Soko G-2A Galeb
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     owned by Mike George
      and displayed at Air Combat Museum, Springfield, Illinois

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2. Early after arriving in Springfield, Mike's Galeb was configured without the wingtip fuel tanks.
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3. The tip tanks have remained on the airplane since 2000 or so.
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4. The tail as it looked soon after arriving in Springfield.
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5. Note that the "guns" do not extend into the armament bay.  Instead, the barrels are mounted to a bunkhead at the forward end of the bay.

Soko G-2A Galeb (Seagull)

This aircraft was the first jet airplane designed and manufactured in Yugoslavia. It was used mostly to train pilots and could also be used to attack enemy forces on the ground. This aircraft appeared in the hit movie Iron Eagle 3.

Civil Registration: N669M
Yugoslav Air Force serial: 23172
Wingspan: 34 feet 4 inches
Length: 33 feet 11 inches
Height: 10 feet 9 inches
Engine: Rolls-Royce Viper
     turbojet with 2,500 lbs thrust
     top: 505 mph
     cruise: 400 mph
     landing: 130 mph
G limits: + 7 - 4
     cruise: 25,0000 feet
     maximum: 39, 375 feet
Range: 650 miles
Fuel capacity: 335 gallons
Fuel consumption: 125 gph
Armament: two .5 inch
                            machine guns
     provisions for four 57mm
                air-to-ground rockets
     two 110 pound bombs
Number built: approximately             150 between 1963 – 1970

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6. This is the Galeb as she has appeared for the past six years.

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