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Links by aircraft manufacturer, designation and name
     Other recommended historic links follow

Avro (Canada) CF-105 Arrow

Arrow Recovery Canada --www.avroarrow.org     * * * *
         Lots of information about the giant interceptor that did not quite enter mass production. In
     addition to excellent Arrow coverage, there are links to other Arrow sites and sites devoted to other
     Avro (Canada) aircraft: the CC-102 Jetliner, Car, free flight models and company history.

Beech Staggerwing    StaggerWing.com    www.staggerwing.com * * *
Produced by the Staggeerwing Museum Foundation of Tullahoma, Tennesee, it is an excellent site
       with enough material accessible to non-members to make it worth a visot. Included
      are pages of the first Travel Air 1000, Travel Air Model R "Mystery Ship," pre-WWII Beech 18,
      and a restored 1947 Bonanza.

      Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Battle-damaged B-17s   www.daveswarbirds.com/b-17    * * * 
Well-done presentation of . . . you guessed it . . . pictures arranged by areas damaged: wings,
         fuselage, tail, etc., dedicated to the men who flew the 17 into combat. There is a separate page with
         pictures of battle-damaged B-24s, but the webmaster states his intention not to produce a website
         dedicated to Liberators.
      Boeing B-29 Superfortress      
www.b-29.org    * * * * *
                WOW! I will be very surprised if I find a B-29 site that hits the bull's eye as well as this!
        The Norman Rockwell "Freedom From Fear" illustration on the home page will show beyond the
        shadow of a doubt why brave men fought (and fight) for freedom. The array of links to articles and
        pages about the operational history, the Boeing "Doc" restoration now underway in Wichita and
        memoirs is nothing short of remarkable! WOW!

Canadair CP-107 Argus   www.geocities.com/cp107argus    " " "
                          You and Don Douglas might not even recognize the legendary DC-6 which was the
          basis for this classic conversion to maritime patrol aircraft. The group sponsoring this
          site is endeavoring to restore an Argus on static display in Canada. The site has the
          usual: excellent history of the type, pictures a plenty and links. A fine effort heralding
          the almost forgotten story of a well-loved and well-remembered airplane

Cessna    http://www.cessnasites.info   * *
Intended for aviation professionals, brokers, aircraft owners, the site has many links to
             other web sites, businesses and articles. Not well organized but certain to be useful to
              industry pros. Thanks to them for their offer to exchange links. 

   B-24 Liberator    B24 Net Official Website of the 392nd Bomb Group
www.b24.net/b24main.htm * * * *
                  The comprehensive content about the 392nd BG and POW research make this an excellent
             specialist site. There is no modeling content and info about the Lib in other operational areas.

   B-36 Peacemaker
          B-36 Net  www.b36.net    * * * * * M PR
                            The definitive portal for "Magneseum Overcast"  sites and information that will happily
             consume more of your time than a visit to Hunter S. Thompson's medicine cabinet. Did you know
             that the last '36 built, which the organization listed below tried unsuccessfully to restore in Fort
             Worth, Texas, has been moved to the Pima Air & Space Museum? Read all about it and a whole
             lot more by spending a few days visiting this outstanding website!

          B-36 Peacemaker Museum   http://www.b-36peacemakermuseum.org   * * * *
                              The group tried, over many years, to restore the last B-36 to come off the production
             line in 1954. They are still going strong, sharing the story of the type, with major focus on        
             Dallas-Fort Worth history and meeting regularly in Fort Worth, Texas.  The web site, has several
             very informative pages, including a three-part history of the organization's airplane and links to
             other B-36 sites. Excellent photo coverage, nicely produced.

de Havilland Mosquito  www.mossie.org/Mosquito.html
             Very well organized, comprehensive in coverage, with a forum and links to related
             pages/organizations, this is the Mossie site to visit first. You won't likely need to visit anywhere
             else, though I will be happy to post additional sites AeroKnow visitors recommend to earnest

  www.douglasdc3.com   * * * * * M PR   
                        This may be the best DC-3 site on the Web. Though most photos are of the Prairie
                 Aviation Museum's C-53 in Ozark Airlines DC-3 livery, and gives a lot of "ink" to PAM's type
                 rating and special event appearances activities, it includes a forum, tons of pictures and links
                 to at least half a gazillion articles about the 3bird. Highly recommended!

   TBD-1 Devastator  
http://tbd_devastator.tripod.com/bd.page_main.htm     * * * M
                   Mainly for modelers, the site has detailed photos and an excellent gallery of operational
             and factory-fresh machines. The reprint of instructions for Monogram's superlative 1/48 scale kit
             with added notes that correct faulty "facts" shared in Monogram's rendering. The color notes are
             essential for anyone who wants to build the kit accurately, and it's all nicely presented.

Fairchild C-119 Packet
     USAF AC-119 Gunships   http://www.ac-1999.com/the119gunships.htm   
* * *
                 The site is focused on the airplane and crews who flew and maintained the fighting 119 during
         its brief operational career, and there is no model coverage. Included are operational histories of the
         three squadrons which flew it, super photo coverage in the scrapbooks section and a solid history
         section. It is an excellent presentation of what it provides and a fitting tribute to brave men.

Kaman HH-43 Huskie and early Kaman helicopters
     Johan Ragay's      Kaman HH-43 Hukie    www.h43-huskie.info  
* * * *
                 A first class presentation. Many pictures, including some of civil Huskies, restorations, survivors
      units who flew it. This is a site for the full-scale historian and highly recommended.

     L1011 Tristar      Fly TriStar   
http://trijets.net/tristar/      * * * * *
          This is the site for Tristar fans. Exceptionally well designed and written with sections devoted to the usual history and specs, plus news of TriStar operations today, those on the market, fleet and individual aircraft histories and links.

     EC-121/WV-2 Warning Star
The "Willy Victor" Page
   www.willyvictor.com/index.htm   * * * *
                       I'll have to visit more than one website dedicated to the ECM-bird variants of the immortal
Constellation to declare this the "definitive" page, but that's the way it looks now. The color
         illustrations of patches of units who flew the airplane really grab the eyes. It's a super site for former
         crew members to reconnect.

    SR-71  Online - An Online Aircraft Museum
www.sr-71.org  * * * * *
         Though the SR has become, sadly, an historical artifact, the web site shares information about
         contemporary aircraft I will list at the Modern Links page. In this site are posted an SR flight
        manual, more than 700 pictures of the SR, A-12 and YF-12. It's a first class site!

Martin B-26 Marauder
     http://www.mind.net/rmwefel/index.html        * * * *
                    Great place for B-26 enthusiasts! Ralph Wefel is a former B-26 crewman, has a
cornucopia of links to Marauder sites. This kind of effort is more fun than TV!

       109 Lair
  http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/homebase.html     * * * * *
                  Maybe the best site for the ubiquitous 109. Excellent drawings, links, pictures, model gallery
             and a forum. Consider this site a "must see" if you are a 109 enthusiast.
The Me-262 Project
   www.stormbirds.com/project/index.html   * * *
                 The Seattle, Washington-based team is completing the early efforts of Texas Airplane Factory.
             The replicas are full-scale, powered by modern US jet engines and are for sale. You won't fine any
             of these flying machines painted like circus wagons; these gents care about authenticity. It's a
             fascinating site with many photos, Me-262 Project history and copies of articles about the effort.

Mitsubishi A6M Reisen (Zero/Zeke)
Pelican's Perch #71: The Legendary Zero (Part 1)

                                  http://www.avweb.com/news/columns/185354-1.html    * * * PR
             Essentially a pilot report about the restored example maintained by the Southern California Wing
         of the Commemorative Air Force. This aircraft is powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1830-75 engine
         (same thing used by the DC-3), and though the engine is not factory-installed-equipment, most of
         the rest of it is. The two part presentation is a detailed pilot report, complete with many cockpit
         pictures and fascinating facts about the airplane. Author/pilot John Deakin knows his airplane from a
         pilot's perspective. If you're conversant with the technical terms used, this site is a "MUST VISIT."

North American
    P-51 Mustang  
http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/p51.shtml   * * * * *
The absence of model aircraft coverage here is "small potatoes" compared with the wealth of
     photos, news and historical info as slickly laid out as Don Gentile's final return to earth in England.
     There is a membership component to this site, and access is limited to non-members. A non-mem can
     reap grandly from the site. Particularly impressive is the news of Mustangs sold, deaths of Mustang
     warbird pilots and for me, photo coverage of P-51s in the South Pacific and China.
    F-86 Sabre
      Duncan's Sabre Site  
http://f86.tripod.com.index.html    * * * *
If you don't mind playing tag with a plethora of pop-up adverts, this is an easy site to
         recommend. It covers all 86 derivatives, including the FJ series and Sabres manufactured by
         Canadair and Commonwealth Aircraft, includes a worldwide list of Sabres flying and on display.
         There are links to several restoration pages, a modeler's gallery and much more.

      Canadair Sabre 5 Restoration in Germany   
http://f86.tripod.com/cn1111.html     * *
Though the home page takes a while to load on a dial-up connection, the wait and story therein
         are worth it. Thomas Heldt rescued a derelict aircraft and has been restoring it inside a former East
         German aircraft bunker that probably used to shelter MiGs. The owner shares the operational history
         of his machine (RCAF c/n 1111) in words and pictures and detail photographs of its restoration.
         Competently written (free from wayfaring "typo's" as some folks likes to write) it's a terrific story.

     F-100 Super Sabre  
http://f-100.org/hun.shtml  * * * * *
           In a word: com pre hensive! This is operational history BIGtime with no modeling content, but
         more than pictures that will inspire modelers. Separate pages for combat units in USAFE, PACAF,
         ANG, 'Nam;  drones, foreign and civilian operators, demo teams that flew it, Absolutely worth a look!

Republic RC-3 Seabee
   www.seabee.info/seabee_index.htm   * * * * * M PR
                      One of the most comprehesive sites on the Web devoted to a specific airplane (including
             the RC-1 Thunderbolt Amphibian) this is the site to visit first and always when researching this
             unique waterbird.

Short Stirling   http://www.bomber-command.info/sitemapstirling.htm   * * *
              Probably not the definitive Stirling site, it's worth a look because of the missions and losses
             records, operational airfields, manufacturers and serial numbers. Not the place for picture
             seekers; there are fewer than 15 posted.

All Eras

              American Aviation Historical Society
http://www.aahs-online.org   * * * *
                           Anyone reading this page who is already a supporter of Abe Lincoln's Air Force
                      should sign up with AAHS. Nobody shares such variety and quality of writing as this
                     orgaanization. There is a photo ID contest, a discussion page, research area, book store,
                     book reviews, articles from their quarterly Journal, wants and disposals area,  links a plenty
                     and a special area shared with members only. The organization has been an inspiration to
                     me over the years. Get to know them. They will inspire you as well.

             NotPlaneJane Collection    http://www.notplanejane.com/      ****
                         The greatest challenge in visiting this compendium of propeller history (from 1926 -- 1948) is getting past its name.
                    And when you see the array of photographs, links, old advertisements and much more, getting used
                    to the name will be easy. I thought I had seen a great variety of propellers over the years, but all I saw was the
                    tip of the iceburg. Three=blade adjustable pitch WOOD props were a real revelation!   This enterprise by Monte Chase
                     covers the subject exceptionally well with many close-ups of details, well arranged by manufacturer
                    and informative text. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

            Warbird Alley    http://www.WarbirdAlley.com  * * * *
he best site you will find for news of warbirds all over the world. If you like military
                     aircraft, you may be surprised by how many former mil birds are flying today in the capable
                     hands of dedicated individuals who fly and maintain them.

Pre-Wright to World War I links
Your recommendations are invited.

World War I links
Your recommendations are invited.

Golden Age (1919 - 1939)

           AEROPLANES!      http://www.geocities.com/roynagl/aeroplanes.htm   * * * * *
                             An interesting site for early aviation with many pictures of pre-WWII (excellent material
                     re the 1927 Dole Race) and some interesting links. 

           Holcomb's Aerodrome  www.airminded.net  * * *
                     It's not really an airport, even though creator/webmaster Kevin Holcomb owns and flies a
                     Stinson Voyager and includes some nifty pics taken during his flying jaunts It is a very
                     impressive assemblage of Golden Age aircraft pictures and even more impressive list of
                     links to historic aircraft websites and websites of interest to rated pilots. Every time I visit, I
                     see a different historic aircraft picture at his home page. Highly recommended!

World War II
  Luftwaffe 1946    www.luft46.com     * * * * *
Based on documents and drawings discovered following the May 8, 1945 capitulation of
Germany, the site presents 3-view drawings, color illustrations, histories and modeling information
about the incredible number of German aircraft designs produced which were not granted
production contracts during the war and designs considered for production if the war had
continued into 1946. This is not an homage to the Nazi party; it is a consideration of what might
         have given the Allies a serious challenge if the war had continued. It is a visual treat to see aircraft
depicted as more than obscure drawings, in color and as (mythical) operational combat machines.

1945 -- 1955

             Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation   www.spiritoffreedom.org     * * * * *
                    This organization has restored a C-54E (41-9144) and C-97G (52-2718)
                It's a fine site for learning about the Berlin Airlift: units participating, facts a plenty AND information
                about its aircraft. Also posted are the appearance schedules for the '54 and '97. With eight radial
                 engines to feed and stories of  missions of mercy to share, this organization merits your support if
                dollars to AeroKnow are not on your giving horizon.  Highly recommended!

1956 -- 1965
              Max Conrad   http://www.maxconrad.com  * * * *
                         Max Conrad set several long distance records flying Pipers packed with extra fuel tanks
                 and contributed a lot to light aircraft lore in the 50s & 60s before dying in 1979. There is a new
                 website created by Bill Kuhl as a memorial to the far-flying Minnesoooootan. Bill wants to hear
                 from other aviation enthusiasts who remember Max, and perhaps have pictures and anecdotes
                 to share. This is a worthy effort for a good man.     

Vietnam War era, give or take
Your recommendations are invited.

1980s -- 2000
Your recommendations are invited.

2000 to today -- see Modern Aviation links page here

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