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Model Airplane Links

This site was most recently updated Friday, April 07, 2006.
      Illinois-focused sites are in green.      Central Illinois-focused sites are in blue.
      If you know of a modern aviation site that you recommend to others, please send the site address to We will visit, and if we like it, we will post it here.

Ratings -- Earnest webmaster's opinion based on ease of uploading, scope of data shared, professionalism in writing and photo content, and likely value to serious aviation historians.
* * * * * - Worth your visit, even if you're not a "fan" of the airplane or subject.
* * * *  -  Membership required for full access
                     OR pop-up advertising interferes with site access
                          OR sub-par use of the language, poor spelling and random punctuation.
    * * *  - Comes up short in a signficant way: poor photo coverage, no contact e-mail address, etc. 
     * *   -  Poor site design, complicated navigation.
       *   -  There is one reason (great pictures, terrific personal stories, unusual content) to visit the page.
        If I can't rate it with at least one star, I will not post the link to the site at AeroKnow.
Stars followed by  "M" ( * * * M) indicate significant content of interest to model builders.
Stars followed by  "PR" ( * * * PR) indicate pilot reports or memoirs.

If you visit the site and like it, please sign the site's Guestbook and mention AeroKnow sent you.

AMtech     * * * *
    Official website of the company which has produced a remarkable series of 1/72 kits of KC-135
         variants, a decent 1/48 P-40 kit in 1/48 and more.

Dawn Patrol (R/C WWI Model Club site)  -- 
              * * * *
        Packed with news from three R/C clubs in the Columbus, Indiana area, emphasis on World War I
     aircraft. Many pictures of models under construction, on display and in flight, news of events.

Flying Mule metal diecast models --    * * * * *
        Martin Robins has put a lot of effort into detail-photographing what he sells. It's about as
     comprehensive a tour of the current state of the art as you'll find on the internet.

HyperScale --     * * * * *
        A superb site with discussion forums, inspiring pictures of excellent craftsmanship, and coverage of
     armor and ships as well, it's packed with friendly, helpful modelers and lots of new of what's going on in
     the static display model aviation business. There are many wonderful modeling websites worth visiting,
     but this is the one I visit almost every day.

I Like Airplanes    * * *
        Excellent modeling site with pics of an injection-molded Myasischev Bison and a resin Be-12.  
    Also pictures of aircraft taken all over the world and an excellent Links page.

IPMS Canada      * * * *
           Super site for getting a handle on models of aircraft flown by the Canadian Armed Forces
        and the Canadian model industry. The Arrow is dead. Long live the Arrow!

IPMS USA    * * * *
              A terrific group of museum quality builders of all types of plastic/resin models. They are sociable
        and they welcome modelers of all skill levels.It hosts an annual convention, and chapters throughout
         the USA host regional gatherings as well. And they publish a terrific quarterly journal.

Japanese Model Aircraft * * * *
For some nutty reason, there is STILL no website where a modeler can visit to see what the
    incredible varieties of interior and exterior World War II Japanese aircraft look like, but this site
    presents a tremendous amount of information, just the same.

MEK models    * * * * *
Space kits are the story here. They manufacture an incredible variety.

Mike Grant Decals     * * * * *   
        I bought his 1/48 B-24D "Lady Be Good" decals and it's obvious he knows his craft. He has
     produced decals for some obscure air forces and adds often to his offerings.

Modeling Madness   * * * * *
    An excellent site to visit for kit reviews.

1/72 Scale Models   * * * * *
               The site has remained un-updated for quite awhile, and I'd like to stir up some additional traffic
         for the dedicated, talented Australian creator. It's more than a simple census of model kits
         manufactured worldwide, it has an excellent page about how to photograph models, a poll for visitors
         to share their 1/72 kits most wanted ideas and a link to a Yahoo forum. If 1/72 scale is your scale of
         first preference, as mine is, you will spend a long time visiting this site the first time, and a long time
         returning to it.

Pegasus, Silver Cloud, Blue Max Models  * * * *
             One of the first "cottage industry" producers of 1/72 models of rare aircraft subjects,     
        Pegasus expanded to offer 1/48 World War I aircraft kits under the Blue Max label and
        more modern types in 1/48 as Silver Cloud. Kit quality, including decals, is first class throughout,
         though they are designed for experienced modelers.

RC Plane Guide       * * * * *
            If you don't have a local model club or a hobby shop with good people behind the counter  --
    or even if you do -- or if you're just an anti-social sort, this is T H E   R/C  model site to visit. Without
    a doubt this is the most comprehensive website on the subject you're likely to find. Though it focuses
    on airplanes, there are links to RC boats, cars and probably anything else you can imagine relating to
     radio control. There is advice to the whole nine yards, from learning how to fly, where to buy what,
     reviews of products . . ..visit and see for yourself.

Sangamon Valley R/C Flyers    * * *
        Based in Springfield, Illinois, this group flies regularly at Holmes Field, a small airport southeast of
     Springfield. They have regular flying events, open to the public, a training program for newcomers.

Scott's Scale Model Aircraft Gallery  * * * * *
           T H E
  web site to learn about modeling, to be inspired by one man's effort and really be 
     impressed by his attention to authenticity -- mostly 1/48 and 1/32 . It will astound you.

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Last modified: April 07, 2006