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AeroKnow is pleased to share links to sites we have visited, and which we feel you should know about. If you do not see your website included in our pages, contact and include a link to your site. If we like it, we will share that link at a category page that we feel works best for you. We hope you will add a link from your site to AeroKnow as well.

Links are presented by topic:
          Miscellaneous Aviation -- The page you're on right now.
          Modern Aviation - Manufacturers of aircraft, organizations dedicated to modern
                                 aircraft ownership and operation.
          Historic Aviation - Businesses, individuals and organizations.
          Modeling - Sites about model airplane building, kit and related products
                   manufacturers, modelers' web sites, yadda yadda yadda . . .
          Miscellaneous - I'm also into subjects not related to aviation. At this page you
                                 will find sites hosted by AeroKnow until your support allows us to
                                 create a separate web domain for aviation-related sites. These pages
                                 relate to visual and musical arts, performing arts, poetry, Conger family
                                 genealogy and more.

       If you have a web site we should visit, please let us know. If we visit and we like it, we will contact you offering to link our site to your site in exchange for a link from your site to our site.

Miscellaneous Aviation Links Sites

           Flight Times
          No single internet effort has benefitted AeroKnow more than James Beam van Etten's weekly cornucopia of clips from aviation sources worldwide. He presents clips of news posted at an incredible variety of sources, from a Bell 47 page, to Russian aviation news, to several aircraft manufacturers' sites, to Warbird Alley to the AVG site. WIth the clips, he also publishes links to the sites, so you can click and go to the sites of interest and hardly ever have to leave your chair. When not flying a computer, van Etten flies for a major airline. So in other words, he doesn't really have to work as hard as he does with The Flight Times, but (as they say in Springfield, Illinois), he do-do do. And all aviation enthusiasts within the sound of my vice should read it and reap. Subscriptions are free. Tell him AeroKnow  sent you.

            Some museums have, say, 10 or so aircraft on display, a few cases of memorabilia, and you can visit after breakfast knowing you won't be late for lunch. Web sites are that way too. But some web sites, you, the potential AeroKnow supporter should know, you may visit after breakfast, but after you walk through the door, you realize you may be late for CHRISTMAS! AirNet, the project of Howard Curtis -- from the UK, of course -- could keep me occupied at least through Boxing Day if other responsibilities didn't get in the way. There are, by my count, 3.4 gazillion links there. As John Paul Jonowicz must have said, "I have not yet begun to browse!"  INTERESTING SITE!

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