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Banhidi Lampich BL.5 (2s bip trnr)
pro SAFO 11/2 Apr 87

Banhidi Lampich BL.6 (2s bip trnr)
pro SAFO 11/2 Spr 87

Gerle 12 (2s bip trnr)
pro SAFO 11/2 Apr 87

Gerle 13 (2s bip trnr)
pro SAFO 11/2 Apr 87

M-24 Nebulo (1938)
PA FRI 18/9 June 63

Nardi FN 305 (2s trnr)
n Hungary AF pro SAFO 9/1 Oct 84

Nardi FN.315 (trnr)
3v PA FR 18/4 Jan 63

E-31 Esztergom (slpln)
3v PA Soa 41/11 Nov 77

R-26 Gobe (slpln trnr)
P FP 33 Apr 84
3v P Soa 41/11 Nov 77

Weiss Manfred W.M. 10 (2s bip)
pro SAFO 111/2 Apr 87

Weiss Manfred WM-21 Solyom
3v PA Fri 19/12 Sep 64

Weiss Manfred Ezypt Nyil WM-23 (WWII)
5v A Ap5vAl Apr 74
W.M. 23 II 5v A Ap5vAl July 74
3v PA FRI 21/9 May 66
3v A RT 11/2 Feb 78

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