Aircraft Flown by the 170th Tactical Fighter Squadron,
Illinois Air National Guard,
Springfield, Illinois

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at11-1.jpg (16796 bytes)
1. Beech AT-11 (AK)
Left and right - Obviously an ex-military bird with possible ties to the ANG, barely discernible on the original print under the right wing are numbers 6547. IThis suggests a civil registration since buzz numbers included only the last three numbers of the serial.  at11-2.jpg (11613 bytes)
2. Who can help fill in the blanks here? (AK)
at11-3.jpg (14600 bytes)
3. Photographed in about 1948, this is serial 42-37620 on the civil aircraft ramp at Capital Airport, Springfield, IL. (AK)
at11-4.jpg (12405 bytes)
4. 520 again in front of the first hangar to be one of the first SPI hangars under construction. This picture was probably taken in 1948. Note the painted engine cowls. (AK)
This space is reserved for your contribution. at11-5.jpg (9988 bytes)
5. I believe this is a 170th AT, but note the different serial 41-27392 and the darker-painted cowlings. (AK, maybe PB)
C45-1Jul55.jpg (11847 bytes)
6.  C-45 with tail number 111608 and "U.S. Air Force" above the windows. This picture was probably taken in July 1955. (RS)
c46-1.jpg (61198 bytes)
7. C-46 which was a part of the 170th through the late 50s. Who can tell us when the Commando was retired from this unit? The tail number on this bird, displayed beneath ANG, appears to be 477625. (RS)
c46-2.jpg (6258 bytes)
8. We know this to be tail number 477996 and believe it also served with the 170th. Did the 170th use two different 46s during their time with the unit? (AK)
c46-6.jpg (10195 bytes)
9. Confirming placement of wing walk areas and location of the left top wing insignia, this is 625. (RS)
c46-7.jpg (7813 bytes)
10. 625 sharing the ramp with a US Army Beaver. (RS)
c46-5.jpg (9699 bytes)
11. We believe this was the first C-46 to serve with the 170th, but the tail code and lack of a prominent serial number suggest otherwise. Note the small 566 under the cockpit windows. (AK)
c46-4.jpg (5808 bytes)
12. A close look at the tail shows the location where the aircraft type and BuNo would have been located have been painted over, confirming former ownership by the US Navy. Still, we'd like to know more about the AC tail code and the reason for the US flag prominently displayed. (AK)
c46-3.jpg (8300 bytes)
13. Was this bird flown in the Berlin Airlift? It was almost certainly photographed at SPI, but there is nothing in the background to confirm this. (AK)
c46-8.jpg (9616 bytes)
14. What can YOU share about this interesting C-46? (AK)
c47ang1.jpg (86076 bytes)
15. The C-47 was a part of the 170th through two generations of fighters. Tail number is 0-15510 (JC)
c47ang2.jpg (10683 bytes)
16. Towing 510 out of the unit's only maintenance hangar in the 60s.(JC)
c47ang3.jpg (9797 bytes)
17. This is also 510. (JC)
c47ang4.jpg (11188 bytes)
18. 510 under tow. (JC)
t6-1.jpg (9772 bytes)
17. T-6s were flown by the 170th for several years. Note how the nearest machine is painted (yellow is the presumed color) and the other is in natural metal finish. The serials of these Texans were obscured in the scan. I will post them later. (RS)
t6-4.jpg (12111 bytes)
18. Nice confirmation of the arly C-47s tail number and another view of the two Texans, and hey, catch that B-57B with the canopy up. Ooooh for the want of a telephoto lens! (RS)
t6-3.jpg (10852 bytes)
19. I remember flying u-control model planes at Washington Park when I saw a P2V Neptune fly over at fairly low altitude. Wouldn't it be incredible if RS had been at SPI taking this picture as I was going around in circles at the park? Nice vew of the T-6's top wing markings. (RS)
t6-2.jpg (14090 bytes)
20. Another view of the same '6. Next time I scan loaned pictures, I'm going to keep a large size archival master from which to make lower-res copies for AeroKnow's web pages.  Will post the bird's serial soonly. (RS)gis
t28-1.jpg (14933 bytes)
21. Tail number on this T-28A at the 170th ramp in the 50s is 0312. This is almost certainly NOT a 170th aircraft, but it's interesting to see it in such good company nearby.  (RS)
t28-2.jpg (11658 bytes)
22. Also not a 170th bird, I just had to include it on this page. Photographed on SPI's civil aircraft ramp, tail number is17787. (RS)
ct29-12.jpg (123656 bytes)
23. This Convair CT-29 serial 49-1910, replaced the C-47. Note the uncamouflaged rudder, later repainted. This picture was taken October 1974. (JC)
ct29-2.jpg (73566 bytes)
24.  Data block. (JC)
ct29-4.jpg (69260 bytes)
25. Vert stab port.(JC)
 ct29-1.jpg (83237 bytes)
26. Looking forward. (JC)
ct29--5.jpg (101465 bytes)
27. Front office. (JC)
ct29-6.jpg (138967 bytes)
28. (JC)
ct29-9.jpg (158833 bytes)
29. Note the open lower cowling panel. (JC)
ct29-10.jpg (85920 bytes)30. The camouflage inspired the nickname "The Lizard" applied to this machine. October 1974 (JC)  ct29j-7.jpg (127274 bytes)
31. April 1975(JC)
 ct29-13.jpg (113302 bytes)
32. During an open house. May 1975 (JC)
ct29-3.jpg (69444 bytes)
ct29-11.jpg (118183 bytes)
34. (JC)
ct29-8.jpg (193324 bytes)
35. April 1973 (JC)

Photo credits  --
        AK = AeroKnow, thanks to contributors who wanted to remain anonymous
        PB = Peter Bowers
        JC =  Job Conger
        RS = Richard Strode
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