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    Creative Writing Anthologies
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hb = hardbound   sb = softbound   pp = pages      dj = dustjacket
pb = paper back book size, about 4.5" x 7"

   These have been viewed three or fewer times since I bought them new. Cost is $3 per title (unless stated otherwise), even when some have two video cassettes, plus shipping.
Air America - Mel Gibson, Robert Downey, Jr.
The Big Chill - Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum
Black Angel - Peter Strauss, William O'Leary
The Blue Max - George Peppard, James Mason, Ursula Andress
Dawn Patrol - Errol Flynn
Fat Man and Little Boy - Paul Newman, Dwight Schultz, Bonnie Bedella
Flight of the Intruder - Danny Glover, William Dafoe, Brad Johnson
Independence Day - Will Smith
Interceptor - Andrew Divoff, Jurgen Prochnow, Elizabeth Morehead
Jurassic Park - Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum
Memphis Belle - This is a Video Yesteryear copy of the ORIGINAL wartime movie
         documentary directed by William Wyler, viewed one time. $15 + shipping
Keeping the Hunters Flying - an EAA production - SALE - this video $5 + shipping
The Right Stuff - Charles Frank, Scott Glenn, Ed Harris
Star Wars - yawn, the o -- yawn -- riginal
2010 - Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Keir Dullea
U-571 - about a submarine, from what I could tell when I watched it once


A-3 Skywarrior in Action  by Jim Sullivan  - Squadron series (very good condition)  $8
A-26 Invader in Action (Squadron No. 37) well used but intact $5
Albatros Fighters in Action by John F. Connors - Squadron  (slight humidity effects)   = $7
Flying Fortress by Edward Jablonski - Doubleday & Company 1st ed, 1965 hb w   dj,
        some dj wear, otherwise good condition  = $10
B-29 The Superfortress by Carl Berger - Ballantine sb (inscribed) = $2
Convair B-36 Peacemaker by Dennis R. Jenkins (Warbird Tech series Volume 24)
                -- 1999, excellent narrative with many b&W and color pics, like new $15
C-7 Caribou in Action by Wayne Mutza - Squadron series = $7
F4F Wildcat in Action by Don Linn - Squadron series = $7
Wildcat Aces of World War 2 by Barrett Tillman, Osprey Ac of the Aces #3 = $8
F4U Corsair in Action (Squadron No. 29) well used but intact $5
Lockheed SR-71 in Action (Squadron No. 55) Small piece of front cover torn off;
                   otherwise well worn but intact. $5
Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet (Aero series #17) Well worn but intact.  $5
Sopwith Camel F.1  Profile #31   = $4
The X-Planes X-1 to X-29  by Jay Miller  Specialty Press hb w slight tear on dj   = $15
Aircraft Recognition for the Ground Observer - USAF April 1955 sb = $12
Airfix Magazine guide 10 Luftwaffe Camouflage of WW2 by Bryan Philpott 1975 = $3
Air Power at Sea 1939 - 1945 by John Winton, First US publication 1977, many pics hb w dj = $9
Air War Official Report by Hap Arnold
           "Compliments of The United States NEWS" (slight page tearing)  $5
Atlantic Bridge, the official account of the RAF Transport Command's Ocean Ferry 1945 sb   =  $7
Basic Science for Aerospace Vehicles Third Edition, Northrop Institute of Technology by McKinley & Bent
     hb, many illust,  320 pp slight humidity wrinkling on a few pages but no mildew = $6
Balloons to Jets 1855 to 1955, A Century of Aeronautics in Illinois by Howard L. Scamehorn hb -
                 Henry Regnery Co. 1st ed w dj   $12
copy of above without dust jacket = $9
The Battle of Leyte Gulf by Edwin P. Hoyt  hb w dj Book Club Edition = $9
Battle Ready by Tom Clancy hb w dj, a fine book about a great patriot, Tony Zinni (General
       US Army, retired) but focused on the ground war. Like new condition. = $10
The Best of Flying, a Fifty-Year Sampler compiled by the editors of Flying Magazine,
       1977 hb w dj 352 pp  = $12
Black Thursday by Martin Caidin hb w dj 320 pp, ex library copy poor condition but intact  -- $5
Boxcars in the Sky by Richard Malkin First Edition 1951, ex-lib, many pics
        air cargo industry explained, fair condition = $9
A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan - Simon & Schuster hb w torn dj = $9
Carrier War by Lieut Oliver Jensen  1945 hb many b&w & color pics = $20

Catch 22  by Joseph Heller - Dell (stained & dogeared) paperback = $1
Classic Monoplanes by Page Shamburger - Modern Ac Series sb = $2
Classy Chassy by Logan and Nield sb superb nose art pictures in color & b&w $15
Conquerors of the Air 
by Heiner Emde, illustrations by Carlo Demand -- large "coffee table" hb
   with worn dj (pieces missing around the edges) and former owner's name inside; printed in 1968,  201pp,
   packed with illustrations and photographs, the story of flying pioneer efforts 1903 - 1945. An excellent
   presentation, also great for ballasting the bottom shelves of your book case. The postage will be significant
   with this book; hence my asking price of -- $18
Corsair Aces of World War 2 by Mark Styling - Osprey like new  $12
Decision Over Schweinfurt, The U.S. Eighth Air Force Battle for Daylight Bombing by Thomas M. Coffey
        - hb w dj,  341 pp, 1977, Book Club Edition, with photos  -   $13
Desert Shield, The Build-Up: The Complete Story by Robert F. Dorr  sb, autographed,
     many pictures, excellent chronology, like new = $8
Double Strike, the Epic Air Raids on Regensburg & Schweinfurt by Edward Jablonski hb w dj = $10
The Enemy Sky by Peter Saxon - Beagle paperback (slight tear on some pages) = $1
Every Man A Tiger by Tom Clancy - 1999, hb w dj 564 pp, like new = $10
Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann  - Simon & Schuster (poor condition) hb w dj = $5
FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation 1970 Edition  sb  278pp  = $7
Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal by Max Brand hb w dj, story of VMF-312 at Guadal, many pics
   like new = $9
Fighter Wing, A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing  by Tom Clancy   hb w dj like new$10
Flight - A General Survey of Fundamentals of Aviation by Wright, Smiley and Martin 1942 hb,
   the technical side of flying with some history and many pictures  = $12
Flight of Passage story of a 1966 trans-USA flight by 2 teenagers hb w dj 351 pp like new = $10
Flyboys  by James Bradley  hb, 398 pages, This book is the current rage and I have not a clue regarding why.
     The subject is excellent, very well chosen with lots of new information, the facts and research, first class.
     But if the manuscript had been read and EDITED by an editor as worthy who had ever read any aviation
     book about the subjects the author describes, you could not prove it by in the final product.   
      ---   $5 just to get it out of the house.
Flying Colors by Green and Swanborough sb large format color profiles & some 3-viewsw for the modeler, 207 pages -- $10
The Flying Tigers  by Russell Whelan  - Warner Paperback Library paperback   = $1.50
The Flying White House, The Story of Air Force One by terHorst & Albertazzie - hb w dj 1979, 350pp = $10
German Paracute Forces 1935-45 by Brian Davis sb Key Uniform Guides 5 1974 - $5
Global Mission by H.H. Arnold hb w dj, fair condition  =  $12
Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson  - Pocket Press paperback (visible wear on cover) = $1.50
Great Flying Stories edited by Frank W. Andersson Jr. - Dell 1958 paperback  = $1.50
The Grim Reapers by Stanley Johnston hb FIRST EDITION story of VF-10 in the South Pacific
   a plain paper dj was taped around the binding; otherwise in good shape   = $15
Guadalcanal, The Carrier Battles by Eric Hammel hb w dj Book Club Edition  = $9
A History of Soviet Air Power  by Robert A. Kilmarx  1962 cloth = $10
The International Encyclopedia of Aviation , General Editor David Mondey,
        Crown Publishers, 1977 hb large format hb w dj, slight dj curling = $20
Jagdwaffe, Battle of Britain Phase One July-August j1940 by Eric Mombeek, Luftwaffe Colors Volume 2, Section 1 - $12
Kansas City International Airport Official Dedication Program October 21-23, 1972
       sb many color pictures, history, local business advertising  = $5
The Last Hero by Walter S. Ross  Family Bookshelf Selection with slightly ragged dj = $4
The Longest Day  by Cornelius Ryan - Simon & Schuster hb w dj  = $4
Luftwaffe Colors Volume Two, Section 1, Jagdwaffe Battle of Britain, Phase One, July-August 1940
    by Eric Mombeek  An outstanding series, I bought a second copy by mistake. Beautiful color
    illustrations, fascinating narratives of combatants and colors/markings. Like new.  $16
The Magic of Flight - A Photographic Essay by Hans B. Burgunder --- 1966, large format, 80pp,
     all black & white, an excellent series of artsy photos of British aircaft on the ground and in flight.
     Dust jacket has a small piece torn off, and some tears are taped, but the book is in good condition = $10.
The Munster Raid, Bloody Skies Over Germany by Ian Hawkins - sb, 400 pp, first edition, first printing,
      with photos = $15
Nellis AFB Guide by American Publishers - 1980s guide and yellow pages, intended for visitors;
               not an official military guide, but a good look at the community and units based there = $4
Nothing by Chance by Richard Bach hb w dj ex-lib copy, fair condition  = $7
The Bombing of Nuremburg by James Campbell - hb w dj, 194 pp, 1974, Book Club Edition, with photos -  $13
The Nuremburg Raid by Martin Middlebrook -- hb 1974 369 pp w dj  =  $9
Per Ardua: the Rise of British Air Poer 1911 - 1939   by Hilary St. George   1944 cloth  = $9
The Pictoral Encyclopedia of Transport by Ing. J. Tuma   cloth 1979 = $10
Pressure Cooker the Story of the Men and Women Who Control Air Traffic by Don Biggs
   hb w dj, slight tear on last page, 241 pp  = $8
Queens Die Proudly by W.L. White 1943 story of a B-17 in the South Pacific  hb w dj, tattered
      First Edition, tattered dj but otherwise in fine shape   =  $10
Red Sun Setting - The Battle of the Phillipine Sea by William T. Y'blood  hb w dj = $12
The Rocket Team
by Frederick I. Ordway III & Mitchell Sharpe  hb wdj good shape = $15
The Shepherd by Frederick Forsyth hb w dj excellent story of an RAF Vampire pilot = $12
The Silken Angels by Martin Caidin The story of the parachute. ex-library copy in poor condition
    but it's a good reading copy = $5
633 Squadron by Frederick E. Smith - Bantam paperback (slight tear on cover) = $1.50
Soviet Space Technology by Alred J. Zaehringer  hb w dj, ex Scott AFB llbrary copy 179 pp = $9
Space a novel by James Michener FIRST EDITION 622 pp hb w dj  = $15
Spirits in the Sky, Classic Aircraft of World War II by Martin Bowman and Patrick Bunce, 144 pp, hb w dj,
     large format, coffee table type book w many color pictures of restored warbirds, color profile illustrations,
     very good condition - $12
Target Tokyo, The Story of the Sorge Spy Ring  by Gordon Prange - McGraw Hill Co. hb w dj = $10
The Thunderbirds by George Sullivan - hb w cello-wrapped dj, ex-library copy = $7
Thunderbolt, The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt in the Pacific Theater by Ernest R. McDowell   -
                                                                                                                        Squadron sb =  $7
Titans of the Seas- the Development and Operations of Japanese and American Task Forces
    during World War II by James H. and William M. Belote - hb, binding in poor shape, some picture
    pages loose, but a good reading copy = $5
To Win the Winter Sky - Air War Over the Ardennes 1944-45 by Danny S. Parker   hb w dj like new,
    many pictures, stats, a superb volume   $15
Trophy For Eagles a NOVEL by Walter Boyne - hb w dj, 1989, 455 pp Set in the golden age of aviation.
            like new condition $15
The Story of the U-505 (captured German submarine) by Museum of Science and Industry - sb = $5

USAF Operational Handbook
  about 1955 (fair condition, some stains)  = $6
The War in the Air, The Royal Air Force in World War II, edited by Gavin Lyall  -
                                                                                                          Ballantine paperback = $1.50
War In the Air by Stephen Coonts - Pocket Books hb w dj
   --- Coontz wrote the intro for this, but the rest is all reprinted accounts from other books  = $6
Warplanes Return, Number 1. Yorkshire by Brian Rapier 1970, sb descriptions of aircraft crashes during
   WWII in this part of the UK  =  $7
Who Destroyed the Hindenburg?  by A. A. Hoehling - Popular Library paperback = $1
The Wonderful World of the Air by James Fisher --- printed in England, no copyright date but sometime
     during the 70s,  large format 70 pages, intended for high school readers with many color pictures and
      illustrations, ex library copy  --- $8
Yeager: an Autobiography, as above but 1st edition 1985 hb wdj = $10

    Books sought will be used by AeroKnow to help the director of this bombastic review AND other aviation enthusiasts. They will not be re-traded or re-sold. I'm not a dealer; barely a wheeler.
Air War Classic Colors series
   American Eagles
        P-38 Lightning Units of the 8th and 9th Air Forces
        P-47 Thunderbolt Units of the 8th Air Force
        P-51 Mustang Units of the 8th Air Force
    Defenders of the Reich
        Jagdgeschwader 1 Volume One  1939 - 1942
        Jagdgeschwader 1 Volume Two  1943
        Volume 1, Section 3 Blitzkrieg and Sitzkrieg, Poland and France 1939 - 1940
        Vol. 1, Sect. 4  Attack in the West   May 1940
        Vol. 2, Sect. 5  Battle of Britain, Phase 4  November 1940 - June 1941
        Vol. 3, Sect 1  Strike in the Balkans   April - May 1941
        Vol. 3, Sect. 3  War Over the Dessert    North Africa  June 1940 - June 1942
        Vol. 3, Sect. 4  The War In Russia   January - October 1942
  Kampflieger - Bombers of the Luftwaffe
        Vol. 2 -  July 1940 - December 1941
        Vol. 3 - January 1942 - Summer 1943
         Vol. 4 - Summer 1943 - June 1945
Monogram Aviation Publications
   The Official Monogram US Army Aircraft Color Guide -- or a title similar to it. This is a big volume                  like their superb US Navy series, two of which we do have.
    The Official Monogram US Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide, Vol.1 1911 - 1939
    The Official Monogram US Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide, Vol. 2 1940 - 1949
    ANY Monogram close-up publication
   Early German Aces of World War I - Aircraft of the Aces #73
  Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2 - Aircraft of the Aces #74
   Jagdgeschwader 51 "Molders" - Aviation Elite Units #22
   US Navy PBY Catal8ina Units of the Atlantic War - Combat Aircraft  #65
   Israeli F-15 Eagle Units in Combat - Combat Aircraft  #67

Any publication about Luftwaffe projects, the "Luftwaffe '46" type literature. I have next to none in this collection.

Putnam/Funk & Wagnalls aviation anthologies. I have several -- USAF, USN, Japan, DeHavilland, Fairey, German Ac of First WW,  Ac of RAF 1918 - 57, McDonnell Douglas, Russian Transports -- but I need those not listed above. Can you help?

US Civil Aircraft by Juptner -- I understand a Volume 7 was published. If so, it's needed. I have Volumes 1 -- 6, and they are superb!


Minstrel's Ramble: To Live and Die in Springfield, Illinois   by Job Conger   sb 104 pages, autographed by author. This is my first book of poetry, self-published in 1996 and reprinted, with old typos edited out and some fresh ones added - new  $8

Bear' sKin by Job Conger   sb  Those reading along may have guessed by now that this is my third book of poetry, it's 104 pages long and it sells for the same low-low price as my first two. It's a better book than Wit's End so unless you have money to burn, I recommend you purchase this and Minstrel's Ramble. I'll be happy to autograph this one, even inscribe it.  $8

Vachel Lindsay: Strange Gold  by Job Conger   This book is about my favorite poet: Vachel Lindsay who achieved international fame during the early part of the 20th Century as the founder of the New Localism Movement of poetry. It tips the scales at a whopping 148 pages, includes a concise biography of the man, many of my favorite Lindsay poems, and a list of other books by and about the "Prairie Troubadour." It's an enjoyable read; highly recommended.  $10

NOTE -- Ignore the green type where you see it below. It means nothing now, and it's easier to tell you to ignore it than it is to re-format the colors.

The Furrbawl Poems - Uncollected Poems 1973 -- 1993 by Steven R. Cope  174 pp softbound
  Harry Brown, Foundation Professor at Eastern Kentucky University says "Steven R. Cope is a poet in the tradition of Homer, Whitman and Yeats." When Larry Moore told me what a dedicated and
largely unheralded poet Mr. Cope is, I felt honor-bound, and a poet of the same cloth (I thought) to purchase this book before reading any of the poems. And now it is my hope that you will do the same. Not even a coffee stain or a dog ear.  I purchased the book for $16. You may have it for $10 and book rate postage.

Gray Matters
by Blake Scranton, 64pp, sb, self published by the author  --   $6

The Best American Poetry 1993  edited by Louise Gluck sb 287 pp  good condition $7

The Best American Poetry 1994  edited by A.R. Ammons, 275 pp, good condition  -- $7


A World of Ideas, Volume 2
by Bill Moyers - large format sb 284 pp, insightful interviews with major US writers, philosophers, major players -- $8

A Civil Tongue by Edwin Newman -- hb w dj, 207 pp very good condition -- $7

Creative Writing Anthologies

Sunbeam Threads, A Journal of Springfield Apotheosis, Winter/Spring 2002
   The second of two perodicals, published and edited by Ted Keylon,   containing original visual art, opinion, history and poetry by Springfield, Illinois contributors, 43 pp,sb -- $6
Sunbeam Threads, A Journal of Springfield Apotheosis, Spring/Summer 2002, 50 pp, sb --  $6


All the President's Men  by Bernstein & Woodward  - 1974, hb 349 pp w dj, minor moisture effects, dj worn & slightly torn. This book's authors started a minor revolution and the Republican jehad have been getting even ever since  --   $15

The American Heritage Picture Book of World War II by C.L. Sulzberger - 1966 - hb w dj vg  %12

An American Island in Hitler's Reich: The Bad Nauheim Internment  by Charles B Burdick
sb, Markgraf Publications 1987 with photos  -- #8

April 1865 - The Month that Saved America  by Jay Winik  - 2001 hb w dj, 461 pp, superb narrative about a crucial time in American history -- $14

The Best of Times - America in the Clinton Years  by Haynes Johnson -- hb w dj, 610 pp  Eloquent and readable glimpse of a man villified and loved with equal passion -- $10

City of Big Shoulders - A History of Chicago by Robert G. Spinney  - hb w dj, 2000, 300 pp, some photos, like new condition  -  $12

Empire Express - Building the First Transcontinental Railroad by David Haward Bain -- hb w dj, 1999,  777 pp very good condition -- $15

The Great Chicago Fire
by Ross Miller - sb, 287 pp, many photos, like new  - $9

Historic Buildings of Massachusetts - Scribner HIstoric Bulding Series
sb, about 280 pages many pictures and concise historical notes   $6

Illinois, a History by Richard J Jensen - sb 1978, 191 pp  - $10

Liberty! The American Revolution by Thomas Fleming  -- large (about 9 x 11) hb w dj, lavishly illust. 395pp 1997, vg condition $16

Once Upon a Lifetime
by C.I. Greenwood  pb, 213 pp, inscribed, memoir of a USMC Korean War gunnery sergeant who lives in Springfield, Illinois. Locally published. -- $6

The Panay Incident  by Hamilton Darby Perry - hb w dj, 1969, 295 pp with photos, some passages bracketed and underlined; otherwise in good condition   - $12

Tells, Tomes and Treasure, a Pictoral Guide to Biblical Archaeology
by Robert T. Boyd
hb w dj,  Bonanza Books, New York  MCMLXIX,  221 pages, photos, maps, index   good condition $6


Anything Goes! What I've Learned from Pundits, Politicians and Presidents by Larry King
hb with dj, 299 pp, Warner Books, entertaining anecdotes from the best late-night radio talk show host to ever bar a mitzvah. -- very good condition,  $6

A Reporter's Life, Walter Crokite
nb w dj,  384 pages, Alfred A. Knopf, New York   1996, 1st edition  with photos  very good condition  $10

Edward M. Kennedy, a Biography
by Adam Clymer
hb w dj, William & Morrow, New York 1999,  692 pages with pictures and index, slight damage to inside binding, fair condition  $8

Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo, A Celebration of the Marx Brotyhers
by Joe Adamson
SImon & Shuster 1973 hb  464 pages with photos and index  but binding broken inside. This is for readers; not collectors. $4.

Ho Chi Minh, a Life by William J. Duiker  -- 2000, hb w dj  695 pp, very comprehensive study of a man who could have been a friend of the US if our leaders had not been so interested in staying close to our beloved friends, the French. -- $10

Kissinger by Marvin & Bernard Kalb -- hb, 577 pp with dj first edition, dj torn but book in good condition -- $11

Leaves From the Log of a Sky Pilot, Being the Life of William G. Puddefoot by William George Puddefoot  hb, 200 pp, The Pilgrim Press, Boston 1915,    This fellow was a prominent clergyman at the time, and this is his autobiography. Clergy and religious historians might find this a good read. I bought it thinking it was a story about an aviator. Who KNEW? -- good condition, $10

Life of Henry David Thoreau  by Henry S. Salt; edited by Hendrick, Hendrick and Oehlschlaeger
hb w dj, 154 page, University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago 1993   with index, very good condition  $6

Reagan: In His Own Hand
with forward by George P. Shultz - sb, 550 pp, Reagan's writings re his philosophy, foreign policy, domestic and economic policy and other writings. Like new  - $10

Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s by Dave Marsh  - 1st edition hb w dj, 478 pp, great narrative with many pictures, like new --  $10

Life of Henry David Thoreau  by Henry S. Salt - 1993 hb w dj, 153 pp, a reprint of Salt's landmark biography of the American who immortalized Walden Pond before Gary Trudeau came around, like new  -- $10

My Saber is Bent  by Jack Parr  hb, 236 pp, ex-library copy  very worn but intact $5

Pathfinder, John Charles Fremont and the Course of American Empire
by Tom Chaffin  Superb 2002 bio of underappreciated pioneer & first governor of California.559 pp w dj.  Like new. Read only once and never on a Sunday. -- $15

3 on a Toothbrush  by Jack Paar -- hb w moderately torn dj, 1965, 277 pp, ex library copy  -- $5

Ziegfield, The Great Glorifier by Eddie Cantor and David Freedman -- hb w mildly tattered dj, second printing, 1934, 160 pp plus 62 pages of full-page photographs and short captions of his most famous women stars. This is a collector's item -- or should be -- to a show bidness history enthusiast -- $20


The Courage of Marge O'Doone by James Oliver Curwood - fiction, Grossett & Dunlap 1918, hb slight binder damage  $5

DogSpeak, How to Learn it, Speak it, and Use it to Have a Happy, Health, Well-Behaved Dog
by Bash Dibra with Mary Ann Crenshaw, sb, 270pp, illustrated; Simon & Schuster,   great advice for training animals you treat like dogs -- $6

Teacraft, A Treasury of Romance, Rituals & Recipes by  Charles & Violet Schafer, illustrated by Win Ng, Yerba Buena Press 1975, sb, 98 pp  Interesting history, descriptions and recipes, nicely illustrated -- $7

The Roots of English, A Reader's handbook of Word Origins by Robert Claiborne, sb great resource for etimologists and people who are interested in where words come from. sb 1989 335pp  $13

Running and Being, The Total Experience by Dr. George Sheehan - hb w dj, 1978, 224 pp extensively underlined quotes. This is the best book about long distance running I have read. If I were still running, I would not be offering to you for only $7

The Spacemaker Book by Ellen Liman  -- hb, 116 pp  with slightly frayed dj; many photographs and drawings illustrating how to make the most of space in interior decorating for home and office. -- $9
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