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Anything But Airplanes Links
  This site was most recently updatedFriday, March 03, 2006

Springfield, Illinois related sites are in green. Central Illinois sites in blue
    Here are links, which connect to genealogy, arts, and darn near any other family-content-related web site I've enjoyed visiting. Included are some sites based at AeroKnow until support levels permit relocating them to a separate web domain.

Arts Links -- Who's who and what's where. THE site for artists and
                  friends of artists of all kinds

Brotherhood of Jobs -- Information about the name Job
              (rhymes with probe) and people named Job.
             If you know anyone named Job, let him know about this site.
Citizen Diplomacy -- All citizens of Springfield, Illinois and the
             surrounding area share a vital mission that reaches across
             oceans. Read more about that mission here.

Coffeehouses of Springfield -- Pictures and stories of Springfield
             coffeehouses during the mid to late 60s.

Conger Family of North America -- Learn about Maxine Leonard's epic
             work with Conger family genealogy, the Conger Confab,
             hardbound Conger Family of America history books and news
             of what Congers are doing and where.

Fortunes of Chinese Cookies -- For many years, I have saved and
             transcribed every fortune I have found in Chinese fortune
             cookies. What did those fortunes say? Find out at this page.

The Poems of Job -- But visit anyway. Here I share my creative pen's poems,
             transiting from bad to verse. Read them and reap.

My Town Miscellaney -- Pictures of my home town, Springfield, Illinois,
             taken on the ground and from the air. -- This site has been
         taken off line until support for my websites allows the acquisition
         of more server space for posting pictures. To expedite the return
         of this page, see the details at the bottom of my Art Links page.

RF Frequency Productions -- A friend and supporter is a talented video
             producer who wants to do business with you if are looking for
             a videographer/producer/editor. Visit his site and you will be

Slate Magazine -  This is the most urbane, well-written,

        cosmopolitan, entertaining dailynews publication I have encountered
        on the Internet. A link to the cosmic strip Doonesbury is included on the
        Slate, and I visit it every day.There's also a super photographs page and regular
        contributions by columnist extraordinare, former Slate editor Michael Kinsley.
        I've made Slate Magazine my default home page on this computer. Visit one time,
        and I wager you will too!

Springfield, Illinois -   The official site of the city
Abraham Lincoln loved. Though of greatest value for locals with questions
        about getting potholes filled and their neighbors' garbage cleaned up. It has
        links to neighborhood association and tourism sites as well.

Springfield Hauntings - My friend Springfield historian John Winterbauer
         conducts scheduled "ghost tours" of a city rich in ghost lore. Poet Vachel Lindsay's poem Abraham
         Lincoln Walks at Midnight speaks of the most famous denizen of the darktime in this fair city, but
         there are many more, including the poet. John is well acquainted with the supernatural side of this
         city, and his knowledge will enlighten you as well. Visit the site and schedule a tour. Will you
         actually see a ghost? Well, as one living denizen says, "I wouldn't bet against it."

Writer's Blog -- My continuing life in Springfield, Illinois, the city of my birth,

             will be determined by my success (or failure) as a writer, a photographer
            and /communicator. To help me focus on the destiny I have determined for
             myself, I have created a daily blog of my activities relating to my chosen profession.

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Last modified: March 03, 2006