Douglas DC-3 Gallery

Here are pictures of the Douglas DC-3, C-47 and anything that closely resembles either, incuding R4Ds.



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The following two pictures of Prairie Aviation Museum's "Old Gooney" -- as many who flew her called her-- were taken at the annual Charlie Wells Memorial Scholarship Breakfast at FIrst Class Air, Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois (SPI)
Sunday, April 25, 2004.
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2)Viewed against the grey sky, the old bird seems to be a part of her natural element, even sitting on the ground.
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3) C-53 a/k/a DC-3
Though it looks like a DC-3
Prairie Aviation Museum's beautiful bird
is a civil C-53 in Ozark Airlines livery.
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4) Ookay, we'll call it DC-3
if you insist, but that's better than
starting over again, especially since
Ozark, who paid for the paint is no
longer paying for anything.

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5) DC-3
I was on a wheeled airline stair ramp
left over from Americal Airlines' 440 days
when I took this picture. Thanks to
Prairie Aviation Museum, Bloomington, IL
for their assistance and help with
these pictures, all taken during
a 1997 visit to SPI.
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6) DC-3
Lots of credit goes to PAM & Ozark
for their choice of color schemes:
after they started white topping the fuselage
but before addint the swallow theme.

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