Red Stars at Springfield Air Rendezvous 2006
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1. A retouched photo of a Yakovlev Yak-52, part of the Red Stars who flew at SAR 06.
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2. This picture was not retouched.
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3. A stunning Nanchang CJ-6.
rsa11.jpg (15594 bytes)
4. Another CJ
yakx1.jpg (20757 bytes)
5. Pics 5 -- 7 are of an immaculate Yak 52.
rsa5.jpg (17696 bytes)
6. Pics 6 -- 8 are of an immaculate Yak 52.
rsa4.jpg (16674 bytes)
yakx3.jpg (12649 bytes)
8. This is a Yakovlev Yak-52TW, built new with "taildragger" landing gear for the "Western" airplane market. (That's what the W stands for.)
rsa12.jpg (13858 bytes)
9. This CJ-6A is owned by Jason whose last name I did not note.
rsa13.jpg (16754 bytes)
10. If Jason or another good person will e me, I will be glad to add his last name to this page.
rsa15.jpg (25485 bytes)
11. The front office of Jason's bird.
rsa14.jpg (9695 bytes)
12. N number of Jason's Nanchang.
rsa6.jpg (21173 bytes)
13. This Nanchang
- N368MB -  is owned by Tom Bennett.
rsa7.jpg (13781 bytes)
14. 68MB access panel on the nose.
rsa8.jpg (16395 bytes)
15. 68NB
rsa9.jpg (11781 bytes)
16. Bennett's N number.
trxx1.jpg (14162 bytes)
17. Red Stars were generous with their flight time, making several passes in different formations each day.
rsx9_small.jpg (1252 bytes)
18. Only 10 Nanchangs and Yaks participated in SAR 06. Weather and mechanical glitches kept several away.
rsx10.jpg (6951 bytes)
19. Every Red Star pilot I talked with was convivial and obviously glad to be visiting Springfield.
rsx4.jpg (11045 bytes)
20. The sky was particularly cooperative in providing a scenic backdrop for the Red Stars.
rsx2.jpg (10902 bytes)
21. This picture shows two formations of three as they approached air show central. Note two different aircraft types. Check the wings.
rsx3.jpg (10574 bytes)
22. This picture is the picture on the left (21)  retouched to suggest a deeper bank than was flown. It's a more eye catching picture, but it is not reality.
rsx11.jpg (8710 bytes)
23. Most of the Red Star pilots are not "air show performers" but do enjoy the challenge of formation flying and the pleasure of each others' cameradierie.
trx7.jpg (10624 bytes)
24. This formation is different from the  one pictured left and was flown after the Stars re-positioned themselves during the part of the field circuit that took them briefly away from air show central..
rsx6.jpg (7692 bytes)
25. Same formation here . . .

rsx7.jpg (7814 bytes)
26. . . . and here a few seconds later.
rsc8.jpg (7466 bytes)
27. May of these pictures were taken before noon. It's easy to tell because the sun shines on the airplanes flying down air show central. In the afternoon, camera people shoot into the sun as it appears to gradually descend the western sky and airplanes appear to be in shadow as the crowd views them. .

Red Stars have become one of the most eagerly awaited returning elements at SAR. They don't tear up the sky with their flying, but the sight and sound of so many aircraft in the sky is terrific.

     The pace of Friday afternoon, combined with my not being given a flight line pass worked against my photographing as many of the Yaks and CJs as I hoped. The variety of colors and markings is as appealing to the eyes as gumbo to the appetite of a hungry air show enthusiast. Way to go gents!

     Though I'm not on the SAR board, if I were, I would try to slate an appearance by the Red Stars every year if I were. The Red Stars should be just as much a part of the SAR "family" as Herb Hunter and Pauline and Roger Buis. In a small way, in some hearts, they already are!

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