Beechcraft AT-11 Gallery
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We will have an  AT-11 references on hand  list  posted by Feb 21 03.

at11x1w.jpg (94642 bytes)
(1) AT-11 N64463 of Air Combat Museum (ACM) on arrival from Arizona where it had been used to carry skydivers.
pics 1 - 9 by Job Conger

at11strw.jpg (79609 bytes)
(2) AT-11 of ACM
soon after start of restoration.

at114xw.jpg (104183 bytes)
(3) AT-11 of ACM

at11gw.jpg (138021 bytes)
(4) AT-11 of ACM

at1110w.jpg (97677 bytes)
(5) ACM AT-11

At11int2w.jpg (125808 bytes)
(6) ACM AT-11
floor panels removed
looking back

at11intw.jpg (133756 bytes)
(7)  ACM AT-11
note center channel for control cables

at11ssw.jpg (101830 bytes)
(8) ACM AT-11
Stripping paint after the initial component stripping was hard, smelly work. Paint that had not been removed during the first strip was in nooks and crannies and even with repeated hand brusing of stripper, it did not want to come off.   Many volunteers contributed to this effort.

AT117001w.jpg (85219 bytes)
(9) ACM AT-11 as it looked in 2001
For more information about ACM's machine, visit here

at117sw.jpg (63587 bytes)
(10) AT-11
pics 10 - 12  plus 14 & 15 courtesty Peter M. Bowers We have info about these, provided by Mr. Bowers and will add that info in the days ahead.

at114sw.jpg (67768 bytes)
(11) AT-11

at116sw.jpg (67108 bytes)
(12) AT-11

at111lw.jpg (126811 bytes)
(13) AT-11
pic courtesy of Bill Keel

at113w.jpg (60721 bytes)
(14)  AT-11

at115sw.jpg (47608 bytes)
(15)  AT-11

AT43rest1w.jpg (86148 bytes)
(16)  AT-11
modern restoration
pics 16 - 22 courtesy of Darren Nash

AT43rest2w.jpg (73792 bytes)
(17) AT-11

AT43rest4w.jpg (100330 bytes)
(18) AT-11

AT43rest6w.jpg (85274 bytes)
(19) AT-11

AT43rest7w.jpg (54290 bytes)
(20) AT-11

AT43rest8w.jpg (72543 bytes)
(21) AT-11

AT43rest9w.jpg (61051 bytes)
(22) AT-11


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