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AH 29/1 Spr-March 82
1st Air Commandos n China hist PA
P-40 flt x USA wreck landing mem PA
USAF supply ’52 – ’59 PA
USAF maintenance hist PA
US "Sunshine Belt" n rly av devel PA
early airmail ops n IL PA
WASP insig hist il PA
early US Army airfield devel PA

AH 28/4 Win-Dec 81
early airborne radar hist PDA
Theodore von Karman (US) bio PA
D.520 rest to fly again PA
WWII mil ac impact on p w civ av PA
Civil Air Patrol PA
air transport near evolution PA
defense of Osuga, Russia 1942 against Germ PA
poem Air Force Heritage A

AH 27/3 Fal-Sep 81
B-29 WW2 ops under George Kenney bio PA
Glenn Curtiss at Hammondsport 1907 – 1915 bio PA
Eckener & Thomson airship technology 1919-1930 PA
Alcock & Brown t-Atlant flt PA
Vickers Vimy of Alcock & Brown PDA
Ernest M. Moore & 15th Ftr Grp "Sunsetters" n SoPac bio PA
Poland AF pre-W2 status hist PAF
USAAC cadet trng 1927 trng mem PA
8th AF mission to Munich (Oberpfaffenhafen), Germ Apr 24, 44 mem PA

AH 27/2 June 81
US ftr armament n W2 PDA
Japan balloon attacks against USA
Junkers hi alt ac devel PDA
AF academy Special Collections PA
Donald Douglas obit PA
Northrop N-3PB rest n progress PA

AH 27/4 Win-Dec 80
USAF Special Operations Forces hist PA
OS2U hist PA
Chanute Field, IL early hist PA
RFC/RAF pilot Eric W. Cockcroft mem PA
Atsugi air base, Japan under US post war occupant PA
Winston Churchill decisions based on knowing ULTRA code PA

AH 27/3 Fal-Sep 80
US & Soviet alift > Laos 1960 PA
Seversky EP-1 of Sweden hist PA
511th BG "Ball…" nicknamed B-17s PA
Jordan AF hist PA
Ground Observer Corps hist
Consolidated XB2Y-1 (aProto bip bbr) P
B-24 "V Grand" P
Giuseppe Bellanca bio PA
Bellanca CP P
Lockheed 14 South Atlant ferry mem PA
US Army "navy" ops n SWPA hist PA
Consolidated ac Psurv
Bien Hoa AB (SoViet) major assault by enemy PA
Eleanor Paol Arnold (Hap Arnold’s wife) bio PA

AH 27/3 Sum-June 80
Japan army & navy AF hist to W2 PA
Laurence S. Kuter (US) bio & obit PA
US av units on fast battleships n W2 PA
George F. Holloman (US) bio PA
Lancaster tour of USA p w 2 PA
data source for USN av hist PA
US nat insig change that eliminated red disk PA

AH 27/1 Spr-March 80
F-15 pirep PA
Gnome et Rhone engine co (France) hist PA
Bradley Air Mus tornado destruction PA
Imperial War Mus (England) photo collection PA

AH 26/4 Win-Dec 79
flying P-40, P-47 & Spitfire mem PA
Sinton "El Chico" l d flt Peru > Argentina 1937 by Revorado PA
Armando Revorado (Peru pi) bio PA
F6F hist PDA
Finland AF hist PA
C-130 PDA
France Navy AF 1912 – 1982 hist PA
DH-4 American built hist PA
Waco CG-4A "Hamilton’s Reply" il A

AH 26/3 Fal-Sep 79
Dresden, Germ raid 1945 PA
Hawk Hurricane ferrying to Liberia, Afri PA
av museums n Europe surv PA
B-24 trans-world flt by Alva Harvey PA
Boeing XB-15 PDA
American Fighter Aces Assn PA
Russian Af command & leadership n WW2

AH 26/2 Sum 79
B-17 vs B-24 Which is better? PA
Giulio Douhet (Italy) bio PA
Charles Lindbergh encounter w Howard Hughes PA
Air Policing 1919 – 1939 PA
Barling XNBL-1 PDA
Curtiss SOC-3 PA

A H 19/3 Fal-Sep 72
AF hist a new look PA
Americans in Vietnam AF PA
F-84F hist PA

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