Fleet (Canada) References on Hand
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Some of these no doubt reference US-guilt aircraft. Your expertise in setting these records straight is welcome.

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rubber-powered flymod Air World Sep 47

Fleet (Canada) Model 21
PA corr AAAN Sep-Oct 69

Fleet  (Canada)  Model 60 Advanced Trainer (mono)
   see also - Fort
3v PA AAAN 1Q75

Fleet  (Canada)  Advanced Trainer (bip)
rest CPA AAAN 1Q 75

Fleet  (Canada)  Canuck (1e hw bush)
3v PA Armch Av 1/1 Oct 72
PA pirep Pri Pi 4/4 Jan 69
PDA pirep Airways 3/11 Nov 69

Fleet  (Canada) Fawn (bip trnr)
3v PDA RT Oct Nov 77

Fleet  (Canada) Finch (bip trnr)
3v PDA pros RT 10/12 Dec 77

Fort (Canada)  (mono trnr W2)
3v A RT 14.1 1981

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