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Aircraft Information  * * * * *
South African aviation enthusiast-profundo Guy Martin recently invited AeroKnow to trade links,
and after visiting his fine site, I am happy to post the link here. The major innovative work at Aircraft Information
is a series of links to aircaft web sites by type (helicopters, trainers, fighters) and specific designs (Avro Canada
CF-105, Bell XP-83) hosted by specialist webmasters. It's a nifty approach. Also interesting is his guide to
English language aviation magazines, initially those published in Great Britain. The aircraft photo gallery is small now,
but it seems destined to improve with time and support. The gallery's down side is the lack of information about
the pictures. The two of the "McDonnell-Douglas"  DC-8 are interesting, but inquiring minds will want to know more.
Overall, Aviation Information is off to an excellent start, and I wish him all the best as he continues his fine enterprise.

DBJ Media -- all about air shows -    * * * * *
     David Jacobson is an airshow photographer with high-resolution photographs and videos for sale, but his web site is much more than
   hard-sell cataloging. Divided into videos, still photographs, "store," schedules and links, his site is a feast of information about air shows and performers.
   It includes links to many performers' web sites, and it's a great way to learn about what's on tap before you make plans to attend a particular show. The videos,
   linked to and posted at You Tube are a well-edited array of performers in motion. If they don't get your heart thumping and  making plans to see these people,
   I hate to tell you this,  but you probably don't have a pulse.It lacks a guestbook, but Dave's e-mail address is posted so you can share your feedback. GREAT SITE!

The Aviation Zone    * * * * *
               Subtitled "The Unoficial Home of the Heavies," the site lives up to its name BIGtime. A gallery,
     fact sheets about durn near any transport in service and a dazzling array of links to other sites.  

Charlie Wells Memorial Scholarship    * *
               The Wells Scholarship was founded soon after the Springfield airshow pilot died in an airshow
     accident. It provides scholarship money for students embarking on a career in aviation.

Embraer    * * * *
               The manufacturers of the Super Tucano, Emb-145 twin-jet commuter jetliner and other designs
         as sleek and appealing as Carnival, this is a first-class site for getting to know the firm's current
         operations. Many pages require media credentials, and recent news releases are posted here. This
          is a bread and
butter site; not for the "aw gee whiz" aviation enthusiasts. So if you're a purchasing
           agent or an aviation enthusiast with modest expectations who admires their airplanes be sure to
         visit this site.

European Aviation   * * * *
          Focused on airlines, It is a links page with some  great pages included - about Lockheed 1011,
     Transall C.160 unit, modern German AF page and more. German and English text.

Honda Jets
Hondajet      * * * *
    An online information source for the Hondajet (provisional name), the experimental aircraft
        developed by world-renowned engine manufacturer Honda.

Illinois Pilots Association   * * * *        
           For general aviation pilots based in Illinois, an impressive array of pages about learning how to fly,
finding chapters in your part of the state and more. 

Chicago O'Hare International Airport   * * * * *
A privately run, fact packed site offering a concise history of the second-busiest airport in the USA and the world, it has maps
       of the terminal, instructions for how to get there by mass transit and road, arrival and departure schedules, updates regarding
      delays in arrivals and departures, an impressive list of airlines flying from ORD and more. Not for the airline picture enthusiast
      but a very nicely produced site.

Private jet charters, executive jets   * * *
Offers air charter services and executive private jets for business or leisure travel. Studiojet
     includes many exterior and interior photos and specs of business jets, very informative.

Royal Air Force    * * * * *
              Another professionally slick site, great fun to visit with its picture gallery, operations updates,
         squadrons,  history, wallpaper and screensaver downloads and more. Jolly good show, mates!

Springfield Air Rendezvous  * * * * (when it's current)
                Now in its 23rd year, the summer's high water mark for many aviation enthusiasts. The two day
     event showcases has featured international league performers, including Hoover, Scholl & Franklin

UFOs and "black" projects
   * * * * *
   Michael Schratt has extensively searched the aircraft that were behind a rush of UFO sightings in
     the early 50s. He shares a lot of what he has learned at this well-done site. He is also very well
     informed about other UFO projects, including the "losers" in competitions won by the names and
     aircraft you know about. As the Firesign Theater might say, Michael is no "gas crazed Sterno bum"
    living out of a trailer with a pet rat. He's an aviation professional, currently employed in the industry, and
     during his recent visit to AeroKnow, showed considerable knowledge of a variety of projects that have
     come and gone "under the radar scope" of the aviation press.

UK Airports News      * * * * *
        Anyone flying into the UK, living in the UK or interested in UK airports will find a lot to like at this website.
In addition to a listing of latest news at the home page, individual pages are dedicated to specific airports throughout
the country. There is also information about currency rates, renting cars, and much more. This site is highly recommended.

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