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 XF4U-1  5v PA xs             Aero Album  Win 72
XF4U-1 PA 5v                 AC    10/9   Sep 74  if
XF4U-1 conv < 1/72 Frog  Dil PA  ScAcMod   clip if

F4U survey
Aeroplane Monthly
    F4U rest  PA                     AeMo   Feb 74

Aeronews Photo
    at '83 Reno races  CP        AnP   Win 83

Air Classics
    CPA                                     AC    3/3  Nov 66
    F4U all variants CPA            AC    7/1   Oct 70
    CPDA ca 3v                         AC   8/6  Apr 72 
    CPA                                     AC   3/3  Nov 66
    crashes on ac carriers  PA    AC    Jun 79    if
    civ rest surv  CPA                 AC     16/5   May 80  if
    rest CPA                               AC    19/5   May 83
    USMC ops n Korean War  PA  AC Devil Dogs of the Air  V1 1987 if
    CPA                                     ACQR    1/3   Win 74
    CPA                                     ACQR    3/2   Sum 76

Aircraft Age
    rubber powered flymod plans  Ac Age    Aug 44

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
    rest CPA                                 AEQ     14

Air International
    Cpros                                     AI                  Nov 76  if

    CPA Cpro Cil C2v                 A                     Sep 71
    ops CPA                                 A      4/1        Jan 74
    crash on ac carr  PA                 A    9/4   Jul 79

Air Progress
    pro ca                                     AP      1956/1957
    PA ca                                     AP                 Spr 58

Air Trails
    3v xs P                                     AT     Apr 41
    solid model plans                    AT         Nov 42
    1st MiG kill PA                     AT   Feb 53   if

    rest CPA pirep                        F   100/6   Jun 77

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   long range flight n 46  PA        JAS  Win 64
    n USNR  CPA                           JAS    Sp 73

Koku Fan
    Cpro CPA 1/32 3v xs               KF    Jun 71
    civ  Cpros CPA                         KF    Aug 72
    n Korea                                     KF    Oct 72
    n PW Japan  P                           KF   Jun 74
    Dil                                             KF Apr 76
    Dil                                             KF    May 76
    rest CP devel pros                     KF    Jun 76

Model Airplane News
    4v xs Dil                                     MAN    Ju 72

PAM News
    rest CP & kit surv                     PAM   #33   Oct 79
   kit surv & serials    PA              PAM  #34   Nov 79

Scale R/C Modeler
    4v Dil xs                                 ScRcMod     1/1  Jun 75

    CPDA ca                                 Sky     Feb 44

Sport Aviation

    civ Super Corsair of Steve Hinton   CP   Spt Av  34/11  Nov 85


    flown by Med of Hon winners  pros A    Squad  2'2  Win 72

serials index by Glenn Cooke  A  if

-1 1/32  Revell upgrading   Dil A  Model West  Sep-Oct 84   if
-1D rest by LTV for Confed  AF   PA   AC  July 81  if
-1A Corsair II  Royal Navy  2v  IPMS clip  if
-1A Corsair II  Royal Navy and other variants  4v pros   Airfix   Sep 71  if
-1A in Fleet Air Arm   3v A             IPMSUK     Aug 67
-1A n Fleet Air Arm 1/48 Otaki  CPDA 4v   SM  14/8  Aug 79
-1A  New Zealand AF  2v PA       IPMSQ     1/6   if
-1D ops w USS Bataan  CPA   AC  clip  if
-1D   PA 4v xs Dil              Aero Album   Sum 68   if
-1A -- D w VMF-215 n Solomons  CPA    A    Jan 78
-1D of NASM   CPD A    A  Setp 81
-1 of Boyington  C3v xs      AM   Oct 60
-1D  solid model plan        AT   May 45
-1 2v ca                              FRI   21/6     Feb 66 
-1  ops of Bob Hanson  USN    AC  clip  if
-1 "Kepford Eludes Death" PA  WW2J Jan-Feb 76
-1 of Boyington    86  3v    IPMS Des Moines   if
-1D w New Zealand AF  A pros       IPMSQ  8/3   Fal 73
-1A of Ken Walsh  pros A    IPMSU  10/3
-1 w contra props  P        JAS   Spr 68
-1s & -4s n USNR  PA   JAS   Fal 71  of
-1 survey  PDA                 MJ    clip  if
-1D "Ole 122" w VMF-111  PD pro A  MJ clip if
-1A  1/72 dio Heller        SM     May 78
-1A  1/32 Revell CPDA    SM  14/11 Nov 79
-1 of Boyingtion  dio CPA    SM May 82
-1A  Revell 1/32 CPDA    ScModg  2/2  Feb 71

-2 night fighter ops w VF(N)-75 on Munda  PA  Wings of Gold Win 95  if

-4 civ rest (NX68HP)        AeMo   Nov 79  
-4 purchase of ex Honduras AF  CPA   AP AvRev  Fal 82
-4 USMC land ops n KoWar PA  KF  0ct 72  if
-4 ac carrier ops n KoWar   CP   KF   Oct 80  if
-4  1/72 Matchbox              News  3/11   Nov 75
-4 1/48 Monogram CPD A    SM  Oct 81

-5 night fighter  modeling mod  Il A
-5N  P                                 AM   Nov-Dec 63
-5N conv 1/32 Revell  CPA    FSM  5/3  June 87
-5N of Bordelon  PA pro    JAS    Spr 75

-7 civ at Mojave races          AeMo    Jan 80
-7 civ at Mojave races        AC  15/10    Oct 79
-7   3v PA ca                 FR   16/6   Mar 61  if

REPLICA of Wicks  PDA                 SptFly   12/2  Apr 78

Goodyear FG-1
Goodyear FG-1D of Air Museum sold to England owner  CPA  AC  Aug 86   if
Goodyear FG-1D Super Corsair  rest of Odeguard  PA    Flyer   Oct 15  1999  if
Goodyear FG-1D Super Corsair rest of Odegard PA InFltUSA  Oct 99  if
Goodyear FG-1 civ racer mods   3v il   Pylon  1/5  if
Goodyear FG-1 civ "Joe" #90  1/72 conv   ScMods     Jan 75
Goodyear FG-1 of  Valiant Wings  CPA   WI   Nov 98  if

Goodyear F2G
Goodyear F2G  PA 3v    AI  Oct 80  if
Goodyear F2G  3v PDA 3v   Air News with Air Tech  Mar 46  if
Goodyear F2G  article manuscript by Glenn Cooke  A  if
Goodyear F2G civ racer mods 3v PA Dil   IPMSQ  1/1   if
Goodyear F2G civ racers 3v pro caDil  MAN  Apr 58
Goodyear F2G-1  1/72 conv  PA il    Squad  1/2    Jan 71
Goodyear F2G-1 of Cook Cleland 1947 Thompson Race CP clip  if

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