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APAR 7/3 Fall 83
Stinson Voyager PA
tail gunners hist PA
Quickie Q.200 PA
Stinson W rest pirep PDA
Hawker Sea Fury hist CPA
P-51 racer "Dago Red" CPDA

APAR 7/2 Sum 83
"Watson’s Whizzers" USAAF Germ jet eval team PDA
Hawker Sea Fury CPDA
C-47 civ anti Gypsy Moth spray op PA
Supermarine S.5 repli CPA
Supermarine S.6 repli CPA
T-6 civ of "Condor Sqdn" CPDA
passenger-carrying dirigible flights PDA

APAR 6/4 Win 82
Star Cavalier repli pirep PDA
John Herbst (US) bio PA
P-51D rocket tube installation PD
Douglas F4D hist CPA
Douglas F5D CPA
T-28s still n USN PA
Hughes AH-64 CPA
DH Comet racer in rest PDA
Fokker USA hist PA
Avro Aman (Canada trnr) C{
Canadian Warplane Heritage mus CPA
APAR 5/3 June 81
German jet ac devel hist PA
Britten-Norman Defender PA
B-24 bridge busting n Burma PA
Old Rhinebeck collection CPA
day in the life of a commuter al pi A
T-38 instructor pilot ops CPA
Spitfire hist CPA
gliding n England CPA
F-4 night intercept mission CPA
Morane Saulnier M.S. 733 Alcyon rest CPA

APAR 4/4 Oct 80
British Caledonian al hist ops PA
ac wrecks in SoPac islands PA
B-29 longest tac bbg mission of W2 PDA
modern USN pilot’s first ac carrier landing PA
Globe Swift of Chuck Lischer pirep CPA
William Wellman (US) bio PA
making movie Wings PA
are war birds becoming extinct?

APAR 4/1 Spr 80
Bucker Jungmann crash desc PDA
Curtiss NC Atlantic crossing hist PA 3v xs
A-20 & T-28 ferry > US < Managua n 1977 PA
McDonnell-Douglas AV-8B CPDA
Hawker 2s st wing tadr vector thrust propo 3v
Avro prop Tudor disappearance n Bermuda Triangle PA
Boeing E-3A ops PA
Confed AF annual a s CPA
David Sinton Ingalls (USN WW1) bio PA
Dick Hunt (US. Designed HH-1) bio PA
Altitude Unlimited HH-1 Zipper (1jet 2s civ hi alt recon lw) CPA
Paris a s ‘79 CPA
B-47 last flt PDA
USAF & USN Vietnam aces surv bio PA
Steve Ritchie bio PA
Charles D. De Bellevue bio PA
Randall H. Cunningham bio PA
William Driscoll bio PA
Jeffrey Feinstein bio PA

APAR 2/2 Sum 78
early bbg raids over London n WW1 PA
B-17 civ forest fire bbg incidents PA
DH-51 return to Kenya rest PA
Jim Larsen photographs CPA
AT-6 rest pirep CPDA
A-4 ops w Blue Angels CPA
H.P. V/1500 trans-Atlantic crossing attempt
Cobber Kain (England) bio PA
Hughes H-4 Hercules PDA
Luis G. Oliver (US) bio PA
Dick Robert (US) bio PA
Charles Willard (US) bio PA
Frank Sanders’ war birds CPA
Warbirds of America CPA
Edgar Allen Poe balloon flying hoax PA

APAR 1/2 Win 77
Gloster Gladiator last flying pirep CPA
The Aerojets civ aerobat team hist CPA
Christmas Bullet PA
B-24 rest ferry back > USA A
US Army air ops against Pancho Villa PA
Ralph Poute (US) bio PA
flying with Blue Angels CPA
T-28 rest pirep CPA
Yakovlev Yak 36 PA
Stanislav V. Skalski (Poland) bio PA
A.D.J. Tony Lovell (England) bio PA
C.L.G. Evans (England) bio PA
A-10 flying pirep PA

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