F-84 CPA
FH-1 Phantom PA
Bell 47 CPA
Spartain 12W P
Skywriter (US composite ac from P-64, BC-1 and AT-6) P
US Army ac mugs PA

AT September 47 (INCOMPLETE)
Hiller Commuter P
Douglas DC-6 flying White House "Independence" PDA
Sea Hawk "C" ff cont
PT-1 Glider hlg

AT 28/7 May 47
giant German wind tunnel PA
history of the seaplane PA
Curtiss XF15C-1 CP
US civil air admin PA
Douglas Cloudster (push 4s ltpln ret trilg) PDA
Bell 47 pirep PDA S xs
how to photograph model planes PA

AT February 47
Schweizer SGS 2-22 PA
Chelsea Ace (England ltpln hw trilg) P
stress engineering explained PA
Jet-Assisted Take off PA
Douglas C-74 PA
B-36 PA
tomorrow’s air power PA
wind tunnels explained PA
Curtiss racers surv PA
Curtiss R3C-1 PA
Culver V CP
Ercoupe S

Firestone heli P
Northrop experi g P
Bikini (atom bomb test ) balance sheet A
World’s Greatest Power (US & atom bomb) A
National Air Races PA
Lockheed Saturn PDA
Globe Swift Rpwr scale
Gloster Meteor V S
Jughaid "C" uc speed

AT Sep 46
Boeing 417 il
Meyers MAC 125C P
XP-79 P
1,000 Miles an Hours PA
air mail pickup PA
should the airlines use parachutes? PA
La Guardia, NY airfield PA
lightweight models PA
tail-first design progress surve il A
P-47 "B" uc sc 3v
Fokker Dr.I 3v ca Dil PA
Taylorcraft B-12C CP

AT Feb 46
Navy LBE-1 Glomb (gmis) PA
pre-WWI US av hist PA
Latecoere 631 PDA
PDQ-6 uc spt "C"
Garami Giro indoor autogi Rpwr
P-38 S PA
Kellett XR-8 CP

AT December 45
Hermann’s Hindsight (German alibis) PA
Hughes H-4 PDA
FR-1 3v PDA
Douglas DC-8 Skybus 3v ca PA
Aeronca Champ PA
Piper Skycoup 3v P ff "C" scale
Parasol Rpwr spt
P-80 CP cov S
Bellanca Cruisair CP
Flying Arrow hlg

AT Oct 45
Flip hlg
Simple ROG indoor Rpwr spt
SC-1 Seahawk CP
Luxury Liner Rpwr spt
B-17G S
F7F CP cov
Your Small Plane of the Future PA
tactical air ops against Japan PA
B-32 P
P-80 PD
Dr. Vogt (Germ designer) interview PA
The future of world airlines - China PA
development of light plane engines PDA
Banshee ff "A" cont

C-46 S
J-19 (predicted US transport g) il A
British superiority? (response to Brit civil ac industry) PA
ramming versus suicide A
bomber armament hist il A
Axis ac evaluated PA
the future of world airlines - Sweden PA
Piper PA- Skycoupe PDA ca
Vagabond ff spt "C"

P-47N PA
the future of world airlines - Belgium PA
BHT-1 (Sweden ltpln) 3v PA
Culver Cadet "A - C" uc scale
Stinson 125 Rpwr scale
P-61 ca n advert

AT May 45
Ercoupe advert
the future of world airlines - France
Montgomery - first man to fly A
Louis Bleriot, my father PA
Hall Springfield Racer "C" uc scale
Swifty Rpwr spt
General Sky farer (CP)
F4U-1D S

Sikorsky R-4 CP cov
C-82 advert
Stinson advert
Bleriot, my father PA
the all-electric airplane PA
P-38 2-seat mod PA
streamlining development PDA
Knight Twister PA pros
"B" ff spt "B" pwr
Ideal Model Airplane Co. hist A

Globe Swift CP cov
Ranger engines advert
Air Transport Command PA
the engineer’s view of the helicopter PA
nose art surv PA
Ercoupe Dil A
engine development Dil A
Canny Canard Rpwr spt

AT Feb 45
canard ac development PA
"Marauder" Magruder (US) bio
P-47D-25 PA ca
Ju-188 3v
"Judy" 3v
"Jill" 3v
Fiat G.55 3v
float development Dil A
Tailless Trainer Rpwr sprt
USN gas model dirigible 3v PDA
Wog "B" ff spt
Hawker Tempest S
Aeronca Arrow CP
Aeronca Tandem Trainer CP
A-26 3v

AT January 45
air sea rescue ops A
engine installation developments Dil A
Republic "Thunderbolt Amphibian" (Seabee) 3v PA
SB2C Helldiver "C" uc scale
Duplex Rpwr spt bip
British modeling technique PDA
Catapult Canard (cata launch g)
B-24D CP
Two Timer microfilm Rpwr

AT December 44
PBM Mariner CP cov
P-59A 3v PA
Models Inc. wind tunnel types PA
Boxed by Dade Bros. ac crating PA
German ac survey by Willy Ley PA
Connecticut Yankee "B: ff spt
B-29 S PA CP
Slim tlg
Culver PQ-14 CP cov
German ac surv by Willy Ley PA
tandem wing ac of George Miles (England) PA
P-61 PA 3v
P-63 CP
US Navy materials center PA
ac cannon development Dil A
Knight Twister .29 uc scale
Lightning Bug Rpwr spt

Grumman Widgeon Rpwr scale
F4F Rpwr scale
Canard sport ff .23
Jersey Albatross tlg cont
Drattie tlg spt
indoor micro cabin float cont Rpwr
Pinch Hitter .23 ff cont
Neptune flying boat ff "C"
Smoothie Rpwr cont
Westland Whirlwind "C" uc scaler
The Tiger "B" ff spt
Commando R pwr spt
Cadet Rpwr spt
Kiwi hlg spt
wartime model building PA

AT December 43
Fairchild AT-17 PDA
McDonnell patented designs 3v A
Why the Forts Come Back (B-17s) PA
Bill Stout - Ahead of His Time bio PA
P-47 PDA
early helicopters before Sikorsky PA
flexible gun development PDA
Martin Baltimore CP
Twin Boom "C" sport ff

AT Nov 43
William Stout bio PA
ac guns development PDA
Aeronca post war light plane PA
F6F 3v PA
Allison ac engines PA
Mosquito S
Tethered Trainer .19 - .23 uc
Lockheed F-5 (recon P-38) CP cov
C-76 3v A
Ju-52 3v A
Re-2000 3v A
Fw-187 3v A
CAO 200 (Italy?) 3v A

AT Oct 43
Italy AF PA
B-17 PDA
Prop First Canard Rpwr spt
Flyaway "C" ff spt
Bloch 151 3v
Bloch 162 3v
Nieuport 161 3v
Leo 45 3v
MS 406 3v
Potez 63 3v
Amiot 370 3v
D.520 3v

AT July 43
Whizz Rpwr spt
Russia AF PA
the new Luftwaffe 3v surv A
B-17E S
BV-141 3v
BV-222 3v
Bristol Beaufort 3v
DFS-230 3v
Do-217E2 3v ca
Douglas C-54 3v
Fw-190A 3v
Fw-200 3v
Go-242 3v
H.P. Hampden 3v
Hawker Typhoon 3v jPA
He-111 3v
He-177 3v
Ju-190K 3v
Ju-288 3v
Me-109F 3v
Me-210 3v ca
B-25 3v

AT June 43
Idea Tester Rpwr spt
Air Youth Glider No. 3 tlg spt
Avro Lancaster vs. B-17 PDA
Japanese Seaplane carriers PA
P-38 Lightning squadron PDA
Brewster Buccaneer CP
Hurricane CP cov
Lockheed (Vega) PV-2 production PDA
Macchi C-202 3v A
Martin B-26 S PA
Reggiane Re-2001 3v A
Tupolev DB-3F 3v A
Tupolev SB-3 3v A

AT May 43
are ac carriers needed? PA
Mustang (RAF) Squadron ops PA
Mosquito ops CPA
Air Youth Glider No. 2 hlg
Pusher Pursiit .23 uc sport
Hurricane 2c 3v A
He-116 P 3v A
Ju-86P 3v A
Spitfire Vc 3v A

AT April 43
transparent fighters? Il A
Air Youth Glider No. 1 hlg
Porky "A/B" ff cont
Constellation 3v PA
aircraft recognition PA
B-24D CP
Ju-290 3v A
Mitsubishi G4M 3v A
Paggio P.XII 3vA
Spitfire S PA

AT March 43
Pioneer tlg
Airacobra I CP cov
Aichi KI-98 pro A
Aichi K-99 pro A
Boeing XPBB Sea Ranger S
P-40F "A/B" uc scale
DH Mosquito PA
Do-217E.2 S
Douglas A-20A CP
Hiro H-97 pro A
Kawanishi H-97 pro A
Kawasaki KB-97 pro A
P-38 advert
Macchi C.202 S
Mitsubishi G-97 pro A
Mitsubishi KB-97 pro A
Mitsubishi KB-98 pro A
Mitsubishi MC-20 pro A
Mitsubishi OB-01 pro A
Mitsubishi OB-06 pro A
Mitsubishi OB-97 pro A
Mitsubishi S-00 pro A
Mitsubishi S-97 pro A
Mitsubishi S-97 another version pro A
Mitsubishi S-98 pro A
Nakajima G-97 pro A
Nakajima S-97 pro A
Nakajima SKT-97 pro A
Niichi OB-98 pro A
Potez 161 PA
Showa SB-99 pro A
Sud Est 200 PAYak-1 S
Japanese AF today surv pro A
training glider pilots PA

AT Nov 42
French AF ops PA
Torpedoes Have Just Begun to Fly (torp bbr ops) PA
Civil Air Patrol PA
Pinch Hitter "B" ff spt
Reginald Mitchell "The Man Who Saved Britain" bio PA
P-39 S
B-17 engine change PDA
Curtiss C-46 CP
P-40 S
Douglas DB-7 CP cov
Fw-190A PDA
F4F Rpwr scale
Hawker Hurricane S
Lockheed P-38 S
Me-109F S
Me-110 S
Piper Cub advert
Polikarpov I-16 S
Schweizer glider factory PDA
Spitfire S

AT Oct 42
P-51A CP cov
Jersey Albatross tlg cont
P-47B S
A-30 Hudson CP
Model Museum at Aeronautical Institute of NY PA
Monocoupe 90 AF "B" ff scale
Flying Tiger AVG ops n China A
Hotspur trans g PA
aircraft dope explained PA
AT Sept 42
Boomerang ff or tlg
Smoothie Rpwr cont
Blackburn Botha S
BV-141 S
BV-222 S
DFS-230 S
Fiat G.50 S
Go-242 S
Hs-129 S
Lockheed (Ventura) PV-1 S
Mitsubishi 98 S
Nakajima 97 S

AT Aug 42
B-17 CP
Caproni Campini S
Fw-190 S
He-177 S
Hurricane PA
Ilyushin Il-2 S
Kawasaki 97 S
Mitsubishi Zero S
Nakajima 97 S
B-25 sub hunting ops PA
RR Merlin engine ca PA
Short Stirling CP cov production PDA
Yak-4 S

AT July 42
Avro Manchester
Boulton Paul Defiant Rpwr scale
Piper Super Cruiser advert
Tailless "A" ff
When the Flying Wing Comes PA

AT June 42
submarine aircraft carriers PA
Axis Bombers are US-Bound PA
P-38 S
model making materials with the war on PA
Vultee Valiant production PDA
aviation taught n US schools PA
Westland Whirlwind 2e ftr S PA

AT May 42
P-39 cockpi CP cov
Neptune "B" float ff
Polikarpov I-16 Mosca Rpwr scale
Douglas Havoc RAF nt ftr S
P-40E S
Me-109f S

AT April 42
B-25 CP
aerial gun developments PDA
Perseus sleeve-valve engine (England) PDA
Iirwin Ohlsson (US model engine maker) bio PA
Somby "A" ff cont
RCAF recognition models PA
Lockheed PV Ventura S

AT March 42
Curtiss AT-9 S
Curtiss P-40 S
Martin XPB2M-1 S
XP-47B CP cov
Japanese AF status PA
Can the Japanese Produce (airplanes)? PA
Pioneer Model Class PA
Mitsubishi "Karigane" S
Nakajima 19 S
Nakajima 96 S
Nakajima Soyokaze ( Mitsubishi G3M) S
North American Apache (P-51) Rpwr spt
Slick Stick Rpwr cont

AT Feb 42
North American O-47A CP cov
The Rookie hlg
Fw-200 3v A
HP Halifax 3v A
Short Stirling 3v A
B-17 E S
Lilliput modeo of a flying model ff PA
Flying Pie Plate Rpwr spt
Tether Tractor microfilm indoor spt Rpwr
Aeronca Tandem semi-scale ff "B"
Douglas XB-19 status PDA

AT January 1942
Davis airfoil explained PA
Tail first .23 ff spt
Vultee Vengeance R[wr sca;e
Northrop Flying Wing S
Martin Baltimore S
Martin PBM-1 SRepublic P-43 S
Bristol Beaufighter S

AT 16/1 April 41
Douglas B-18 interior PD
XF4U-1 P 3v xs

AT 15/2 Nov 40
torpedo bbg tactics PA
Good’s "C" ship r/c
1940 Moffett Trophy winner Rpwr cont
Zoomer hlg spt

AT Oct 39

AT July 39
Sunderland PA ca
B-17 3v xs S
Koolhoven FK-58 Rpwr scale

AT 12/2 May 39
Bf-109 first photo P
Do-17 ca
B-17 w b&w dazzle camouf P
Hartley Sky Craft (US lw hb) P
American Zipper Rpwr spt
Boeing 307 3v xs

AT 12/1 April 39
He-112 PA ca
Lockheed Hudson with mockup ventral turret PA
B-18 3v xs
the Swallow Rpwr spt
Monocoupe "The Flying Trademark" of Stanavo 3v PA xs

AT 9/6 March 38
Ju-90 3v PDA ca
Fairey Battle Junior il A
Hs-123 3v xs
Bleriot 510 Rpwr scale
D.H. Dragonfily 3v PA s
Consolidated XBY-1 3v xs
Bill Barnes Transport (FICTIONAL) 3v

AT 9/1 Oct 37
Boeing 314 1-tail ca
Boeing 307 3v xs
Douglas O-46 Rpwr spt
Beech 18 3v xs A

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