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Switzerland misc.
AF PA AI May 78

ALR Piranha (lt jet ftr propo)
3v PDA AI 18/2 Feb 80

Aviafiber Canard 2-FL (foot launched g canard)
PA AeMo Nov 77
PA Soa 41/12 Dec 77

Bezzola GB-2 (1s canard hb)
P PopFly 28/2 March Apr 84
CPDA SptAv 31/2 Feb 82

Bezzola Retro (1e hw canard hb)
P Pilot 17/10 Oct 83

Branj BX-2 Cherry (2s l2 fixt trilg)
PA HbAc 11/5 May 84
3v PA SpatAv 32/4 Apr 83

Brugger Colibri (yb)
P AP May 69
PA SptAv 30/1 Jan 81

Canard Aviation Canard SC (g)
PA Flint 17 Nov 84

Comte AC-3 (2e mono bbr/trans)
4v PA SAFO 10/1 Jan 86

Dattwyler MD-3
CPA AF Apr 84

Doflug D-3803 (mono ftr)
3v PA AI 14/4 Apr 78

E.F.F. Promethus (2s sbs slpln)
3v A Soa Feb 79

Eerla 5A (1e lw ltpln)
P Vat 10 OctDec 79

EFW C 3603 (1e 2s mono gatt)
CPA AC 10/7 July 74
CPA AC Yearbook 78
PA AP Jan 69

EFW C. 3604 (1e 3tai gatt W2)

EFW C.3605 (1e target tug)
PA AP Jan 69
CP AI 14/5 May 78

EKW C-35 (mid 30s bbr)
3v Cpro PA AeMo June 78
CPA AC 10/7 July 74
3v PA FRI 22/16 Dec 67

EKW C-36
3v CPA FRI 24/6 Feb 69

Federal C-35 (lic blt NETHERLANDS Fokker C.V)
CP AC Yearbook 78

FFA AS 32T (tprop trnr)
3v A AI Feb 81

FFA AS 2-2/18 Bravo (prop trnr)
3v A AI Feb 81

FFA P.16 (1jet 1s ftr proto)
3v PA AP Sum 62
3v PA AI Aug 76
3v PA AI 116/2 Feb 79
3v PA L&K 12/82

Hafeli DH (M IV) (bip ftr proto 1918)
3v PA AI 21/1 July 81

Kramme-Zeuthen KZ VIII (1e 1s lw aerobat)
CPA AcIl 4/3 March 71

Lederlin 380L Ladybug (hb)
P AP Sep 70

Markwalder Marabu (3s 1e lw hb)
CPDA AP Jan 69

Morane D.3801 (1e 1s ftr similar to FRANCE MS 406)
PA AC 10/7 July 74

Morane D.3802 (1e 1s lw ftr)
P AC Yearbook 78
PA AT Sep 50
A FR 14/1 Sep 58

Morane D.3803
A FR 14/1 Sep 58

PA? FRI 20/4 Jan 65
N-20-01 PA? FRI 20/4 Jan 65

Pilatus B 4 (slpln)
advert CPDA Soa 41/1 Jan 77

Pilatus P-2 (lw ret trilg trnr)
rest CP AC 19/1 Jan 83
P AcIl 14/9 Sep 81
CP AI 14/5 May 78
3v xs AT May 52
Hist & survivors PA FP 79 Feb 88

Pilatus P-3 (1e 2s tilg primary trnr)
n Brazil AF PA corr ABD 33/3 MayJune 81
PA AC 10/7 July 74
P AC Yearbook 78
P-3-05 CP AI May 78
PA AP Spr 58

Pilatus P-4 (5s hw tadr ltpln)
P F Aug 49

Pilatus PC-6 Porter
CP AC Yearbook 78
sb model 4v xs ca CPA FSM JulAug 85
PDA Flt 1 Jan 60
PDpirep F 70/4 Apr 62
Rpwr Peanut flymod plans PA MAN March 65
Australia Navy pro SAFO 12/3 47 July 88

Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer (1tprop 2s lw ret trilg)
CPDA 3v pros AI 17/3 Sep 79
3v A AI Feb 81
CPDA ca AI 21/3 Sep 81
Latin America users pro A SAFO 6/4 July 82
Malaysia AF 2v A SAFO 12/4 48 Oct 88

Pilatus P-8
PA 4v xs ca FR 15/4 Dec 59

Pilatus PC-9
3v PDA AF 67/12 Dec 84
CPA ca 3v pirep AI 29/5 Nov 85
debut PA AvN 13/2 15-28 June 84
First flight 3v CAP Flint 19 May 84
CPD pirep 3v ca Flint 1 Sep 84
Australia-blt PC-9A CPA ca Dil Flint 1 Oct 88
Australia-blt CPpirep Flint 26 Nov 88
foreign users pro SAFO 9/4 Aug 85

Pilatus SB-2 Pelican
3v A Av March 47

Pilatus Turbo Porter
UV-20A Cherokowa, US Army PDA AComb 8/3 May 80
UB-20 CPA AcIl 12/8 Aug 79
Fairchild-Hiller uprated PA P&P Dec 65

Poligrat/Pilatus PD-401 Master Porter
3v A AI 7/1 July 74

P.1604 (1jet 1s ftr proto)
PA AC 10/7 July 74

Repair AG AS 32T (trnr)
3v il A AI 17/2 Aug 79

Stierlin (hb heli)
P AP May 69

Weldon Cooke flying boat
P WWI 103 Feb 85

Wild X (2s bip)
4v PA SAFO 10/1 Jan 86

Wild 43 (bip)
PA SAFO 10/1 Jan 86

WLM-1 ( g )
3v A AT Sep 49


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