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The view from the open door to the ground floor WELCOME! Office shows the glass display case with 1/48 scale models of a P-47N and Lear 31 on the top shelf, a B-25H, and B-58 on the bottom along with rare literature and shoulder patches.  
Welcome to the AeroKnow Museum (AKM) web site. The Museum is located inside the Horizon Aviation FBO (formerly Landmark Aviation) building at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport close to Abraham Lincoln's burial place, Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery, just north of Springfield, Illinois. If you are approaching from Springfield to the south, heading north on Illinois Route 29 (named J. David Jones Parkway), turn left at the first stop light you encounter coming up the hill after the big intersection at Veterans Parkway. If you're driving south, toward the city from north of the city, keep going straight past the first stop light where you see the gas station and convenience store on your lef and continue to the second stop light where you turn right. The short entry lane forks left soon after you turn onto it and right in a few hundred feet. Turn right. Follow it to the first parking lot by the general aviation (Cessnas, Pipers and Learjets) where the big red and white "EPIC" sign is and enter the office of the FBO there. On November 17, the lighted sign read "Landmark" but believe me, it's Horizon. The downstairs AeroKnow Museum (AKM) office is the first door on your right after you pass the counter and hallway to the hangar. If the light is on, and I am there, the door will be open. If the light is on but the door is locked, there will be a sign by the door asking you to call my cell number, 217-331-3661. That's because, as the sign on the door explains, I am working in the museum upstairs. I will gladly come downstairs to show you the museum.

Better yet, contact me via cell phone at 331-3661 or email - - at least a day in advance of when you'd like to visit. I will confirm my availability or suggest the best time closest to when you want to come.
On May 29, 2013 AKM welcomed visitors to an open house with coffee and cake, commemorating the first day of our fourth year at the airport.

  AeroKnow Museum is a not-for-profit data bank, model airplane museum and photo archive. Our mailing address is 900 N. Capital Airport Drive, Springfield, IL 62707 Correspondence is welcome at that address or via As a 501(c)3 organization, donations to AeroKnow are tax deductible. Your support is cordially invited.
Join Abe Lincoln's Air Force, the support adjunct for AeroKnow Museum. Members receive a membership certificate, suitable for framing, and a membership card that tells the world you're a member of Abe Lincoln's Air Force. When we have recruited 100 members we will launch a bi-monthly e-newsletter with pictures a plenty and news of what AKM is up to. Your payment of $15 today entitles you to membership starting today and a full year of the newsletter after we begin publication. Make your eheck payable to AeroKnow Museum and send it to AeroKnow Museum, 900 Capital Airport Drive, Springfield, IL 62707   When you write to AeroKnow, you are writing to founder, director and webmaster Job Conger. I am not a pilot, but I know the language and published a pilot report about an Aerostar 600, published in a national aviation magazine. I have flown right seat with some terrific pilots who appreciate AeroKnow, and there is no one I'd rather be with (with my clothes on) than aviation people.
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Springfield Aviation
         by Job Conger

In 2007, ArcadiaPublishing asked me to write Springfield Aviation, a book about Springfield, Illinois aviation history. It was great fun to write and arrange, and it is a delight to the eyes. Arcadia has exceeded my hopes, and they are great people to work with!  If your library, organization or business would like to host a book signing, please drop me a note.
     Buy your copy and a few extras for friends and family at your favorite bookseller and from

JobnJohnRW.jpg (49822 bytes)When State Journal-Register reporter John Reynolds visted in early September 2009 to interview me about Southwest Airport, what should have been 30 minutes chatting across the living room table became an interesting hour and a half of touring the AeroKnow collection. He posed here for a picture taken by concurrent visitor Kevin Panting, model builder extraordinare.   A letter from Corwin H. Meyer -- former Chief Engineering Test Pilot, Grumman Aircraf and Springfield native son:

Dear Job.
    What a fabulous book, the very best I have evere read on aviation. Its size is very carryable, has zillions of excellent pictures with wonderful coverage and captions that usually leave one wishing that the words had covered all the questions the reader could wish for.  I was highly honored to be on your list {of Springfieldians pictured and described}.  I was pleased and complimented to the highest of heavens for your doing so.
    The chapter headings were not only timely but were a complete picture of aviation from its simple beginning to its fulfillment even as of now.
    You are an excellent writer and I hope that you do more because you could end up very rich.
    You do not live very far from where I lived in Springfield. I lived and grew up at 1044 Williams Boulevard.
    Thanks again for giving me the finest aviation book I have ever seen.
    Job I love you for your kindness to past history which I was able to enjoy for over 67 years.

For more information about Abe Lincoln's Air Force, and more pictures of the Museum, click here

The Illinois Stories program about AeroKnow Museum has been uploaded to WSEC's YouTube area. To watch is (about half an hour) visit and look for program 966 AeroKnow Museum that aired June 13. A friend in Colorado watched it yesterday. DVDs of the program are available also for $19.95, postage included. Visit their website for details. Thanks again to Mark McDonald and WSEC TV for the fab production!

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Visit our blogs and follow our activities there. This website is changing less frequently due to demands on my time from the airport museum. I frequently update the blogs.

AeroKnow Museum is the activity blog.
AKM's Gallery of Flight is the blog for detailed pictures of aircraft photographed while visiting Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport KSPI, home of AeroKnow Museum


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This Week in Aviation History

December 21, 1964 -- First flight of the General Dynamics F-111. Place: Air Force Plant 4, Fort Worth, Texas. In the cockpit: Richard Johnson and Val Prahl.

Decemer 22, 1945 -- Beechcraft's Bonanza flew for the first time.

December 23, 1941 -- All three newly delivered Curtiss-Wright CW-23B light fighters and two pilots died when they flew into a mountain on a delivery flight from Rangoon, Burma toward Kunming, China.

December 24, 1894 -- Future World War I French ace Georges Guynemer was born.

December 25, 1944 -- Major George Preddy died as he was chasing an Fw-190 at low altitude in his P-51D. FRIENDLY anti aircraft fire opened up on the Fw, but hit Preddy's Mustang and he fatally bought the farm.

December 26, 1942 -- Flying Officer J.S. Archer of No. 4 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force became the only pilot of a Commonwealth Wirraway to shoot down a Mitsubishi A6M Zero while flying a Wirraway.

December 27, 1951 -- North American's XFJ-2 Fury, the first swept-wing version of the airplane, based on the USAF F-86, flew for the first time. At the stick was Robert Hoover.

December 28, 1936 -- At Kiel, Germany, the keel was laid for the German "Carrier A" which became Germany's only aircraft carrier to float, the "Graf Zeppelin."

December 29
, 1988 -- The McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle made its service debut with the first delivery to the 4th TFW, 336th TFS at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina.


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  In return, we will feature a photo of the front cover of every issue you send in 2007 jplus an index of articles relating to human flight PLUS information about how to order subscriptions and single copies from you or your designated distributor.  To see what your donation does for you, visit the AeroKnow Magazine Index page by clicking here  Enthusiasts all over the world will learn what you have published which THEY want to read. And you will have a source publicly posting index information so you don't have to do it. Please take advantage of this service TODAY.   
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SUPPORT American Aviation Historical Society
   This organization, founded in 1956, publishes a rich, photo-packed, technically illuminating quarterly Journal and a professional but much smaller, less formal FlightLine newsletter between Journals. I am privileged to serve as a volunteer on  the organization's editorial committee, but the real work is done by Managing Editor Hayden Hamilton, Journal Editor Albert Hansen and a group of dedicated historians and contributors all over the world. NEEDED NOW, besides new members, are new members and established members who desire to contribute articles about US aviation history to AAHS. Articles must be US-connected, but may feature foreign-built aircraft. For example, a recently published article about DeHavilland Mosquitos evaluated for widespread deployment by USAAF units brought to light aspects of that versatile aircraft and US pilot capabilities which this historian had never considered.

    There is a TON of fascinating aviation history that remains unknown to most of us, waiting for new authors to reveal it via their research and memories. You do not have to be a published author to contribute. Hayden and hardy crew can take your story and refine it to a finished article that will do you proud and serve curious present and future generations. To learn more about how you can help, email Hayden Hamilton whose address is found at the bottom of the AAHS web site home jpage --
     Tell him AeroKnow sent you.

Civil Air Patrol, Central Illinois SEEKS NEW MEMBERS
   This organization of teen agers and adults was formed in World War II and continues today. It conducts 90% of the searches for aircraft lost in the US, including major involvement with the loss of Steve Fossett. The Springfield-based squadron is looking for new members to help with the search mission and more. Opportunities to learn about aviation are many. Senior members work in the fields of emergency services, youth programs and aerospace education. Young people age 12 and older study aeronautical science, take orientation flights and develop leadership skills working with the military and civil sectors. The local squadron meets Wednesday nights, 6:30 to 98:00 p.m. at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport's Illinois Air National GUard Base. Visitors should call 41401441 or 280-0648 to make arrangements. For more information visit  Tell them AeroKnow sent you!
  P.S. -- Earnest webmaster is a former Springfield composite squadron member and I recommend it without reserevation. The leaders and members are focused, sincere, competent people, and you will be warmly welcomed aboard. And what you learn, including skills applicable to eventual enlisting in the armed services AND in civilian life will stay with you for years.

Springfield, Illinois Area Pilots Should Get to Know

    Visit the Springfield Chapter Illinois Pilots Association web site by clicking here 
    The Springfield Chapter meet first Wednesdays starting at 6:30 pm at various restaurants in Springfield  during the cold weather and at Jim Thornton's hangar, D-35 on Charlie Ramp of Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. You do not have to be a member to attend a meeting and see what we're all about. Chapter members and friends receive a monthly newsletter Capital Crosswinds sent via e-mail and conventional mail about a week in advance of the next meeting. President this year is John Salz. Attend a dinner meeting of this friendly group. For information about the location of our next meeting call Vice President Darley Copp: 529-2578. Tell her AeroKnow sent you.

                AeroKnow Museum hosts twice-monthly meetings of Central Illinois Plastic Modelers, a club that meets 2nd amd 4tj Wedmesdays of the month. We officially begin our gatherings at 6:30, but the meeting room is available starting at 5:30. If you build ANYTHING from plastic model kits and live in central Illinois, you are invited to attend. There are no dues, no elections, no politics and no adjournments. You leave when you like and everyone leaves at 10:00 pm with the operators of the host fixed base operation (FBO) close for the day. Questions? Visit our blog: http://cipm/ and post them there or e-mail
Job Conger

Slip 'n' Skid pilots' club
Is an informal group of current and former general aviation pilots and friends who meet once a month for dinner at selected Springfield, Illinois restaurants to talk flying. For more information or to be added to the phone call meeting reminder list, call Darley Copp --529-2578.  

FRIENDS of Springfield Air Rendezvous
    I recently went through my copies of the Springfield Air Rendezvous air show Official Souvenir Programs in my collection and discovered I am missing those publications for 1993 and 1997,  I need at least three copies of each of those programs, up to ten if possible, for the AeroKnow collection and to use in trade for issues I need. I have some copies of years not listed above for trade. If you can help, call me -- 217-331-3661 or email me.  Thanks.

THANJ YOU Darley Copp
for your donation of a major collection of Piper Comanche newsletters and related publications following the death of your husband and my friend Bill Copp.

THANK YOU Gordon Larson, Illinois Wing, Civil Air Patrol,
for your recent donation of aviation magazines matted illustrations of World War II combat aircraft and the 54 issues of Aeronautics, A Complete Guide to Civil and Military Flying. I had a terrific time presenting history to the cadets during your summer encampment at Camp Lincoln, and look forward to expanding cordial ties to the Springfield Squadron.

THANK YOU DAVID HARRIS, Springfield,  for your recent donation of mostly airline-related aviation magazines and books

for donating flying model materials   several books about peanut and pistachio rubber-powered models, three views and aviation monographs, full size plans, model engines and model kits in memory of her husband Don Kugler. Her kindness has added significantly to free flight and scale model resources here, and will be appreciated by future visitors and correspondent6s.

, Springfield, Illinois for his donation of several hundred issues of the Experimental Aircraft Association's (E.A.A.) Sport Aviation, the EAA Warbird Division's Warbirds and many miscellaneous av mags. These titles are of special historical interest because of their superb documentation of one-of-a-kind and more popular home-built general aviation aircraft, restored civilian types and of course, restored military aircraft. Partly in recognition of Mike's major boost to AeroKnow resources and partly because it needs to be done, and now we can do it, I am initiating a priority focus on indexing not only Mike's donation, but all copies of those publications already in the AeroKnow collection. There are still some holes in the publication run of those titles. If you would like to fill those holes, please e  and I'll send you a list of current inventory of those (or any other) titles. In the meantime, if you want good advice regarding business and home security, look up George Burglar and Fire Alarm Company and give them a call.

THANK YOU BOB ENGLEHART for your August donation of Air Combat, Aviation History, Warbirds International and other magazines. Indexes for those titles will be updated and posted at AeroKnow in the next few weeks.

THANK YOU CURT FREEMYER for your May 29 financial contribution. This website is go for the rest of 2008 because of you..

THANK YOU YVONNE BRANDIS for loaning pictures and clippings which will be shared here at AeroKnow soon.

THANK YOU GARY FLECK for the pictures from your dad's airports, an almost forgotten part of Springfield's rich aviation history! It was a pleasure talking about your memories of the days out by the lake and Sunday flying with your dad and family. The story of his enterprise will receive the long-overdue cover it merits when my book hits the shops.

THANK YOU Dave Beatty of Beatty Televisual for sharing pictures from the three Springfield airports you photographed extensively in the 50s through 70s. The two and a half hours we spent considering just a part of your incredible collection could have gone on for another eight hours if we hadn't committed the rest of your afternoon elsewhere. Those pics from the National Air Races at Southwest in 1956 are nothing less than what the French say as "incroidale!"

THANK YOU Slip N Skid Fliers Club - Brian & Carol Borecky, Etta Bunger, Joyce Cooper, Bill & Darly Copp, George Covington,  Tom & Dorothy Fitzgerald -- for your support of Springfield Aviation generously expressed at your March meeting.

Our Mission 

AeroKnow was organized by a group of aviation enthusiasts who believe the best way to learn is to share what we know and reap from the wealth of feedback contributed by those who appreciate what we do. We intend to accomplish this mission through Abe Lincoln's Air Force, our support organization, by offering what we know to aviation enthusiasts all over the world.

AeroKnow Honor Roll
-- Darley Copp, Springfield, Illinois
-- Springfield Chapter, Illinois Pilots Association
-- Barb Gramlich, Springfield, Illinois
-- Dick Henthorn, Hyattsville, Maryland 

--  Peter Bourke, Melbourne, Australia
--  Barry Tempest, Kingscliffe, England
--  Brian Borecky, Springfield, Illinois
-- Mike George, Springfield, Illinois

If you have a business or personal web site connected to aviation, or Springfield, Illinois, please add a link to to your web site and recommend it to others. Tell us about your aviation-related web site, and if we visit and add a link to it.

  To include your business information here, contact Job Conger.

Contact Information

AeroKnow's web site is maintained by director Job Conger

Postal address
900 Capital Airport Drive.
Springfield, IL 62707

Electronic mail
Webmaster/Founder/Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Job Conger:

AeroKnow Officers and Board for 2010 

President - Job Conger
Secretary - Colin Tabb
Treasurer - H. Jay Bruninga, MD
Board member - George A. Tinkham
Board member - Timothy P. Sheehan
Board member - Christopher Reiss

We want to expand our board for 2013. If you live in Springfield, Illinois and want to serve on the board, contact Job Conger

When visiting the Abraham Lincoln historic sites in Springfield, Illinois, modelers should be sure to stop by Hammer's Hobbies, 2448 S. 10th Street.  It's easy to find, but if you need directions, call 217-525-0265 and mention you learned about them from AeroKnow.

If you want to produce a web page for your business or passion, I recommend you contact Donna Aschenbrenner, 217-522-5050 or visit