dc9-1w.jpg (20845 bytes)
(58) DC-9
For several months at SPI, Capital
Aircraft parked two ex-TWA 9s on the ramp
amid the Dakotas and Skyhawks. They were
marketing the aircraft and eventually found buyers for both.

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(59)  DC-9
Both had the airline name above the windows and post of the TWA letters overpainted. One of these birds belonged to Ozark Airlines when it flew 9s out of SPI!

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(60) DC-9
The front offiice. Thanks to Steve Young for unlocking the door and allowing me to
take the interior pics. He's now senior flug-kapitan -- make that senior pilot --
for the Illinois Division of Aeronautics.

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(61) DC-9
To one from another.

dc9-6w.jpg (23386 bytes)
(62) DC-9
Proving that thrust reversers don't flatter red and white paint.

dc9-11w.jpg (28058 bytes)
(63) DC-9
The other bird. Paint  doesn't sell airplanes;
people sell airplanes. People helping peple! :)

dc9-3w.jpg (27199 bytes)
(64) DC-9
Taken from a ground cherry picker with a basket for people. Getting to this altitude was half the fun. I was a nervous wreck for the first five minutes. But the view is incomparable, don't you think?

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(65)  DC-9
So where's the horizon?

dc9-2w.jpg (25486 bytes)
(66) DC-9
There it is! If I had gone a little higher in the contraption, I could have seeded clouds and made it rain.