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This page was created November 30, 2007 and most recently updated Friday, November 30, 2007

INTRODUCING a nfew series of index postings.  The first subject is Boneyards. This includes articles on hand regarding aircraft graveyards and areas of dilapidated aircraft likely headed for the scrap heap. Before the end of 2007 we will add ADI People to this site. What miscellaneous aviation subjects interest YOU?

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ADI  Boneyards

Aero Album
New Guinea abandoned W2 ac PA AeAl v6 Sum 69 if

Kingmanm, AZ b y in 1947 PA AeAl V8 Win 69 if

Kingman, Arizona by PA Aeph 2/1 if

Aeroplane Monthly
b y at CHakeri, India PA AeMo Jund 74
Hawker Tempest remains CPA AeMo Jan 75
B-29 by n Mjjave Desert, Calif PA AeMo Feb 75
MASDC at D-M PA AeMo Jan 76 if
Supermarine Seafire scrapyard PA AeMo Apr 76
abandoned ac n SoPac AeMo June 76

Air Classics
Kingman, Arizona by PA AC Dec 69 if
D-M, Ariz PA AC 8/1 Nov 71
Vietnam by AC PA AC 8/4 Feb 72 if
n Parcific PA AC 8/10 Aug 72
abandoned at China Lake PA AC 8/13 Nov 72
Tennessee hils avandoned SB2As PA AC 9/7 July 73
B-29 b y at Aberdeen PDA AC Dec 73 if

Air Classics Quarterly Revieew
Chino, Calif WW2 ac b y hist PA ACQR Win 78 if

Aircraft Illustrated
Japanese ac wrecks n SoPac PA AcIl 8/7 July 75

Air Force Magazine
MASDC CPA AF 65/8 Aug 82 if
MASDC today CPA AF Nov 88 if

Airline Pilot
airliners in b ys CP survey Airline Pilot May 76 if

MASDC D-M CPA Airman June 78 if
AMARC at D-M today CPDA Airman July 90 if

Luftwaffe graveyard j1945 PA A Nov 74
South Pacific ac wrecks CPA A 7/3 May 77
wrecked Allied ac on foreign airfields PA A 9?4 July 79
ac wrecks n SoPac PA A 10/1 Jan 80

Air Progress
D-M by PA AP 18/5 May 82

Air Progress Aviation Review
abandoned ac on South Pacific islands PA if

Air Progress Popular Aviation Review
ac wrecks n SoPac PA APPopAvRev 4/4 Oct 80

MASDC D-M PA Airways Sep 67 if

Antique Airplane Association Newsletter
ac wrecks n SoPac A AAAN NovDec 69

AOPA Pilot
AMARC at D-M CPA AOPA Oct 2000 if

Aviation Convention News
Evergreen Air Center al b y PA AvConvN 15 March 82 if

Aviation Equipment Maintenance
MASDC today CPDA AvEquipMaint JulyAug 83 if

Aviation Week & Space Technology
F-100s at MASDC to become target drones PA AWST 28 Sep 81 if
Mojave, Calif Airport airline storage CPA AWST 27 Jan 92

EAA Warbirds
USN bys n Oklahoma PA EAAWB Feb 82 if
USN b ys n Oklahoma hist PA EAAWB Aug 82 if

Flight International
MASDC today PA Flint 11 Jan 73 if
Hughes Aircraft Services b y n Las Vegas, Nevada PA Flint 7 Apr 84 if

use of b y ac for ac repair PA F May 44
D-M CPDA F 107/8 Dec 80
MASDC today CPDA F clip if

MASDC D-M PDA list FP 23 June 83
D-M b y early years CPA FP 80 March 88
Goodyear Municipal Airport storage area PDA FP 23 June 83
Tuscon, Arizona scrapyard CPA FP 23 Jan 833
Bob’s Airpark storage area n Arizona CPA FP 32 Mar 84
hist CPDA FP 66 Jan 87

Gate 66
airliner b y n Miami, Florida PA G66 June 78

IPMS Update

IPMS West Michigan NEWS
MASDC status PA News March 76

Naval Aviation News
NAF Litchfield Park by PA NAN clip if

Parade Magazine
MASDC at D-M PA Parade 12 Apr 59 if

Private Pilot
abandoned gen av ac at "South Ramp" PA PriPi May 79 if

bys n Paramibo, Surinam PA Prop 16 Win 82

Sport Flying
Denver, Colorado b y hist PA SptFly Oct 71 if

misc clips

Dried, Pickled & Preserved MASDC D-M clip PA

ac at MASDC 13 Oct 81 inventory printout if

abandoned ac in British Solomon Islands CPA (Air Classics?) clip incomplete if

AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB PA (NAN?) clip Fal 94 if

Information for Visitors to Davis-Monthan AFB – undated guid circa 70s if

USAF Fact Sheet – MASDC Oct 82 A if

USAF Fact Sheet – Aircrraft in the Military Aircraft Storate and Disposition Center – undated but includes B-47, FB-11 and F-84 if

USAF Fact Sheet Davis-Monthan AFB Tour Incorjation Dec 82 i

Dept of USAF & Dept of USN Aircraft/Missile Donation Brochure (booklet) 1982 – if

Vietnam by clip PA if

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