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Chris Dilley takes a nice airplane picture. I met him on the internet when he sent me some pictures of a restored C-7 Caribou. After he visited AeroKnow web pages, he sent me some more pics, and I invited to him to share some with the AeroKnow Visitor Gallery, it became evident that Chris deserves a page of his own.

Each picture here is thumbnailed for faster loading. Click on any for a larger (about 4 x 6 inches at 72 dpi) and "back" to return to this page.

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ah-1ccdw.jpg (34796 bytes)
  1. These two AH-1s are fly as the Sky Soldiers Flight Demonstration Team of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, based at Tara Field, Atlanta, Georgia.
b-17ccdw.jpg (28654 bytes)
  2.Closeup of the Collings Foundation B-17G. 44-83575. Chris sent a picture of the informative sign displayed with it, but it does not reproduce well as a 4 x 6. If anyone wants to read it, e me and ill send it over in larger format.
b-25ccdw.jpg (26217 bytes)
  3. The B-25 is based at  Lake CIty, Florida..

B-25ccd2w.jpg (28858 bytes)
BK-117ccdw.jpg (22406 bytes)
  5.  Chris photographed this Trauma One BK-117 during a pre-prom "Don't drink and drive crash demnstration at Orange Park High School, Orange Park, Florida.
Blimpccdw.jpg (20426 bytes)
6. This blimp -- my guess is it's a Skyship machine; please set me right if I'm wrong -- is registered N560VL and is operated by the TLG Airshop Operation Group.
dc-3ccdw.jpg (108377 bytes)
  7,  DC-3 N600NA is displayed near the Collings B-17 and  B-24 at New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
e-2cccdw.jpg (20233 bytes)
  8.  This E-2C with the new props (Buno 165299) is assigned to VAW-120. The picture was taken October 2006.
f-14ccdw.jpg (18976 bytes)
   9. Taken aboard the USS Ronald Reagan in 2004,  Chris notes this was the last Tom to launch from that boat.

f-18ccdw.jpg (19416 bytes)
   10. F/A/18 with VFA-87 aboard the USS Reagan.
h-3ccdw.jpg (23112 bytes) 
  11.  Sikorsky H-3 (I wonder if this bird was built by Agusta, Italy?) Norway Navy
HH-60ccdw.jpg (22529 bytes)
  12.   Sikorsky HH-60J , based at Andros Island, the Bahamas.
Mil-17ccd2w.jpg (22510 bytes)
Based in Green Cove Springs, Florida, This Mil Mi-17, N7040J, is owned by Pegasus Technologies.
Mil-17ccdw.jpg (19344 bytes)
  14. Chris notes the exhausts are not standard equipment.

s-3ccd2w.jpg (21055 bytes)
  15. VS-30 S-3B at NAS Jax was decommissioned after this picture was taken.

s-3ccd3w.jpg (23532 bytes)
  16, VS-32 S-3B. This unit will be decommissioned in 2007.
s-3ccdw.jpg (19349 bytes)  
  17.  S-3B taken while on the USS Reagan det. Buno (navy build numbers) is 160599, assigned to VS-24.
s-61ccdw.jpg (20669 bytes)
   18. Sikorsky S-61 at Autec, Andros Island, the Bahamas, circa January 2004.
SH-60ccd2w.jpg (16539 bytes)
    19.SH-60, Buno 164800 with HS-11, taken June 2004 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Note the special colors on the drop tank.
SH-60ccd3w.jpg (18443 bytes)
   20.  An  HS-75 reserve squadron SH-60F returns to the Reagan. The birds are usually based at NAS Jax.
SH-60ccdw.jpg (25564 bytes)
  21.  \SH-60, w HS-75, "somewhere" in the Bahamas. ,  Note the Mk.46 training torpedo
t-33ccdw.jpg (20821 bytes)
22.  Found this beauty in Douglass Ga on my way home from a AAHF trip. I try to take the back roads whenever possible, you never know what you might find. This bird is a gate guard for the regional airport there.
UH-1ccd2w.jpg (26511 bytes)
  23. This UH-1H appears to be ex-Army awaiting restoration.
uh-1ccdw.jpg (23891 bytes)
  24. Bell twin-engine UH-1, with Norway Army.

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