Fleet (US-built) References on Hand
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Brewster Fleet B-1 (2s bip)
P clip if

Phillips Fleet
NC64V CP clip is

Fleet (USA) misc
PA Vat May 75
Advanced Trainer (2s bip) FA VXLI#2 May 42
Duster P AA Dig 3Q 77
airplane erection & maintenance PA il Ac Servicing Dec 30
tails & landing gears il A MAN Apr 83
tails & landing gears il PA MAN May 83
biplane vs Cessna 152 CPA pirep F 110/5 May 83
Fleet Trainer r powered flymod plans MAN March 42 if
Fleet Trainer u/c flymod plans AT May 51 if
tandem trainer 3vPA AeDig March 41
2ebip trans float or land 3v PA AeDig March 41
Fleet bip trnr ops at Roosevelt Field P+ Pop Mech & Invent May 30 if

Fleet (USA) Training Plane (2s 1e bip 1931
3v xs AP Fall 59
PA Vat Jan 75

Fleet (USA) Model 1
P Aeronews Photo Sum 82
P AA Dig 3Q 77
P Spt Av June 81 if
rest NC8616 of Galeazzi CPDA SptAv Sep 94 if
Model 1 Cabin Class P AADig 3Q 77

Fleet (USA) Model 2
P AC 10/9 Sep 74
PDA AP Jun-Jul 63
II P AA Dig 3Q 77
PA AAANews 4Q 85
of Dufton APM clip if
3v xs Dil PA JAS Spr 68
P JAS Sum 77
rest PDA PriPi 16/12 Dec 81
rest of Sweikar CPDA Spt Av Aug 98 if
N748V P clip if
NC431K rest PDA PriPi Dec 81 if
NC8689 s/n 85 PA AAN 4Q 85 if
of Jacobson P- Spt Av Dec 200 if
3v xs PDA JAS Spr 68
P JAS Sum 77

Fleet (USA) Model 7
rest NC790V of Field CPDA Spt Av March 90 if
donated to Air Power Mus PA APM Bul 3-4Q 84 if
Model 7C Canada AF trnr w canopy P clip if
RCAF serial numbers A JAS Sum 60
rest PA Vat May 75
PDA AADig 3Q77

Fleet (USA) Model 8
P AA Dig 3Q 77

Fleet (USA) Model 10
PA AA Oct 61
PA AA Dig 3 Q 77

Fleet (USA) Model 11
PA AADig 3Q 77

Fleet (USA) Model 16B

PDA AP Jun-July 63
rest CP AC Special Win 73
air show ac of Bernadine L. Kay P JAS Win 81
of Good P APhbAc clip if
N1238V CP clip is
rest C-FLTI CP clip if
P+ MN Flyer Jan 92 if
Model 16F P clip if

Fleet (USA) Model 21
21-A P AADig 3Q 77

Fleet (USA) Model 60 (2s lw trnr) – SEE ALSO Canada Fleet 60
3v PA AeDig March 41

Fleet (USA) (2s bip)
N2T rest w trapeze hook N649M P ACQR SP 80 clip is

Fleet (USA) PT-6
rest of Sheehan CPDA Custom Planes June 99 if

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