F/A-18A and E Hornets at SAR 2006

f18a8.jpg (17600 bytes)
1. There's a new name for the original Hornet.  "Legacy Hornet" refers to the smaller, first version with the round (not square) air intakes and overall smaller size. This is a Legacy Hornet.
f18a3.jpg (13022 bytes)
2. Legacy Hornet's canopy.
f18a5.jpg (10976 bytes)
3. Legacy Hornet's BuNo. Strangely there is no reference to A or C models. It's obviously not a two-seat B.
f18a6.jpg (13154 bytes)
4. Tail of the Legacy Hornet.
f18bx1.jpg (8152 bytes)
5. Pilots of two FA-18Es from VMF(AW)-224, based in Beaufort, North Carolina flew impressive demos both days.
f18bx6.jpg (10994 bytes)
6. During a low-speed fly-by.


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7. On Sunday, the lead "Super Bug" (as the F-18D & E are nicknamed) blew a tire landing after the demo. Smoke is seen trailing from the burning tire.
f18bx3.jpg (18597 bytes)
8. No flame was visible, but it must have been a challenge to keep it tracking straight down the runway.
f18a1.jpg (17206 bytes)
9. Soon after it stopped, the canopy opened. There was no apparent rush for the crew to exit the airplane.
f18bx7.jpg (13955 bytes)
10. Emergency equipment was fast onto the scene.
f18a2.jpg (16142 bytes)
11. View of all the vehicles that came together.
f18bx4.jpg (20669 bytes)
12. The other Hornet landed and taxied back to First Class Air with no difficulty.
f18bx5.jpg (16023 bytes)
13. Later I asked one of the pilots why the extra FA-18 was not put on static display.
I was told that since they had to depart Springfield soon after the end of the air show, they decided it would be easier to park away from the static display area. As a result, people, including this web master, who had looked forward to seeing an F/A-18E, like the kind that was on static display, from the same unit, two years ago, were disappointed. Here's hoping that in the future,  organizers and flight crew consider the value of displaying these impressive airplanes, symbols of our great country,   where they can be seen and truly appreciated by all who come to the air show.

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