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A-80 Falcao (ltpln)
3vA FRI 19/1 Oct 63

A.S.L. Valkyrie (1e 1s canard bip 1910)
3v Dil A AP Spr 60

Aeronautical Tech Center lt trnr
P AP MayJune MayJune 66

Aerotec T-23 Uirapuru
SEE ALSO Aerotech A-122 Uirapuru
pro SAFO 4/1 Oct 79

Aerotech A-122 Uirapuru
CPA 3v ca AI 13/1 July 77

Aerotec A-13Z Tangara
PA AF Oct 81
A-135 CPA AF 70/2 Feb 87
3v A AI 20/3 March 81

Casmuniz S-2 (2e ltpln)
P AI May 77
C.N.N.A. HL-1B (1e 2s hw ltpln)
PA AP 57/58

Embraer AT-26 Xavante (lic blt Macchi 321 (2s jet trnr)
CP AcUk 13.5 May 80

Embraer EMB-100, EMB-110 Bandierante
100/110 PA pros AI 14/4 Apr 78
110 CPA AI Apr 78
3v Il A AI Oct 80

Embraer EMB-111
3v CPA ca AI 14/4 Apr 78

Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia
3v A AF 63/10 Oct 80
il 3v A AI March 80
CPpirep 3v Dil ca Flint 19 May 84
CPA ops Flint 14 March 87

Enbraer EMB-121 Xingu
3v PA AI 17/3 Sep 79
A AI Feb 82
PA ca 3v pros AI 25/3 Sep 83

Embraer EMB-201A Ipanema
3v PA AI July 77

Embraer EMB-312 T-27 Tucano (1s 1 tprop trnr lw trilg)
3v PDA xs AeroMod June 84
3v PA AF Aug 80
3v A AI 17/2 Aug 79
3v A AI 17/2 Aug 79
3v A il ca AI 18/6 June 80
3v CPA pirep ca AI 24/1 Jan 83

IPAI-26 Tuca (STOL 1e lw trilg)
PA AI March 80
PA AI 21/1 July 81

IPAI 27 (hw ltpln)
PA AI July 81

IPAI 28 Super Surubin
3v A AI 13/6 Dec 77

IPT Little Devil (hb mono)
CPA AI 13/6 Dec 77

I.P.T. 7 Junior (2s 1e lw ltpln)
PA AP 57/58

I.P.T.O. Bichinho I
3v CPA AI June 76
PA AP 57/58

Lage HL-8 (3e trans)
P AI May 77

Muniz M-9 (lt bip)
3v PA MaQ #1

Neiss 2-100 (ltpln)
3v A SptAv Dec 68

Neiss SFG (ltpln)
PA SotAv Dec 68

Neiva N-622 Universal II (trnr)
3v PA AI 16/3 March 79

PA F June 47

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