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WANTED - Air Britain Digest -- Any since 1990

WANTED - Fine Scale Modeler
  1996 - Feb 14/2   1997 - Feb 15/2   1998 - Apr 16/4     2001 - March 19/3  April 19/4
  2002 - all after the May issue    2004 - May   July   Sep  Nov    2005 - Apr   May
   2006 -- 2008 -- ANY

WANTED - Flight Journal -- ANY since 2006

WANTED - FlyPast
2006 -- 2009 ---- almost any. What do you have?
2005 - June & any after October
2004 - Feb, June
2002 - Oct
2000 - Apr, Aug
1988 - June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct,
1985 -  Oct
1983 - Jan, Mar, Apr, July
1982 - all issues
1981 - all issues but #4           

WANTED Over the Front . . . . Cross & Cockade -- darn near any; write for specifics

WANTED  Skyways and World War I Aero  Please tell me what you have.

WANTED -- Windsock International -- darn near any        

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Aero Digest
Aero Fan
The Aeroplane
Aerospace Modeler
Air Age
Air & Space Smithsonian 
Air Britain Digest
Air Classics
Air Classics Airliner Special
Air Classics Quarterly Review
Air Combat
Aircraft & Jets
Aircraft Illustrated
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Aircraft Servicing
Air Enthusiast Quarterly
Air Extra

Air Forces Monthly 
Airline Modelers Newsletter
Airliners Quarterly

Air News
Air Pictoral
Airplane Five-View
Airpower Aviation Review
Airpower Historian
Air Power International
Air Progress
Air Tech

Air Trails
Air Trails Classic Flying Models
New Air Trails
Air Trails Sport Aircraft
Air World
American Modeler
Antique Airman
Antique Airplane Association Digest
The Antiquer

Armchair Aviator
Australian Plastic Modelers Association
Aviation Consumer
Aviation Heritage
Aviation History
Aviation Week Space Technology
Brooklyn Bulletin IPMS Newsletter
Bungee Cord
Canadian Aviation HIstorical Society Journal
The Catalyst
Combat Aircraft
Classic Jet Journal
   Classic Wings
   Cross & Cockade (USA)

   Fine Scale Modeler 
   Flight Journal

  Flying Aces Reprint
   Flying Models
   Flying Review

   Gate 66
   The Glue
   High Flight
   In Miniature
   International Air Power Review
   International Liaison Pilots Association Newsletter
   IPMS Hawaii

   Journal, American Aviation Historical Society

 Journal Australian Aviation Historical Society
Journal New Zealand Aviation Historical Society             Military Model Preview
     Model Aircraft Monthly
Model Airplane News
   Model Expert
   Plastic Aircraft Modeling
   The Quartermaster
   Replica Wrap-Up
Scale Aircraft Modelling
Scale Aviation Modeler International
    Scale Modeler
    Sky Warriors
   Sport Aviation
   Sport Flying
   Vintage Aircraft
  The Vintage Airplane

Warbird Digest 
   Warbirds published by Experimental Aircraft Association
   Warbirds International 
    Warbird Newsletter
   Western Reserve Chapter IPMS Newsletter
   Wings of Fame
   World Airshow News
   World War I Aero 


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AIR & SPACE Smithsonian
Thanks to Ed Wahl for donating an Air & Space Smithsonian  subscription to AeroKnow
back issues  $7
subscription cost  $24 per year
-- for more info    and say
AeroKnow  sent you
Indexes to ussies received during calendar year are listed below. Indexes to previous issues are posted here


ansmar10.jpg (154932 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian   24/7  Feb-Mar 10

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two unveiling CPA
MS.760 CPA hist
table used in Wright bros at Kitty Hawk discovered CPA
F-104 last downward ejection from mem PA
Thunderbird Field (US) training ops W2 PA
F/A-18 ops w Malaysian MiG-29s  CPA
Space Shuttles to be donated to museums CPA
Kelly Johnson Lockheed design work bio CPA
ANG patrols over Washington, DC today CPA
F4U-1 rest as Connecticut State Aircraft CPDA
Cornelius Coffey (US early black aviator) bio CPA
OV-10 Broncho  hist CPA C3v
executive jet interior installers at Euro Airport, Switz CPDA
AirQuarius jet charter ops n Africa CPA


ansjan10.jpg (151261 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian   24/6  Dec 09 - Jan 10
Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior rest at NASM CPA
P-3 op w VP69 over South China Sea mem CPA
flying Bob Hope on USO tours CPA
Rheims, France air race 1910 hist CPA
Douglas Model 1211-J (proj bomber 1950) CPA il
A-37 hist CPA
deadstick landings incidents Cil A
F9F  rest n Kentucky  CPDA
Bud Gurney (US pi friend of Lindbergh) bio CPA
Grumman X-29 hist CPA

ansnov09.jpg (155545 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian   24/5  Oct-Nov  2009
PV Engineering PV-2 (small US civ heli 1944) at NASM CPA
Canadian heli force n Afghanistan CPA
Ball- Bartoe Jetwing (US civil blown wing research) PA
Beech Staggerwing rests at Staggerwing Mus CPDA
F8F-2 r "Rare Bear" returns to race CPDA
pilot log books hist CPA
O’Neil, Nebraska space research facility CPA
manned space re-entry early research by Harvey Allen CPA
Harvey Allen (US space engineer) bio PA
Lockheed F-4 recon Lightning of Toomey effort to recover today CPA
Wright Trophy status CPA

anssep09.jpg (118615 bytes)
Air & Space Smithsonian       24/4   Sep 2009
passing body waste in space CPA
ailerons hist PA
pressure cabins & Boeing 307 CPA
innovations in airline travel CPA
10 great aeronautical inventions CPDA
helicopter speed records CPA
tailless, wingbody transport design CPA il
modeling future ac designs CPA
aviation ideas that flopped CPA
manned hypersonic flgiht possibilities CIl PA
ansaug09.jpg (154063 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian       24/3    Aug 2009
Branson, Missouri new airport CPA
Wright Model B at NASM CPA
ac wreckoveries n Bataan today CPA
electric-powered ac today CPA
Alan Bean former astronaut space painting CPDA
4926th Test Squadron USAF nuclear bomb testing CPA
AH-64 Apache ops n Afghan War CPDA
Space Shuttle classified missions CP
heads of state who were pilots CPA
materials that allow in-flight self repairs of engines Cil PA
Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg, Florida hist status CPA
early aviation firsts by countries PA
Max Conrad (US pi) bio CPA
AnSjuly09.jpg (122010 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian     24/2    Jun-Jul   2009
balloon-theme antique furniture
Northrop YB-47 hist PA
Walt Disney movie"Victory Through Air Power" PA
DC-6 rest n Eng w Air Atlantique hist CPA
Winston Churchill flights w US pilot n W2  bio PA
NASA astronaut training hist CPA
modern aerobat pilots and maneuvers CPA
Gen. William Mitchell court martial PA
training airport firefighters CPA
Zeppelin threat to England n W1  PA
Walt Boyne mem of B-47 flying  CPA
Vought F8U n Project Bullet PA




ansmay09.jpg (148573 bytes)
Air & Space Smithsonian     24/1    Apr-May 2009
Horten Ho-229 repli for TV movie CPA
National Aeronautic Ass'n trophies at NASM CPA
Dan Cherry (US F-4 pi) reunion w enemy Hon My CPA
building rockets for human space work CPA
TV news coverate by heli hist, status CPA
Staggerwing D17S rest of Cozek CPDA
A-6 ops n Viet War CPA C3v
Robert "Hoot" Gibson (US pi) bio CPA
Spain Civil War air ops CPA
how to take better airshow pictures CPA
static testing ac wings CPA
Berlin Airlift PA
space suits CPA
ansmar09.jpg (76520 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian     23/6    Feb-Mar 2009
F-80 combat tip tank trouble mem Cil
new manned space craft pilots surv CPA
Avro C.102 Jetliner hist PA
Kentmorr grass strip, MD status CPA
jet fighter salesmen CPDA
Boeing hydrogen engine mod HI 36 Super Dimona Cil CPA
Max Q (US astronaut rock band) CPA
Gee Bee R-1 racer repli n San Diego Aerospace Muse CPA
F-105 hist CPA C3v
Cozy (canard hb US) flight using plantbased fuel CPA
ans109.jpg (77463 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian    23/5    Dec 08-Jan 09
F-111 raid on Libya 1986 mem A
F-4 drone target ops & hist CPA C3v
Antique Airplane Ass'n 2008 fi CPA
ground resonance explained CPA
Hubert Fauntleroy Julian (black pilot 30s) bio AP
witnesses who saw firtst Wright flight fates PA
F7F three civs n US CP+
racer  Nemesis NXT tops 400 mph at Reno races CPA


ans808.jpg (58254 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian         23/2       JuneJuly 08
civil flt n2 El Toro, Calif MCAS mem CPA
aircraft that changed the world surv CPA
E-2 Hawkeye newest upgrades CPDA
How thrust vectoring works CPA
Convair VC-131H  VIP transport hist  CPDA
Lockheed XF-90 hist CPDA 
flight trng n W1  PA
Arrow Sport (US 20s sport bip 2s sbs) rest CPDA
plans for manned mission to asteroid Cil PA
Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast System (ADS-B) air traffic control monitoring system CPA 

ans908.jpg (83590 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian  23/3    AugSep 08
Beijing Airport ready for Olympics CPA
how NASM helps those who write for help CPA
U-2 flameout mem CPA
Apollo moon missions finding what was left behind CPA
ac flown in James Bond movies CPA
USS Intrepid Mus cleaning it up CPA
pilot disorientation problems CPA
megalifter transports hist surv CPA
close air support in Afghanistan war CPA
how early W1 recon pictures affected the war CPA
pilot helmet hist CPA
ansnov08.jpg (81267 bytes)

Air @ Space Smithsonian     23/4      Oct-Nov 08
Templehof, Germany airport hist CPA
Bae Sea Harrier forced landing on Spanish freighter Abraigo PA
airliner repair ops today CPDA
top NASA photos CPA
B-17F "Memphis Belle" rest at USAF Mus CPDA
North American Navion rests hist CP
future US moon flight astronauts CPA
the "Oija Board" on US ac carriers CPA
Ken Blackburn (US ac engineer and paper airplane designer) CPA
Soviet Mars landing simulator CPA
Anthony J. Marchione (US) B-32 crew, last person to die in WW2 PA
washing USAF airplanes hist CPA
when NACA became NASA PA
ansjan08.jpg (121229 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian        22/6    Dec 07- Jan 08
Langley Aerodrome Curtiss mod rest status CPA
Space Shuttle "guest book" signatures CPA
The Army Air Corps March CP hist
National Championship Air Races CPA
WWI aeronautics explained CPDA
Robert Bigelow space station research CPA
F-117 retirement from service CPDA
Breezy (3s hb trilg) hist of Unger CPDA
Fleet Model 8 of Bumgarner rest hist CPAs
Concorde rememberedCPA
"flying car" research CPD Cil
US J-2X rocket engine status CPA
Rolls-Royce RB-211 tfan engine hist CPA
ansmar08.jpg (110767 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian    22/7     Feb-Mar 08
Sikorsky X2 (modern co-ax rotor heli) CP+
C-121C of NASM hist CPA
Bleriot rest hop of San Diego Aerosp Mus mem CPA
RA-5C incident mem PA
search for Steve Fossett CPA
Gerry Merrill cheap private jet research CPA Cil Cca
space suit "fashion" CPA
Curtiss "America" flybt rest status CPDA
Spitfire versus Hurricane CPDA
Ed Maloney ac collection CPA
US "Black Helicopter" Laos ops hist, tech CPA Cil
Goodyear ZPG-2 "Snow Bird" record flt by Jack Hunt & USN crew PA

ansmay08.gif (84686 bytes)

Air & Space Smithsonian        23/1  Apr-May 2008
KC-97 ops incident over Pacific mem
Loni Habersetzer bush pilot trng ops  CPA
thing found by restorers in old ac  CPA
Japanese astronaut trng  CPA
wing walking explained CPA
1910 Wright exhibition flyers ops  PA
Robert Goddard  bio  CPA
Rockwell B-1B ops today, hist CPDA
F-4 50th anniv hist CPA

World Airshow News

World Airshow News is now available at retail locations throughout the US and Canada. WAN has always been a great source of information for those involved in the airshow industry and now it has become a wonderful fan-oriented magazine, too. You’ll find loads of airshow reviews, “insider” stories about your favorite performers, and plenty of colorful photos. 

US one year subscriptions (nine issues) are $24.95.

World Airshow News
P.O. Box 975
East tToy, WI, 53120

    Please mention AeroKnow when contacting these fine people.
Magazine received during calendar year 2010 is indexed below. For indexes to earlier issues click here

  wanjf10.jpg (145048 bytes)

World Airshow News     25/1    Jan-Feb 2010
Bob Carlton & Super Salto CPDA
P-51D racer "The Galloping Ghost" try to fly n Reno Air Race 2009 CPA
US Army Aviation Heritage Foundation CPA
Sky SOldiers Cobra Team (civ AH-1s) CPA
ICAS 2009 convention CPA
B-17F rest as "Memphis Belle" CPDA
Commem AF Midland, Texas a s CPA
Vlado Lenoch & P-51D "Moonbeam McSwine" flying with CPA
wannd09.jpg (149307 bytes)

World Airshow News 24/9 Nov-Dec 09
Jacquie Warda flying her Pitts x-country CPA
Reno Races 2009 CPA
Skip Stewart & Pitts S2S as bio CPA
Tinstix act w Skip Stewart, Patty Wagstaff CPA
Rex & Melissa Pemberton Wingsuit parachuting CPA
Paul Stender & Jet School Bus CPA
Todd Green wing walker bio CPA
Matt Hall (Australia) Reb Bull Race pi bio CPA
Red Bull Race, Barcelona CPA
Flying Heritage Collection of Paul Allen CPA
NATO Tiger Meet CPA
Skip Stewart flight with  CPA
wanoct09.jpg (150515 bytes)

World Airshow News    24/8     Oct 09
Amanda Franklin wing walker CPA
Esquadrilha da Fumaca (Brazil Tucano demo team) perform at Dayton As CPDA
Kevin Russo SNJ aerobatics CPA
Red Bull Race pylons erection team CPA
Alan Armstrong Midway Commem mod BT-13 "Kate" CPA
College Park, Maryland Apt 100th anniv as CPA
Kent Gorton & Extra 300  flight with CPA

wansep09.jpg (143184 bytes)

World Airshow News    24/7     Sep 09
Michael Goulian & Extra 330SC (US as pi) CPA
EAA AirVenture 2009 CPA
Jimmy DiMatteo (Red Bull Race director) CPA
Golden Hawks (Canada Canadair CL13 Sabre demo team) & Hawk 1 rest CPA
Liberty Jump Team (skydivers US) CPA
Royal Int'l Air Tattoo, England 2009 CPA
Billy Werth (US Pitts aerobat pi) flying with CPA

wanaug09.jpg (151935 bytes)

World Airshow News    24/6     Aug 09
Red Eagles team (two Christen Eagles) CPA
Military Aviation Mus, Virginia status CPDA list
Red Bull Air Race, Windsor, Ontario CPA
Rhode Island ANG oh, as CPA
Chris "Bardo" Bard (Canada Snowbirds team pi) interv CPA
MidAtlantic Air Mus WWII Weekend CPA
Paris Int'l As 48th CPA
US Navy Legacy Flight status CPA

WANjuly09.jpg (132877 bytes)

World Airshow News    24/5     July 09
Gary Ward (US) MX MX-2 flying CPA bio
Red Bull Race San Diego CPA
T-28 large formation flight CPA
Andrews AFB oh CPA
Tim "Donor" Woods (Canada AF F-18 demo pi) interv CPA
flying with Oregon Aero SkyDancer skywriting CPA

wanjun09.jpg (190433 bytes)

World Airshow News    24/4     June 09
US Army Golden Knights parach team 50 yr anniv status CPA
Alan Henley Benefit at Cecil Field a s CPA
Alan Henley (US as pi) bio CPA
MX Aircraft MXS-R (US r) Red Bull Racer CPA
Abu Dhabi Red Bull Race 2009 CPA
Sun 'n Fun f-i 2009 CPA
civ jumps w Golden Knights CPA

wan509.jpg (145787 bytes)

World Airshow News    24/3     May 09
2009 Heritage Flight Conference CPA
Kevin Eldridge (US Her Flt P-51 pi) bio CPA
Chris Rounds & Red Knight T-33 (US) CPA
Pacific Aviation Mus, Hawaii CPA
Steve Olive, Susan Ashbury-Oliver Skydancer DHC Chipmunk CPA
Greg Shelton & FM-2 Wildcat CPA
Australian International As 2009 CPA
TORA Team (US ex movie ac as team) flt with CPA

WANmarapr09.jpg (163737 bytes)

World Airshow News     24/2     Mar-Apr 09
Julie Clark & T-34 bio & a s ops CPA
Mike Niccum & Staudacher  S-300D bio/a s ops CPA
Walt Pierce barnstorming a s ops w PT-17 wingwalkers CPA
Royal Jordanian Falcoms aerobat team status CP
flight aboard Goodyear blimp "Spirit of Goodyear" CPA
Ron Saglimbene "Dr. Smoke" & Siai Marchetti F.260 CPA
flight aboard E-3  CPDA
Red Star and The Dragon L-29 & BAC Strikemaster US a s team CPA
Craig "Brute" Teft / Pitts a s pi  flight with CPA

wanfeb09.jpg (83012 bytes)

World Airshow News     24/1     Jan-Feb 09
Kent & Warren Pietsch as performers n Interstate Cadet & Taylorcraft) status CPDA
Tucumcari, NM as CPA
ICAS 2008 convention CPA
Monroe, NC as CPA
MCAS Miramar as CPA
Team Fastrax skydiving team status CPA
Terre Haute, IN as CPA
Albuquerque, NM Int’l Balloon Fiesta CPA
Switzerland mil as CPA
Misty Blues jump from C-130J CPA

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jaswin09.jpg (112992 bytes)

Journal American Aviattion Historical Society
                                               54/4    Winter 2009

Fairchild KR-31 rest NC10290 CP ibc
final USN prop-driven attack ac designs hist PA
Curtiss XBTC PA . . . Curtiss XTB2C PA 3v . . . Douglas AD PA. . . BTD-1 PA . . . Douglas XBT2D PA . . . Douglas XTB2D PA 3v . . .Kaiser-Fleetwings XBTK PA 3v . . . Martin AM PA 3v . . .
Pickwick Airways hist PA
US bomber devel in 20s & 30s hist surv PA
incident flying a Keystone B-6A PA
John A. Macready (US 20s pi) bio PA
Oakley G. Kelly (US 20s pi) bio PA
1st nonstop trans-USA flt by Macready & Kelly PA
1938 National Air Races, Cleveland, OH PA
USN arriving F4F pi encounters attack at Pearl Harbor mem PA
observation balloon ops n US Civ War il PA
Lake Michigan ac carrier trainer ops of IX-64 USS Wolverine and IX-81 USS Sable PA
Piper Super Cub brochure reprint

JAS spr 09.jpg (151553 bytes)

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
                                              54/1    Spring  2009

DC-8 first flight 50th anniv hist CPD Dil
Pan American Grace Airways hist PA fleet list
Wright 3350 engine hist PDA
Luscombe Model 4 (hw 2s ltpln) 3v PA
air mail flight ops by US Army Air Corps in 1934
                                                             PA il maps
1937 National Air Races hist PA
second American Volunteer Group hist PA
B-17D 40-3097  "The Swoose" hist PDA
Phillp C. O'Keefe (US av historian) remembered A
Shinn 2150-A factory brochure reprint
Beech AT-10 P+
Beech Staggerwing 17R NC499N & G17S N44G rest
                                                        CP ibc

jassum09.jpg (115161 bytes)

Journal American Aviation HIstorical Society
                                        54/2    Summer 2009

Sikorsky S-39C NC50V "Spirit of Igor" rest CP ibc
Douglas DC-4E hist PDA 3v ca
Battle of Midway mem PA
trans-Pacific flight efforts by Pangborn, Herndon & Bromley PA
Clyde Pangborn (US) bio PA
Hugh Herndon (US) bio PA
Harold Bromley PA
Lockheed PBO Hudson sinks Germ sub incident PA
subs sunk by US mil ac n Atlantic n W2 A
DH Mosquito of Robert Swanson N1203V hist PDA
Curtiss TS-1 (bip 20s) PA
Charles Lanier Lawrance engines (US) hist PA
Burgess-Dunne Model B.D. Sportsman of 2nd Battalion, N.M.N.Y 3v PA
Burgess-Dunne AH-10 P+
S.S. Pierce Sportsman (US bip) P+
Breeze Penguin (non-flying trnr) P+
Martin MS-1 (bip) P+

Naval Aircraft Factory TR-1 (bip) P+
Dayton-Wright TA-5 (bip) P+
Navy-Wright NW-1 (sesqui r) P+
Huff-Daland HN-2 P+
Huff-Daland TA-2 (bip) P+
Lockheed 60 (trilg hw bush trans) 3v broch reprint PA
jasfal09.jpg (135591 bytes)

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
                                                    54/3    Fall 2009

Wisconsin plywood industry contrib. to WWII PA
LaVerne "Brownie" Browne (US test pi) bio PA
Operation Chowhound (food drop to Dutch 1945) PA
Douglas DC-8 Skybus (push recip alnr proj) 3v il A ca
Howard Field, Panama Canal Zone hist PA
Lockheed Air Express hist indiv ac PA 3cv xs
assembly of Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation PDA
poem "The Final Approach" by Earl See A
Skycraft Skylark (US push ltpln proto 40s) broch reprint
Fokker Dr.1 repl C-GFJK CP ibc

The publication rights holder of two respected aviation perodicals, now not in publication, wrote to me asking if AeroKnow ever considered it was violating copyright laws designed to protect the intellectual property rights of those who go to great effort and expense to publish aviation magazines, and hinting of his disfavor of what AeroKnow is doing at this and other pages at our site. I expressed my desire not to violate copyright laws and noted how a local history collection which perserves thousands of volumes, occassionally directs visitors to a nearby copy machine.
    To better understand what I'm sure is common procedure not only in Springfield, but in thousands of collections all over the world, I visited the Sangamon Valley Collection, located at Lincoln Library. I was told by a staff member who stated emphatically that he was not an attorney, that the copy machine is there for visitor use, but collection staff are strictly prohibited from making copies for visitors requesting copies. The visitors must do that themselves and insert coins into the machine to pay for the service.
   After considering the matter, I have decided to propose this:
    1. When you see an article of interest in a magazine whose contents is shared at this web site, write to the publisher asking to purchase a copy of that issue. If the publisher's address is not listed, that is because the publisher is either out of business or not an active AeroKnow supporter. In this case, ask your associates, use a search engine to find publisher's information or consider a new third option.
    2. E-mail me --    -- indicating what article(s) is/are of interest to you, including the magazine title and when published. State in your note that you will pay copy cost and first class postage. If you want me to scan an article, state you will post a link from your aviation web site to AeroKnow, will send me a spare aviation magazine or two or three in support of AeroKnow to 428 W. Vine, Springfield, IL 62704.
    3. I will e-mail with estimated copy cost if you want hard copies made. If you want hard copies, send me your conventional mail address.
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