AeroKnow needs to thin its collection of airline related clippings because so many fine organizations currently serve that sector so well. The clippings fill a large storage box, and more are being added all the time. These clippings are mostly from Aviation Week, Flight and industry trade publications.
     We also have a small collection of airliner timetables for trade.
     If you have airliner promotional models, built kits, postcards or pictures for trade and the ability to visit our collection, to examine this surplus and determine whether you can use it, please contact us.

Questions and Answers
Questions about AeroKnow, sent to atc@aeroknow.com will be posted here so our
         replies may be shared by visitors.
Research In Progress
         Your questions about historic and contemporary aviation, emailed to us or sent via
         conventional mail, will be shared here so other visitors may help you if they can.
Essential for understanding the kinds of data posted in AeroKnow at the ADF and Magazine pages, this page will allow you to print abbreviations list.
Aircraft Data File
References to aircraft you can either request copies of from AeroKnow or from the original publisher.  
Air National Guard Gallery
         A first smattering of pictures on hand.
Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan Gallery   
Pictures on hand.
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Gallery
          Pictures on hand.
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress References
References to B-17s in AeroKnow files and magazines.
Fokker Dr.I References
        References in AeroKnow files and magazines.
          AeroKnow has more than 20,000 airplane pictures in the collection. We will share
          those pictures here, and supply them free of charge to authors and publishers.
          If you're a collector, we'll ask a nominal fee to recoup our costs.
Modelair Museum
Pictures of latest additions and a glimpse of the until-now supra-secret  Abe's Air Farce aircraft models
Magazine File
Indexes of magazines in AeroKnow's collection.
Other Files

Aircraft Name File,  Basic Data File and more.

P-51 Mustang References
           References to North American's P-51 Mustang in AeroKnow files and magazines.
Visitors Gallery
   Pictures sent via e or donated by AeroKnow supporters.
           First contributer is William T. Larkins. Who will be number two?
ESSAYS about aviation history:
Alphabet Soup: US Military Aircraft Designations Explained -- by Job Conger  here
          The Kname Game  -- by Job Conger here

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