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Unless stated otherwise, photographer for the pictures here was Job Conger.

Visitors are welcome to copy any picture here for personal use. Journalists, entusuasts and publishers who support AeroKnow are may obtain larger, higher-resolution pictures by contacting Job Conger -

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1.Ryan Navion Super 260,  N5327K touching down at Blakesburg, Iowa, August 1978.
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2, The owner's sense of humor was evident.
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3. Do you suppose he or she is Irish?
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5. August 1995, visiting Springfield Air Rendezvous, Springfield, Illinois, N71CM, owned by Heritage In Flight Museum, Lincoln, Illinois
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6. N number under horizontal stab.
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7. Though the markings resemble as authentic for an L-17 as graffiti resembles Rembrandt, the airplane was very clean and obviously well-maintained.
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8. Perhaps a first for an "L-17," nose art. Te text says "Arctic Fox."
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9. N91665  November 77
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12. N4415K date and location unknown. It's oabviously a company airplane. Does anyone recognize the logo on the fuselage?
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13.  N8871H, Springfield, Illinois, March 1977.
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14. This picture has been slightly retouched.
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15. N8871H, Springfield, Illinois in new colors.
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16. N91185. July 87, location and photographer unknown.
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17. N8566H, March 1969 at Litchfield, Illinois.
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18. N8566H
nav21w.jpg (111970 bytes)
19. N8871H, March 1977, Springfield, Illinois.
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20. N91554 in tall grass at Plainfield, Illinois, May 81.
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21. N4934K 1950, photographer and location unknown. We do know the airport was home of Southwest Airmotive and believe it to be in Illinois, near St. Louus, Missouri.
nav25.jpg (158349 bytes)
22. The test reads Mel Hulcher Co. Inc., Virden, Ill
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23.  Marcy 77 closeup of N8871H right wing tip.
nav4w.jpg (97188 bytes)
24. This picture of N4327K has been slightly retouched.

If you have SHARP, in focus pictures of Navions showing the N numbers, please consider sharing them with AeroKnow. All photos, slides and negatives loaned to AeroKnow for copying will be carefully handled and promptly returned.  Email if you have questions.

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