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A-20 SJR Dec 42.jpg (10644 bytes)

In December 1942, the pilot of this Douglas A-20 Havoc made an emergency landing on what is now the highly developed Dirksen Parkwaqy, but was at the time part of Route 66. The airplane was repaired and successfuly flown off the two lane road after traffic was stopped. This picture was reprinted with the permission of the Illinois State Journal-Register. It was featured in an SJ-R Springfield retrospective exhibit at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. A member of the SJ-R staff contacted AeroKnow for help in identifying the airplane.

Southwest people.jpg (54386 bytes)
The picture above was taken by The Mercury Studio and loaned to AeroKnow by George Weber. Included in this picture somewhere is George's father Early Weber who had a thriving aviation insurance business in Springfield and active private pilot. Look for sections of this picture to be published enlarged at this page in the hope that AeroKnow visitors will identify people shown here.

What we know about Springfield, Illinois aviation-related businesses. aviators from Springfield and Springfield area airports. If you have history that should be shared here, please contact AeroKnow so that we may borrow, carefully copy your pictures or documents and return them. We also want to interview anyone who worked at Springfield area airports or had careers in flying or other parts of aviation for our oral history recording effort.  Please contact us if you have a story to tell or know of someone with a story to tell.
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SPIterm1w.jpg (34795 bytes)
1. Capital Airport was dedicated on November 2, 1947. This is the original terminal.
BTfoutch1gw.jpg (23931 bytes)
2. Dr. Mark and Joan Foutch pose with her Vultee BT-13 in the early 50s. Mark owned a P-51, and the couple often flew to fly-ins and airshows together. We will have pics of his P-51 here soon.
WeberStinson.jpg (15991 bytes)
5. Southwest Airport in 1946 was Springfield's primary flying field, though there were at least two small strips on the outskirts of the city as well. Here, Earl Weber posed with a Civil Air Patrol Stinson.
stin!w.jpg (30705 bytes)
6. Stinson Voyager outside the main hangar at Southwest Airport off Chatham Road on Springfield's southwest side. This picture was taken about 1948.

From Paul Foutch, grandson of Mark and stepgrandmother Joan Foutch . . .
    "I understand Mark and Joan met at the old Fleck's field. He said that on
the way back from the Pacific in September 1945, he was discharged in St.
Louis, took a detour to an Arkansas air base where they were selling
war-surplus Stearmans for $35, bought one and followed old Route 66 back to
Springfield, marched into the office at Fleck's field, where Joanie was
working the reception desk. They were married a year later and flew off to
their honeymoon in Peoria in the Stearman.
      "In fact, that was one of the many stories he embellished. They met at
Fleck's field because they were both taking flying lessons at the same time,
his sister says now. He didn't own a plane till much later. He probably took
a bus from St. Louis to Springfield. They did indeed fly off in a Stearman
to their honeymoon, but it was borrowed from a friend named Merle Green.
     "My grandfather was the best grandfather anybody could ever have, and I wish
he was still here to tell his stories."

pby2w.jpg (20105 bytes)
1) Consolidated PBY Catalina (AK)

pby3w.jpg (14231 bytes)
2) Consolidated PBY (AK)

pby4w.jpg (17017 bytes)
3) Consolidated PBY (AK)

C46Slick2w.jpg (6829 bytes)
4)  Curtiss C-46 with Slick Airways. Note the three-blade props. (AK)
C46Slick1w.jpg (9232 bytes)
5) Another view of the same Slick 47. (AK)

pb4y2-1w.jpg (17879 bytes)
6) Consolidated PB4Y-2
Cleveland, Ohio, 1946 (AK)
pb4y2-2w.jpg (21296 bytes)
7) Same PB4Y-2 as #5 (AK)

Key to photo credits (letters in parenthesis)
        AK = AeroKnow - some supporters request anonimity, and we respoect that.
        GW = George Weber


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