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Contents of all issues of Antique Airplane Association Digest in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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AA Dig 36.10, 11, 12 4 Q 83
Lockheed Vega metal fuse to new owner CPA
Rearwin hist PA
Rearwin Ken Royce (bip) 3v PA
R.W. Rummel at Rearwin Ac Corp. PA
Rearwin Sportster 7000 3v A
Travel Air B11D (bip) PA
Travel Air Type 10-10 (hw) PA
Fairchild FC-2 PA
Fairchild USA 24 3v PA
Fairchild Canada 82 (hw) 3v PA

AA Dig 3 & 4 Q 80
Monsted-Vincent Star-Flight today 3v PA xs
Matty Laird bio co hist PA
Laird Commercial LC-R 3v PA
Laird Whirlwind Commercial 3v PA advert
Laird Swallow 3v PA advert

AA Dig 3 & 4 Q 79
Stinson SR-9 CP cov
Laird Racer or Continental Comet NX10537 PA
Laird C-240 of Speed Holman P
Butler Ac Corp 1928 advert il A
Butler Blackhawk CPA

AA Dig 1 & 2 Q 79
Stearman Jr. Speedmail 4E rest 3v CPA
Guy Phillip "Big Wild Bill" Fitzsimmons (US) bio PA
Newhouse NS-1 (US 3s 1e para hb 1938) PA
National Stearman f-9 PA

AA Dig 4 Q 78
Fairchild Kreider Reisner KR-31 PA adverts

AADig 4 Q 76
Ryan M-1 hist PDA
Lockheed Vega metal fuse rest CPDA
Lockheed Vega metal fuse rest star in movie Amelia PA
Curtiss Robin rest PDA 3v advert
Curtiss Robin 420 hour endurance record PA

AA Dig 3 Q 76
Flying Aces Air Circus PA
Kari-Keen Coupe rest CPA advert
Shannon Air Mus PA
Navion 3-engine mod P
Navion with radial engine PA
Hild=Marshonet Sport plane (1e 1s bio US 1919) 3v PA

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