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RAAF history Psurv AeMo Aug 75

Jindivik (piloted drone)
PA AP 54/55

Australian Basic Trainer (1e 2s pro)
3vPA AF Wug 83
3v AI Aug 81
3v A AI 24/1 Jan 83

Clancy Skybaby (para hb)
PA HbAc 11/1 Jan 84
PA SptAv Apr 80

Commonwealth CA-14 Boomerang (1e 1s ftr)
solid model plan Aircraft Age June 44
A46-30 hist PA AvHer 23/1
hist PA 6v xs pros AvN 10/17 15-28 Jan 82
1/48 6v IPMSQ 19/3 Spr 84
5v xs MAN Oct 63
Cpro A FRI 20/12 Sep 65
3v PA FRI 21/2 Feb 68
1/72 Airfix 3v xs AP PAM JuAuSe 76

Commonwealth CA-6 Wacket (1e 2s trnr WWII)
P AC 10/12 Dec 74
PA AI 17/6 Dec 79

Commonwealth CA-11 Woomera
PA 3v Dil Cpro AEQ #1
3v P FRI 20/11 July 65

Commonwealth CA-15
3v ca xs MAN Feb 74
devel 3vs Dil MAN March 74

Commonwealth CA-22 Winjeel (1e 3s basic trnr lw tadr)
P AeMo 3/8 Aug 75
CPA AeMo 5/6 June 77
PA AP Spr 58

Commonwealth Wirraway
rest PA AeMo Apr 76
PA AC 4/5 June 68
devel hist PA pros AvHer 23/1
3v PA FRI 20/12 Sep 65
2vA IPMSQ 2/6
conv < AT-6 il KF Oct 76
PA pros Modelaid Int Dec 87

Composite Ac-Eagle Ac Eagle X2 (ltpln propo)
il A Flint 20 Feb 88

Corby CJ-1 Starlet (hb)
PDA SptAv June 68

DeHavilland D.H.A.3 Drover (3e lw tadr trans)
P AcIl 2/5 May 69
3v A Fr 16/6 March 61

DeHavilland Australia D.H.A. G 1 (trans g)
3v PA xs AI July 76

DeHavilland Australia GAD-4 (g test config for transp propo)
3v A AI July 76

DeHavilland Australia GLAS II (g)
3v PA AI July 76

Duigan (bip)
repli PA WWI 121 Sep 88

Fawcett 120(1e 4s hw trilg ltpln)
PA AP Spr 58

Fokker Southern Cross – SEE NETHERLANDS Fokker Southern Cross

FSRW Prototype I (amphib proto)
CPDA HbAc 11/1 Jan 84

Fortesque self stable machine
il A ABD 35/2 MarchApr 83

G.A.F Nomad (2 tprop hw trans)
CPA 3v ca devpros AI 22/5 May 82
ops n Australia outback CPDA Flint 22 Feb 86
n Philipines AF CP KF May 81
CPA L&K 11/82
n New Gunea pro A SAFO 26 Jan 83
n Indonesia Navy pro A SAFO 26 Jan 83

Genairco (opcock, closed cabin lt trans bip)
CP AC Special Win 73
PA AC 10/4 Apr 74

Hornet 160 (ul)
PA Flnt 15 Sept 79

Leech, Jones & Sevill (The Centenary Racer" (2e mono r propo)
3v il A ABD 36/6 Nov Dec 84

Legeti Stratos (ul)
CPA SptAv 35/2 Dec 86

Minty Skyhook
PA AF 63/10 Oct 80

Peters Bunzip (ul)
PA Flint 24 Nov 84

Pleasure Ac Sygnet (ul)
PA SptAv July 80

Project N2 (STOL trans propo)
PA AcIl 4/3 March 71

Sadlier Ac misc
VTOL concept prop oil A Flint 7 Feb 87

Southern Cross Minor (bip)
P JAS Sum 75

S.V. Ac Thermite (powered g)
PA SptAv 33/8 Aug 84

Thruxton Jackaroo (1e bip lt trans)
PA P&P 8/8 Aug 72
S.B. 4v ca CPA ScMods Apr 75

Transavia Air Truck (1e 2ta agri)
PA AcIl 8/2 Feb 75
PA AP May 71

Tugan Gannet (2e 6s lt trans)

P AeMo 38/8 Aug 75

WSFR (hb amphib proj)
CPDA hbAc 11/1 Jan 84

Yeager Libellula (tand wing proto hb)
3v A SptAv 68/2 Feb 69

Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250 (1e 1s lw agri)
PA AP Fal 60

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