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Air Forces Monthly 200 November 2004
     RAF Harriers deploy to Afghanistan CPA
     Douglas Skyhawk ops w foreign AFs today CPA Cpro
     Faisal AB, Pakistan today CPA
     ac boneyard at Belaya Tserkov air base, Russia CPA
     Romania AF today CPA
     RAF downsizing today CPA
     Germany transport ops to Afghanistan war CPA
     479th Flying Training Group, USAF ops at Moody AFB, GA CPA
     RF-4 ops w Israel DF CPDA
     F-16CJ wild weasel ops today CPA
     55th Wing (based at Offutt AFB) ELINT snooping ops and ac flown CPA

Air Forces Monthly 199 October 2004
     Nimrod ops in Iraq War CPDA
     MAG-11 USMC unit ops CPA
     Oman AF status CPA
     SEPECAT Jaguar ops in Indian AF CPDA
     RC-135 ops from 55th Wing, Offutt AFB CPDA
     IX(B) Sqdn RAF Tornado ops n Iraq War CPA
     Grumman C-2A Greyhound ops w USS Enterprise CDA
     Su-22s of Poland AF visit RAF CPA

Air Forces Monthly 198 September 2004
     HS Hawk status CPDA Cpros
     F-14 last cruise w USN CPA
     Bo 707 Omega Air a to a refueller ops CPA
     Eurofighter Typhoon n RAF deploys to Singapore CPDA
     Botswana AF, Africa status CPA
     Israel DF plans to upgrade current ac CPA
     F-16 ops w ANG units in USA CPA
     AMARC Davis Monthan storage ops today CPA

Air Forces Monthly 197 August 2004
     RAF Tornados in combat in Iraq War CPDA
     fast jet training in Pakistan AF CPA
     Belgium AF F-16s patrol Baltic states skies CPA
     Italy rapid deployment force CPA
     F-117 two tone grey CPA
     Israel AF ops n unit insignia CPDA
     E-2C ops w Mexico AF CPA
     Sea Harrier conversion training & trng units CPDA
     Midnight Hawks (Finland flt demo team, HS Hawks) status CPA
     Belize AF today CPA
     UK battlefield helicopters crisis pending? CPA

Air Forces Monthly 196 July 2004
     Austria AF CPA
     Pakistan AF chief interview about future of PAF CPA
     Edwards AFB USAF flight testing ops CPA
     Peru AF fighters CPsurv
     anti-guerilla ops n Iraq War
     Argentina AF status CPA
     Mil Mi-17 ops w India AF CPDA
     AV-8B ops w USMC hist, status CP
     RAF Tornado loss in Iraq War CPA

Air Forces Monthly 195 June 2004
     UK defense cut backs CPA
     F-16 ops w Israel DF latest developments CPA
     European AF transports surv CPA
     azaux Flight Test Center, France ops CPA
     Switzerland AF today CPA
     847 Naval Air Squadron ops CPA
     MiG-23 ops w Romania AF CPA

Air Forces Monthly 194 May 2004
     Eurofighter Typhoon status in RAF CPA
     F/A-18 Super Hornet ops w VFA-122 CPA
     RAF flight school at Cranwell, Eng transition from Jetstreams to King Airs CPA
     Lufwaffe retires MiG-29s CPA
     B-52 combat ops 1991 to 2004 CPDA
     Czechoslovak AF today CPA
     4 Sqdn ops w Harriers hist CPDA
     Dassault Falcon Guardian patrol ops n Polynesia CPDA
     800 Sqdn RoyNavy (Harriers) disbands CPA
     manned intelligence/recon survey in Iraq CPA

Air Forces Monthly 193 April 2004
     RAF tac recon ops CPA
     SEPECAT Jaguar GR/3 Cpro CP
     Panavia Tornado Cpro CP
     Harrier GR.7 Cpro CP
     F/A-18 pilot training at NAS Miramar CPA
     Albania AF today CPA
     USN air tanker mission desc CPA
     fighter forces of Europe by country surv CPA
     Sikorsky CH-53 ops w USMC against Iraa CPA
     Saab Gripen visits USA CPA
     F-15 ops w Louisiana ANG CPA
     Brazil AF today CPA
     Northrop F-5 compared with MiG-21 CPDA

Air Forces Monthly 192 March 2004
     US close air support ops n Iraq war CPA
     RAF training ops today CPA
     RE-3 (Saudi AF E-3 mod) upgrade CPA
     Escadrill 57S (France AF training squdron) 50 years hist CPA
     AV-8B ops w Italy AF CPA
     Republic of Singapore AF today CPA
     Su-25 ops w Macedonia AF CPDA
     UK Navy heli ops in Iraq war CPDA
     P-3 Orion ops today CPDA
     T-45 USN carrier training ops today CPA

Air Forces Monthly 191 February 2004
     B-2 ops at Whiteman AB, MO CPDA
     F-16 ops w Italy AF CPA
     Finland AF today CPA
     Airbus A310 air to air refueller CPA
     UK ac procurement programs today CPA
     Mirage F-1CT ops today CPDA
     F-15E ops against Iraq CPDA
     AH-1W Super Cobra ops pr CPDA

Air Forces Monthly 190 January 2004
     Israel Ac Industries 40th anniv open house CPA
     Panavia Tornado F.3 status CPA
     Boeing E-3, E-8, KC-135, RC-135 ops w USAF CPA
     Spain AF today CPA
     European AF F-16 ops against Iraq CPA
     Basrah, Iraq airport ops today CPA
     Mil Mi-8 special variants CPA
     USAF airborne spying ops today CPA
     C-5 ops w 433rd Airline Wing, Kelly AFB, TX CPDA

Air Forces Monthly 189 December 2003
     E.E. Canberra ops w RAF today CPDA
     C-130 ops n Iraq war CPDA
     October 1973 Israel War against Syria CPA
     Danish AF today CPA
     Rafale ops w Flottille 12F CPDA
     Turtmann AFB, Switzerland closes CPA
     F-104S n Italy AF set for phase out CPDA
     P-3 ops w USN today CPDA

Air Forces Monthly #188 November 2003
     UK air intelligence capabilities today CPA
     UN air ops in the Republic of Congo, Africa CPA
     EC-130 ops n Operation Iraqi Freedom CPDA
     French AF ops n Saudi Arabia today CPDA
     Italy AF AMX deployment to England CPDA
     Israel AF AH-64 ops today CPDA
     4th Combat and Aircrew Conversion Training Center, Russia AF CPA
     Norway AF today CPDA
     F-16 training ops at Luke AFB, AZ CPDA

Air Forces Monthly 187 October 2003
     Bombardier (formerly Canadair) CL-415 ops w Securite Civile, France CPDA
     BAC-111 ops w military CPDA
     Chengdu F-7PG ops w Pakistan AF today (Chinese jet ftr) CPD A ca
     Mirage F.1 commemorative flight to Russia CPA
     FA-18 takes over primary fighter role from F-14s at NAS Oceana CPDA
     MiG-23MLD vs Western fighters Soviet perspective CPDA
     Panavia Tornado ops on loan to Italy AF CPA Dil
     British air power in Iraq CPA
     Cyprus National Guard Air Wing status today CPD A
     modern German air testing ops CPA
     Securite Civile (para-military air arm in France) ops today CPDA map Dil
     NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance System plans CPA

Air Forces Monthly 186 September 2003
     BAe Hawk 128 selected for RAF CPA
     Boeing 767 compete with Airbus 330 for a-to-a tanker contracts CPA
     Netherlands AF today CPA
     Eurocopter Tiger (attack heli) status CPDA
     US options re Iran nuclear program CPA
     ac in USAF surv CPA

Air Forces Monthly 185 August 2003
     air ops n Iraq war CPA
     Germany border patrol ops by helicopters CPA
     AH-64 ops n Iraq War CPA
     MiG-21 ops w Romania AF CPDA
     F-15E hist, status CPDA ca
     commemoratively painted European ac CPsurv
     Su-22 ops with Peru AF CPDA
     torm Shadow (a to g miss) ops w RAF Tornadoes CPA
     Poland AF today CPA
     ac of USAF surv CPA
     CT-33s last flying for Canada AF CPDA

Air Forces Monthly 184 July 2003
     Harrier GR.9 ff CPA
     Tornadoes & Harriers return to UK from Gulf daily diary CPA
     precision guided munitions in Iraq war CPDA
     air forces of Europe surv CPA
     RAF air traffic controller Flt Lt Malcolm Williams trial CPA
     Tornadoes & Harriers back in UK after Iraq tour CPA
     Mirage 2002-5 in Taiwan AF CPA
     ac carr USS Nimitz ops today CPA unit insig
     Algeria AF anti-terror ops CPA

Air Forces Monthly 183 June 2003
     first attack sorties against Iraq CPA
     role of air power over Baghdad CPA
     RAF precisiou guided weapons ops CPA
     air intelligence ops against Iraq CPDA
     current and future jet fighters CPA
     MiG-21 ops n India AF CPDA
     US ops against Iraq mobile targets CPA
     Nevatim AB, Israel DF status CPA
     Mil Mi-8 ops w US forces n Afghanistan CPDA
     Iraq war diary CPA
     Serbian AF special ops today CPA
     C-130 ops w USN, USMC & USCG hist status CPA

Air Forces Monthly 182 May 2003
     war launched against Iraq CPA
     US ac passing through RAF Mildenhall CPA
     destroying Iraq mobil targets CPA
     Storm Shadow (RAF alcm) combat debut CPA
     weapons used in air strikes against Iraq CPA
     daily war record against Iraq CPA
     F-15 ops against Iraq CPA
     C-130 first deliveries to Austria CPA
     military ac of England CPA
     air launched anti radar missle of RAF CPA
     Tornado EF.3 ops begin CPA
     ac carr USS Theodore Roosevelt night ops CPA
     ac accidents list CPA

Air Forces Monthly 181 April 2003
     AFs on brink of war with Iraq status CPA
     RAF prepares for war with Iraq CPA
     VC-10 air-to-air refuelling desc CPA
     air ops in Ivory Coast, Africa crisis CPA
     military ac of England CPA
     US Open Skies doctrine enforcement CPA unit insig
     B-52 deployment to RAF Fairford, England CPA
     USN ac carrier ops post Sept 11 01 CPA carrier crests
      ac carr USS Constellation last cruise CPA
     ac carr USS Harry S. Truman visit to Slovenia CPA
     ac accidents list CPA
     SAM capability of Iraq

Air Forces Monthly 180 March 2003
     ops n No Fly Zone, Iraq CPsurv
     Boeing E-3, E-6, RC-135V ops CPA
     Belarus AF today CPA
     Panavia Tornado ECM ops in Germany AF CPA
     UK mil ac surv CPA
     tactics to destroy enemy ac on ground CPA
     Michigan ANG status CPA
     Iraq missing ac and chemical biological weapons CPA
     Gulf Co-Operation Council CPA
     C-141 status hist CPDA

Air Forces Monthly 179 February 2003
     UK bombing training ranges CPA
     US & UK airpower in Middle East CPA
     Greece AF update CPDA
     who armed Iraq CPA
     US war against Iraq since 1991 CPA
     MiG-21 operational training in Indian AF CPA
     F-15 ops n Israel DF CPDA
     Shenyang J-8 Finback status CPDA
     ac data link history CPA

Air Forces Monthly 178 January 2003
     Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet combat debut CPA
     A-4N target towing ops for Flight Systems CPDA
     prep for Iraq war CPA
     RAF ops in Northern Ireland CPA
     Republic of Srpska AF, Bosnia status CPA
     supersonic trainer replacement developments CPA
     Russia’s second war in Chechnya CPA
     modern ground attack ordinance CPA

Air Forces Monthly 177 December 2002
     enforcing no fly zone over northern Iraq for past 10 years CPA
     391st FS USAF F-15 ops against Afghanistan CPA
     Sde Dov, Israel DF base status CPA
     how attack against Iraq might happen CPA
     Breguet Atlantics in German service CPA
     RAF Valley training base status CPA
     Australia AF status CPA
     Russia fighter training consolidation CPA

Air Forces Monthly 176 November 2002
     Iraq AF status CPA
     Qasim Army Av Base, Pakistan status CPA
     French AF night ops on the rise CPA
     Italy AF intercepts of Soviet ac n 1970 mem CPA
     RAF combat ac surv CPA
     RAF tail markings CPA
     US Special Forces status CPA
     MiG 21s of Poland AF at Poznan-Rezesiny AB CPsurv
     Sik UH-60 night ops w Israel DF CPA
     Drakens of Austria AF visit RAF Eng CPA
     US Marines ops today CPA
     Saudi Hawks – Saudi Arabia demo team CPA
     Red Checkers flight demo team, New Zealand CPA

Air Forces Monthly 175 October 2002
     Iraq air defense forces CPA
     US Special Forces today CPA
     European air power survey CPA
     training pilots to deal with hostile electronics warfare CPDA
     F-15Es n Korean AF CPDA
     ACM pods for training F-15E pilots in USAFE
     Indian AF combat tactics development CPA

Air Forces Monthly 174 September 2002
     USAF helicopters status CPA
     European airpower survey status CPA
     co-operative trng n Central Europe CPA
     Italy AF test wings CPA
     Romania AF today CPA
     USAF Special Forces hist CPA
     how USN large carrier battle groups work CPA

Air Forces Monthly 173 August 2002
     Panavia Tornado RAF weapons training CPDA
     Saab Gripen status CPDA
     European air power survey CPA
     RAF ops n Afghanistan CPA
     USN aviation – trng, testing, reserves
     MiG-23s in Bulgaria AF today CPDA
     AH-1 ops w Israel DF CPA

Air Forces Monthly 172 July 2002
     India-Pakistan buildup to war CPA  
     Pakistan AF Chief interview CPA
     air ops in Afghanistan CPA
     USN aviation today – LAMPS, MPA, TACAMO, combat support CPA
     C-130 ops w Italy AF in Afghanistan CPA
     French ac carr Charles de Gaulle CPA
     A-7 ops with Greece AF CPA
     future UK flight training CPA
     HAL LCA (Light Combat Ac, 1 jet 1s ftr) status CPA
     helicopter air combat weapons survey CPDA
     fighter to E-3 combat intel links CPDA
     Brazil AF Smoke Squadron (Tucano flt demo team) CPA

Air Forces Monthly 171 June 2002
     Russian long range aviation today CPA
     Boeing E-8 J-Stars status CPA
     USN carrier based ops today CPA
     Shenyang F-6 retired from Pakistan AF CPDA
     Kaman SH-2G Seasprites in New Zealand Navy CPDA
     Mirage 2000D ops in Afghanistan CPA
     Brazil ac carrier Sao Paulo ops today CPA
     Sea Harrier retirement reader feedback CPA
     global military transport future status CPA
     helicopter air to air combat potential CPA

Air Forces Monthly     21    Dec 89
     air-launched anti-tank missiles OA
     South African AF Maritime Command PA
     NATO exercise "Display Determination" CPA
     RAF Kinloss airbase, Eng status PA
     Spanish AF type designations since 1939 & misc facts PA
     Portugal AF type designations, serials since 1952 & misc CPA
     Alaska Air Command status CPA
     RAF helicopter trng CPA

Air Forces Monthly     20    Nov 89
     air-launched anti-ship and anti-sub missiles PA
     Poland AF today CPA
     Mirage III ops n So Africa AF CPA
     RAF flight checking of mil airfields w 115 Sqdn RAF CPDA
     Helitech ’89 exhibit n Eng CPA
     Ostrava, Czech a s CPA
     Norway AF 45th anniv observance PA
     mil a s at Brnik, Yugoslavia CPA
     Harrier GR.5 first deployment in the field PA
     DHC-5 Buffalo hist CPA
     ac car of Spain Principe de Asturias PA

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