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Israel misc.
ac industry surv PA ACQR 4/2 Sum 77

Israel Aircraft B-101C (exec jet propo)
mockup 3v PA AP Fal 61
3v A FR 16/10 July 61

I.A.I. Arava (2 tprop hw twinboom fixed trilg trans)
CP AcIl 7/11 Nov 74
mockup 3v PA AP Feb 68
3v PA FRI 24/2 Oct 68

I.A.I. Astra
3v PA AI 26/1 Jan 84
CPA Flint 14.Apr 84
proto CPA Flint 20 Oct 84
3v CPA ca pirep Flint 5 Jan 85
3v CPDpirep Flint 7 Sep 85

I.A.I Dagger (export deltawing ftr)
w Argentina n Falklands War Cpro AI May 83

I.A.I. Kfir
CPA ca AComb 6/1 Jan 78
PA AF Dec 80
TC,2 OA AF Oct 81
C 3v AI 16/2 Feb 79
3v pros ca CPA AI Nov 76
3v PA AI Dec 82
production line PA AWST 12 Jan 76
to be leased by USN PA AWST 10 Sep 84
F-21 Aggressor 1/72 Hasegawa CPDA 4v FSM 4/6 Dec 86
US Navy Aggressor colors PA Flint 27 Apr 85
3v A IPMSQ 15/1 Faly 79
1/32 conv CPA 4v Dil ScMods Oct 77
conv 4v Dil ScMods Nov 77
1/48 ESCI/Scale Craft CPA SM 14/3 March 79
1/72 Hasegawa CPA SM 15/4 Apr 80
spin tests ac 4v A SAFO 8/4 July 84

IAI Lavi
A AF Dec 83
provis 3v A AI May 83
mockup CPA Flint 19 Jan 85
mockup CPDA Flint 2 March 85
first flight PA Flint 10 Jan 87
IAF rejects PA Flint 14 March 87
status PA Flint 27 June 87
cancelled A Flint 12 Sep 87
post cancellation status CPDA Flint 21 Sep 87

I.A.I. Nesher (mod Dassault Mirage III)
PA AI 23/6 Dec 82

I.A.I. Westwind (2jet midwing exec trans)
Sea Scan proj AI Dec 78
II 3v PA Jan 80
3v CPA pros ca AI 19/2 Aug 80
PD pirep F Sep 78

Scicraft Gambit (ul proto)
PA Flint 4 Apr 87

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