Hawker Sea Fury Gallery
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sf11gw.jpg (19162 bytes)
American Sea Fury
The clue here is the four-blade prop which
confirms the Wright 3350 engine behind it.
The original Bristol Centaurus engine would
be mounted behind a Rotol 5-blade prop.

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(34) Left wing's cooler intake
disassembled for repair.

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(35) prop-spinner detail

sf4w.jpg (27493 bytes)
Right landing gear shows details.

sf12w.jpg (21673 bytes)
Left wing cooler intake reassembled.
The thin tube visible in front of the radiator sprays water when activated. The water further cools the air before it reaches the cooling appratus and better cools the oil.

sf6w.jpg (15753 bytes)
Right wing cooler intake.

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With  it's new owner-pilot (who permitted me to take pictures on the condition that he remain anonymous) in the cockpit in transit from the former home in IN to the new home in CA, the Sea Fury had some engine trouble and the pilot landed at SPI. No further damage, no injuries. The airplane remained here for more than a year while a new engine was purchased and repairs completed.

sf9w.jpg (24333 bytes)(
Sea Fury under tow.39)

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Aircraft under tow to the engine runup area behind the T-hangars.

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Securely tied down, the maintenance specialist ran the engine during the tests while the owner watched nearby.

sf3gw.jpg (35235 bytes)
With the help of computer enhancement, this view of the airplane is slightly distorted.