1960s Aircraft Gallery

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(1) Consolidated PBY
Displayed at Earl Reinert's Museum outside Mundelein, IL,

I was told the airplane had crashed with fatalities in Lake Michigan. Who can tell us more?
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2) Cessna 182 Skylane
Southwest Airport, Springfield

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3) Martin B-26 Marauder
Air Force Museum, June 68
The AFM literature said this is a former French AF B-26F

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4) Martin B-26

Note the gravel of the earlier museum site. Hard to believe that the Boeing YB-52, the one with the long canopy like a B-47 on staroids, was displayed at this site until LadyBird Johnson -- as in President's WIFE Johnson -- complained that it looked ugly and it was cut up and melted down!

c47ang1.jpg (86076 bytes)
with 183rd TFG
March 1973
c47ang2.jpg (10683 bytes)
with 183rd TFG
January 1967
c47ang3.jpg (9797 bytes)
with 183rd TFG,
January 1967
c47ang4.jpg (11188 bytes)
with 183rd TFG
January 1967
c47ang5.jpg (12451 bytes)
with 183rd TFG circa 1968
c47ang6.jpg (18939 bytes)
with 183d TFG, March 1968



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