North American
P-51D Mustang  
owned by Mike George
      and displayed at Air Combat Museum, Springfield, Illinois

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1. .A World War II uniform collector poses by "Worry Bird"
at Springfield Air Rendezvous, September 2000.

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2. The airplane is towed from the hangar to the display ramp at SAR. Here she is being positioned for display at Springfield Air Rendezvous.

p51b1.jpg (16536 bytes)3. Mike permitted me to take this picture before the crowd barriers were erected.

p51mg4.jpg (22542 bytes)4. .This view was captured from the top of some scaffolding temporarily erected in the hangar in January 1993.

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5. Mike taxis by in August 1993.

North American
          P-51D Mustang
This aircraft is known to have flown in Europe during
World War II. It is painted in the colors and markings
of Lieutenant Robert J. Frisch, who destroyed six enemy
aircraft during ground strafing missions. Born and raised
in Cincinatti, Ohio, Frisch served with the 503rd Fighter Squadron,
339th Fighter Group. He currently resides in Spokane, Washington,
retired after 30 years in the military as a Colonel.

Civil registration: N5445V
Ex-military serial: 44-73287
Wingspan: 37 feet
Length: 32 feet 3 inches
Height: 12 feet 2 inches
Engine: Packard-built
     Rolls Royce V-1650-7
                Merlin   1,490 hp
     top: 437 mph
     cruise: 362 mph
     landing: 120 mph
G limits: +7 -4
     cruise: 25,000 feet
     maximum: 41,900 feet
Range: 950 miles
     empty: 7,125 lbs
     gross: 11.600 lbs
Fuel capacity: 233 gallons +                 two 75 to 108 gallon
                                drop tanks
Fuel consumption: 60 gph
Armament: six .50 calibre
       machine guns plus
             provisions for two
                  500 lb. bombs
       or eight 5-inch
          air-to-ground rockets
Number built: 7,956

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6. A June 6, 2006 visit encounteered a re-built propeller soon after it was mounted on "Worry Bird."
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7. In the 90s, the "'Bird" was displayed with cowling panels removed.

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