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c17d1.jpg (12397 bytes)
1. The Boeing (formerly McDonnell-Douglas, formerly Douglas) C-17 is a remarkable airplane, and it's always a treat to welcome one (and its intrepid crew) to Springfield Air Rendezvous.
c17a1.jpg (17592 bytes)
2. It was nice to see a McDonnell-Douglas C-17 on static display.
c17a2.jpg (13262 bytes)
3. The airplane was parked with the thrust reversers open. This is how the engines look when slowing down after landing and engine thrust is directed forward to function like a retro rocket, only these are turbofan jets.
c17k.jpg (13643 bytes)
5. A picture-perfect June 24 Saturday morning!
c17xx2.jpg (12558 bytes)
c21a1.jpg (16198 bytes)
6. Learjet C-21A used to transport military officials.
oh58a1.jpg (20663 bytes)
7. Bell 0H-58 Kiowa flown by the Illinois Army National Guard.
oh58x2.jpg (16976 bytes)
8. Kiowa in the foreground and Blackhawk in the distant left.
9. I have a closeup of the Bell's serial number and will post it in this space when I find it.
jemaj1.jpg (21595 bytes)
10. The Edge 540 flown by Jeff Mahinney was a late booking for SAR 06, and there was no mention of him in the Official Souvenir Program.
jemak1.jpg (20969 bytes)
11. The airplane is made in the USA by a firm known mostly for its unmanned aircraft.
jemaxx1.jpg (7303 bytes)
12. Based on my brief look at him in the air, I must say I consider Jeff Mahinney to be Jim LeRoy with one fewer wing.
jemaxx2.jpg (6520 bytes)
13. If you've read the review of Otto the Amazing Helicopter (on the Gallery 2 page) you will appreciate how one thing I said about helicopters is obviously not true, and here's the proof.

uh60j1.jpg (20948 bytes)
14. Sikorsky UH-60 flown by the Illinois Army National Guard. This picture was not retouched; it was taken with a 28mm wide angle lens.
uh60a1.jpg (21608 bytes)
15.  The ArNG always displays a fine assortment of their airborne and ground  hardware
to SAR, and they're always happy to show visitors around.
uh60aw2.jpg (14738 bytes)
16. The tail of the UH-60 shows the military serial.
uh60xx1.jpg (10179 bytes)
17. The UH-60 departed late Sunday afternoon.
uh60xx2.jpg (9973 bytes)
c47a1.jpg (16219 bytes)
19. C-47 owned by the Ozark Airlines Museum, Inc. of St. Louis, MO was displayed at SAR for the first time.
c47a2.jpg (16943 bytes)
20. This retouched picture shows how a stretched-fuselage version might have looked.
c47a3.jpg (21820 bytes)
21. The airplane was acquired from the Israeli Air Force, and it retains the camouflage applied by the IAF. Early WWII US "star & disk" insignia have been applied since it came to the USA.
c47a4.jpg (20785 bytes)
22. Information about the airplane added to the lower left fuselage. This is an excellent way to add the info because the low contrast with surrounding color doesn't detract from the overall appearance of the IAF colors.
c47a5.jpg (17923 bytes)
23. Best guess is that Judy is the name of the current pilot's wife or girlfriend. The folks with the airplane were friendly and courteous. Visitors were invited to tour the historical machine free of charge.
c47a6.jpg (22980 bytes)
24. The organization explained they hoped to have the airplane paint stripped so the bird could be re-painted in Ozark "swallow logo" colors, but they need more than $22,000 to strip the paint.
ch47p1.jpg (16884 bytes)
25. Boeing CH-47D Chinook with the Illinois Army National Guard.
ch47a2.jpg (18709 bytes)
26. Note how the rotors sag when the bird is at rest.
ch47a3.jpg (14675 bytes)
27. Interesting color of the inside of the jet efflux. Modelers should compare these colors with those of the F-14 closeup at the F-14 page.
ch47a4.jpg (13686 bytes)
28. The military serial is two-tone, making the individual aircraft number easy to see at a distance.
ch47a5.jpg (14226 bytes)
29. Backside details.
ch47xx1.jpg (16954 bytes)
30. Moments before lift off.
ch47xx2.jpg (15828 bytes)
31. Moments into liftoff.
ch47xx4.jpg (9835 bytes)
32. Pointed toward Peoria, Illinois and home.

crjalx.jpg (6387 bytes)
33. A United Bombardier CRJ takes off on Friday afternoon.
trk1.jpg (8514 bytes)
34. Nanchang CJ-6A flown by Team Red's creator Terry "Pumper" Calloway.
trx1.jpg (17679 bytes)
35. Posing for the camera.
trx2.jpg (14822 bytes)
36. During cockpit checks before another media flight Thursday.
trx3.jpg (13840 bytes)
37. View from the wing of Jason's CJ-6.
trx4.jpg (12892 bytes)
38. Calloway prepares to enter the cockpit. Note the web site address of Team Red on the leading edge of the wings. Nice idea!
trj1.jpg (18106 bytes)
39. During engine warmup.
trj3.jpg (7070 bytes)
40. This picture shows a normal air show maneuver.
trj2.jpg (7835 bytes)
41. This retouched version of the picture on the left shows a maneuver that never happened.
trd1.jpg (13590 bytes)
42 The performer flight line at the end of Saturday's activities with Terry "Pumper" Calloway's CJ-6A closest to the camera. . Note all the aircraft canopies are covered. This lessens the effect of the sun which harms the Plexiglas through which pilots see the world.
t6a3.jpg (20870 bytes)
43. Raytheon T-6 Texan ii. Jim Thornton, retired US mail carrier and Cessna 182 owner and pilot watches the dew dry.
t6a4.jpg (19548 bytes)
44. This retouched picture shows what the T-6 would look like if it had been designed by the Granville Brothers.
t6a5.jpg (95516 bytes)
45. This unretouched picture shows the airplane as it appeared.
t6a1.jpg (17309 bytes)
46. The crew -- two USAF instructor pilots were on hand early Saturday morning.
t6a2.jpg (25662 bytes)
47. And they kindly posed for the camera guy.
t6a6.jpg (16831 bytes)
48. T-6's tail. Modelers note how the unpainted metal leading edge of the vertical stabilizer extends past the start of the interface with the dorsal fin.
kc135xx1.jpg (14410 bytes)
49. An example of Boeing's immortal KC-135E has been displayed at almost every SAR since the first in 1983.
kc135xx2.jpg (14072 bytes)
50. Note the Grumman F-14D Tomcat  in the background.
kc135xx3.jpg (17487 bytes)
51. Incredible nose art.
kc135xx4.jpg (12325 bytes)
52. Data plate on the 135.
I did NOT get a picture of the entire KC-135. If you snapped a sharp shot of this bird without more than three people in the foreground, would you e it to me so I can post it in this space? sarmis2.jpg (11274 bytes)
53. Had to share the incredible clouds and distant skyline as the day of June 25 began to fade.

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