Abe Lincoln's Air Force
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Abe Lincoln's Air Force is a special group of aviation entusiasts who support AeroKnow Museum by contributing their money, their material or their time to help the Museum grow.

Join Abe Lincoln's Air Force! Dues are $15 per year, and the first year begins after we recruit 50 members. As soon as you enlist, you will soon receive, via First Class Mail, your membership card and certificate, suitable for framing. Each certificate is individually numbered and
printed. When we reach our membership goal, your year of membership officially begins. We will send you our bi-monthly e-newsletter that tells you about Museum activities, includes "want" and "for sale" ads, members and affiliated aviation organization activities.

Send your name, address and dues. Please include a nickname or handle, similar to what military pilots and CB radio fans use.

I am building presence on Flickr that will be accessible only to "Friends" who are members of Abe Lincoln's Air Force. In November 2011, a flight of four AH-64 Apaches visited Springfield, and I was allowed to photograph their time on the ground and departure. Today, you don't have to support AeroKnow Museum to view Flickr aviation pictures of Job Conger. Look for the change in January 2012. In the meantime, this is the perfect time to enlist in Abe Lincoln's Air Force.

In compliance with the law, the photo of this Citation III
would not have been taken without permission of the flight
crew member in charge. Many aircraft owners
-- companies, individuals -- do not want pictures taken of
their flying machines. AeroKnow respects t

Close examination of this reveals the interesting airfoil shape at the port wing tip, natural metal leading edges. a leading edge, vortex generators mid sman and leading edge airflow spoilers.

Mark Hanna is executive director of
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois,
seen here with a 1/144 scale model Boeing 747,


Debbi and Gage were the first mother with child to
visit AeroKnow Museum. The date: August 18, 2010

dsf us This US Marine Corps F/A-18C pilot recently visited while
refuelling at the FBO. He gavesome stickers of his unit insignia.

Kits include many Comet solid wood productions, probab ly the best solid kits of the war years and a respectable number of Heller, Delta, Tamiya and others.




Below these 1/48 scale models of a Douglas Havoc,
Douglas Skyhawk, Ford Flying Flivver, DeHavilland
Vampire and General Dynamics F-111A are boxes
of airplane photographs 4" x 6" and smaller.
Larger photos are maintained in archival plastic pages
in three-ring binders. Due to space limitations,
transparencies (slides) are stored off premesis.



Two Falcons and a UFO
Pictured left is a Star Wars Millenium Falcon
built and donated by Keith Ramey
a General Dynamics F-16 Falcon
in colors and markings of the 183d TFW
Illinois Air National Guard, Springfield
built and donated by Kevin Panting
and Testor's model UFO



The Upstairs Operations (Ups Ops) room is home to the model work area as well and the photo processing computer and scanner. There are more than 100 models in final assembly, being restored or repaired here and in a non-public storage room. If you are a reasonably skilled


Kits include many Comet solid wood productions, probab ly the best solid kits of the war years and a respectable number of Heller, Delta, Tamiya and others.


Contribute $40 and receive one copy each of  every issue of our newsy Springfield Skyways, packed with aviation history and photographs. Supplies are limited.

Make your check or money order payable to AeroKnow Museum, and send it to 
     AeroKnow Museum
     900 N. Capital Airport Drive
     Springfield, IL 62707

Thanks for your consideration!

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