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A.I.S.A. 1-2 Peque (2s 1e trilg ltpln)
PA AP 57/58

A.I.S.A. AVD-12c (liaison)
4v PA ca FR 12/2 Oct 56

A.I.S.A. GN (auto)
PA AF Apr 82

A.I.S.A. I-115 (1e 2s lw trnr)
PA AP Spr 58
P AP 29/5 Nov 71

Barron Flecha (bip)
3v WWI 120 July 88

Barron W (bip)
3v WWI 120 July 88

Casa C-101 Aviojet (jet trnr)
3v CPA AI 68/6 June 85
CPA 3v ca AI Aug 78
CPA AI Sep 78
3v A AI 20/1 Feb 81
PA AI 27/5 Nov 84
CP AI 34/3 March 88

Casa 201 (trans)
PA AT Sep 50

Casa 202 Halcon
PA AT Sep 53

Casa 207 Azor 2e pW2 trans)
P AcIl 6/11 Nov 73

Casa 2-11 (based on GERMANY Heinkel He-111 2e bbr)
PA AeAl Spr 69
CPD pirep AeMo 6/1 Jan 78
Confed AF CP AC March 78
PA AC 15/9 Sep 79

Casa C-212 (2e trans hw trilg)
Jordan AF CP AI 13/1 July 77
Indonesia CPA AI 18/4 Apr 80
CP AI June 80
P KF Aug 75
CP KF Dec 76

Casa HA-1109 – SEE Hispano HA 1109

Casa I.131 (lic blt GERMANY Bucker Bu-131 1e bip)
I.131E CP AeMo 79

Cierva misc.
first autogiros PA AeMo Apr 79

Cierva C.24 (auto)
DeHavilland-built CP AeMo Aug 76

Cierva C.25
P AeMo 7/7 July 79

Casa Ha 112 (lic blt GERMANY Messerschmitt Bf-109)
w Confed AF belly landing CP AeMo 6/4 Apr 78
w Confed AF CP AC 14/3 March 78
mod, conv > Bf-109G PA AI 23/2 Aug 82
112A 3v PA AI Nov 82
112M PA AI 23/6 Dec 82
CP KF June 76

Hispano Aviation misc.
2e bizjet jroj. Il A F 69/6 Dec 61

Hispano HA-100 (1e radial 2s trilg trnr proto)
PA AP Spr 58

Hispano HA-200 Saetta
3v PA ca FR 14/5 Jan 59
US civil CPA FP 69 Apr 87

Hispano HA-300 (jet ftr proto)
3v PA AI 7/1 July ??

Hispano HA-1109 (license built Bf-109 1e 1s fttr)
PA AeAl Spr 69
A FR 11/6 March 56
3v PA FRI 23/7 July 68
HA-1109K 3v SAFO 11/1 Jan 87

Hispano HA 1112
5v SAFO 10/4 Oct 86
EAA Mus rest CPDA SptAv Sep 81

Hispano Nieuport 52 (lic blt Nieuport Delage Ni-D52 sesqui ftr)
SEE ALSO FRANCE Nieuport Delage Ni-D52
PA W 10/4 Aug 80

Hispano Suiza HS-50 (ftr)
PA FRI 22/10 June 67

I-115 (trnr)
PA AT June 53
INTA HM-1 (primary trnr)
PA FRI 25/4 Aug 69

Messerschmitt ss ftr derived from HA-300

provisional 3v A FRI 19/3 Nov 63

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