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This 8.5 x 11 inch format publication was thin, but well-done by creator/draftsman/publisher Bernard F. Klein, aoso known as B.C.F. Klein who also printed and sold smaller versions of his excellent drawing as roughly 4 x 5 inch notecards on standard-weight white paper. There were no photographs with either effort, but specifications, in some cases, projected specifications, were included at the bottom of the pages. 

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EVERY aircraft listed below is 5v A

Airplane Five-View Album   v6   April 1976

     Berlin B-9 
     Boeing Model 400  XF8B 
     Breguet Br.820
Curtiss Model 24B
     Dornier Do-217J 
Fiat C.R. 25 bis 
Miles M.5B 
     Ikarus BN Orkan
     Ilyushin Il-4
     Latecoere 570
     Martin  XB-27
     Mitsubishi Ki-83
     Mikoyan & Gurievich  I.320
      Sukhoi Su-8
     Westland Welkin

     Vickers Type 432

Airplane Five-View Album   v5    August 1975
     Bernard  S.74C.1

     Blackburn B.48 Firecrest
     Boeing Model 400  XF8B-1     

     Curtiss Model 24B
     Dornier Do-17PO

     Gloster Meteor proto G.41.F
     Gourdou G.120HY

     Kawanishi   A8K
     Lockheed F-5F 2-seat trainer conv

     McDonnell Model 1
     Messerschmitt Me-209 V-5

     Nakajima J5N1   Tenrai
     Ryan FR-1 Fireball

     Tupolev   Tu-25

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Airplane Five-View Album     v3    July 1974
     Aero Centre NC.1150B4-01

     Archangelisky ANT.29
     Beechcraft XA-38

     Blohm & Voss P.203.01
     Curtiss YP-37

    Dewoitine D.520
     FW-190 V-1

     Fokker T-5
     Junkers Ju-188S

     Kawasaki Ki-64
     Kookhoven FK-58

     Lockheed P-38J
     McDonnell XP-67

     Martin XB-33
     Miles M.39B

    Morane Saulnier M.S. 460 
     Renard  R-36

     Ryan XFR-1
     Vought XF5U-1

    Weiss Manfred W.M.23II

Airplane Five-View Album      v2     April 1974
     Aeronautical Umbra  AUT-18

    Arsenal  VG-32C.1
     Blohm & Voss P.192.01

     Boeing XB-55
     Douglas XF6D-1

     Fisher  P-75A 
     Ilyushin DB-3   

    Junkers Ju-388J
     Nakajima  J1N1

     Nakajima Ki-87
     North American XB-28

     Northrop XP-56
     Potez  220A3

    Renard R-36
    Sukhoi Su-9

   Weiss Manfred W.M. 23 

Airplane Five-View Album     v1    Jan 74
     Aeronautica Umbra  MB-902 
     Blackburn B.44 
     Blohm & Voss P.194. 01

     C.A.P.R.A. "RR"
     Dewoitine HD-280

     Douglas A-20
     Fokker T-9

     Grumman XTB2F-1 
     Handley Page H.P. 88  

      I.Ae. 30   Namcu
     Kawasaki  Ki-88Kyushu  J7W1 Shinden

     Messerschmitt Me-109TL (2-jet mod)
     Polikarpov  NB (T)

    Republic XP-69
     SAAB 19

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