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Denmark misc.
ac development PA AP FebMar 64

Berg & Storm monoplanes (1908)
PA WWI #109 Apr 86

B.H.T. 1 (1e 1s lw retlg)
PA AP 57/58

Caspar C.114 (trip ftr 1925)
3v xs A AM JulyAug 63

Polytech University Poly-T-Five (1s tow plane)
3v A ScRCMod 7/4 Aug 81f

Ellehammer I-14 series (1900-1897 experimental
I, II, III, IV PA AcIl 9/11 Nov 76

Ellehammer V (canard flybt bip pre WWI)
PA AcIl 9/1 Nov 76

Ellehammer Standard monoplane (1907)
PA AcIl 9/11 Nov 76

Ellehammer Co-axial helicopter (1912)
PA AcIl 9/11 Nov 76

PA AvN 20 Sep 48

N&W Jager (WWI ftr proto)
PA Replicair 1978

Polyt V (1e 1s lw fixed trilg hb)
3v PDA AtSptAc W 71

Skandinavisk KL-10 (1e hw liaison)
PA AP Spr 58

KZ III (1e 2s hw tadr ltpln)
CP AeMo 8/10 Oct 80
P AP Fal 60
Rpowered flymod plan AirWorld May 47
PA ArmchAv 2/3 March 73

CPA AeMo Oct 78

CP AeMo 8/10 Oct 80
3v PA Av March 47
PA ArmchAv 2/3 March Apr 73sd

KZ-VIII (1e 1s aerobatic spt)
PA AP Spr 58

KZ 10
3v xs AT Apr 52

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