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An "if" at the end of a reference line indicates material in files; not in an intact magazine.

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Canadair CL-28 Artus (4 recip mari pat)
PA Aeph 2/3 80
CP AC AC Jan 83 if
retired CPDA AC June 84 if
hist CPA AComb Nov 76 if
same article AComb 78 YB if
PDA AP Spr 61
hist & ops PA Av N 9/3 July 4/27 80
P+ Canadair booklet clip if
3v PA FR 11/5 Feb 56
MK.2 PA ca 4v xs FR 15.9 June 60
specs A clip if

A more complete list of ADI references will be added here as support permits. This was produced on special request from a supporter, so rather than keep it under a basket, I decided to share it with you. WHY? Becuse AeroKnow is the aviation collection that cares! :)

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