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Miscellaneous & Surveysurvey

surv AvNews 17-30 Oct 75 if

ATC cargo handling for t-Atlant ops PA Air Transport Apr 1945 if
in TWA mkgs 3v xs Ac Age 2945 clip if

Lockheed C-121 (and derivatives) Constellation
C-121A n USAF & civ service PA JAS Spr 80
C-121 last flt for US mil PA Prop 16 Win 82
w USN CPcov Prop #21 1984/1
"MATS Connie visits SPI CPA clip np clip June 2 97 if
"MATS Connie CP FP cov 135 if
"MATS Connie" status CPDA Flint 21 Dec 94 if
"MATS Connie" press kit &Coonie Chronicles 1/1 July 94 if
"MATS Connie" hist PA InFltUSA March 96 if
w USN CP cov Prop 21 1984/1
EC-121 PDA PAM 29 June 79
EC-121 Rareplanes 1/72 PA PAM 33 Oct 79
EC-121 last flt PA Prop 3 July Sep 79
EC-121P (prev WV-2) "Sundowner" P AC Nov 80 if
EC-121D KF clip if
EC-121D (USAF) PD & Rareplanes 1/72 PA ScMods June 75 if
EC-121R SEA camouf C3vA FSM Jan 93 if
NC-121D PA JAS Spr 71
NC-121E (USN) "El Coyote" pro clip if
RC-121 weather recon COA AC 19l2 Dec 74
RC-121 4v xs AP 56/57
EC PDA PAM #29 June 79
EC 1/72 vform Rareplanes PA PAM #33 Oct 79
EC last flt PA Prop #3 JulySep 79
RC-121 (WV3) P ScAvMod clip if
flying n USN mem PA AC July 87 if
JB tc 141925 "Project Magnet" (USN) P clip KF Oct 66 if
PR tc (USN) P clip if
w Blue Angels P Flint 2 Apr 69
C-121J w Blue Angels Minicraft 1/144 kit instr if
NC-121J (USN) P KF May 72 clip if
VIP trans P KF Aug 72
VC-121A 48-614 P NAS clip if
VC-121 s/n 2601 of The Constellation Group hist, stats flyer if
VC-121 "Columbine II"to be rest P+ P&P Sep 90 if
VC-121 "Columbine II" rest CPA Av Hist clip if
VC-121 "Columbine II" rest PA AvNews Monthly March 91 if
VC-121 "Columbine II" rest hist CPDA Pri Pi Oct 91 if
VC-121D CP AeMo June 78
w red tail & wing tips CP Av Q 4/2 78

PA AP 55/56

PA AeroDig March 53
Typhoon Huner ops CPDA AC if
weather hunters retired from USN PA AC Feb 72 if
US Naval Research Lab P clip KFOct 66 if
TF tc 141320 AcIl clip if
Revell 1/128 kit instructions if
no radar PR tc P KF clip if
WV-2 Rareplanes 1/72 vform CPA ScAcMod Fall 1975 if
WV-2 rest at Rantoul, IL PA newsp clip sep 2 01 if
w rotating saucer on top P MAN Dec 56 if
w rotating saucer on top Pop Sci clip if
Lockheed WV/RC-121D advert Am Av 4 Jun 56 if
weather ops w USN PDA AW 3 Apr 61 if
Revell collector’s card if

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