Taylorcraft L-2M "Grasshopper" l2-1w.jpg (60276 bytes)
     owned by Mike George
      and displayed at Air Combat Museum, Springfield, Illinois

l2acm1.jpg (23778 bytes)2. In May 2006, a few weeks before a complete new paint job (the fabric stayed on. Crew indicated primary reason was that the insignia had been painted with enamel which had begun to shrink and flake off. They discovered they could lift it right off by applying masking tape and lifting it off.
l2mg1.jpg (18189 bytes) 3. This L-2M, was photographed before a hop around the pea patch,  September 1995.
l2mg2.jpg (20754 bytes)4.
l2mg3.jpg (23300 bytes) 5.
l2mg4.jpg (15622 bytes)6.

Taylorcraft L-2M "Grasshopper"

This aircraft was nicknamed "Grasshopper" because pilots could "hop" in and out of small grass flying strips and roads. It carried a pilot and spotter who communicated via radio to artillery batteries, miles behind front lines, and told them how to adjust their big guns for greater accuracy when striking enemy troops.

Civil Registration: N499M
Ex-military serial 43-326564
Manufacturer’s serial L5261
Wingspan: 35 feet 5 inches
Length: 22 feet 9 inches
Height: 8 feet
Engine: Continental 0-490 85 hp
     top: 88 mph
     cruise: 75 mph
     landing: 53 mph
G limits: + 4 - 2
     cruise: 4,400 feet
     maximum: 10,500 feet
Fuel capacity: 14 gallons
Fuel consumption: 4 gph
Armament: none
Number built: 900 L-2M
     total L-2 production: 1,916

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l2mg5.jpg (21783 bytes)
7. Photographed July 16, 1994 during a fly-in at the hangar, this L-2B was owned by Allan Smith.
l2mg6.jpg (22069 bytes)
8. In late May 1994, newly arrived at the hangar, the L-2, pictured above, looked like this.
l2mg7.jpg (12994 bytes)
9. Registered NC49003, the current status of this aircraft is not known. Look for an update soon.
l2mt2.jpg (39351 bytes)
10. These three pictures of Marty Towsley's L-2 were taken September 15, 2006. Military serial of this airplane is 43-385 and it's registered N3113S. Rick was painting tail numbers in the spray booth and was custom-mixing paint for the clwoling to match the rest of the airplane. This airplane was subsequently sold.
l2mt3.jpg (32311 bytes)
11. The panel. Sorry for the glare on some of the instruments. I will post many pictures of this photogenic restoration after the touch up is completed.
l2mt1.jpg (28040 bytes)
12. This enchanting illustration graces the right front fuselage just aft of the cowling. Rick offered to paint the view from the other end of this fascinating pose on the left side of the fuselage, but Marty nixed the notion, proving that at least one of two people connected to the L-2 are blessed with a certain sense of moderate propriety.

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