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Lockheed Constellation - Civilian References in ADIF

This page was most recently updated Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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4 types planned A AvNews 26 June 1944 if
hist CPDA 3v ALQ Win 77
hist PA Forbes Spring 1997 if
windshield design considerations il clip 1945 if
049 & 749 ops so far PA Flt 9 Aug 58 if
Constellation IA G-AHEM P The Aeroplane 21 March 47
early mockup P clip hist CPDA if
?? The Flying Dutchman P MIP 1983/3 IPMS Neth if
advert Nat Geog Dec 46 if
advert Nat Geog Nov 45 if

Model 144 (early design 4 e 3 t)
l 3v Av Feb 41 if
2 tail mockup model P clip if

Model 049
engineering design details Dil A
engineering details Dil ca Auto & Av Ind 15 June 45 if
Hawk plastic kit No. 702 instructions if
last 049 TWA rest n/l May 1980 PA
record flt w Hughes desc PDA F clip if
Lockheed advert Sky May 45 if
4p Lockheed advert clip if
another 4p Lockheed advert clip if
sleeper berths PD Nat Geog clip if
advert Nat Geog Oct 46 if
advert Nat Geog Oct 45
engineering 5yr devel hist A AvNews 11 Dec 1944 if
Heller 1/72 & cargo speed pack PDA Dil 3v La vitrine du Maquetteiste K19 F.18 if
cargo pod PA PS June 46 if
N88855 s/n 2055 w AFA P clip
Pan American Grace P clip if
Pan American Aw 1948 clip if
better interior for Pan Am fleet PA AW 16 Oct 50
interior PD clips if
1944 4p advert if
Pan Am overruns into Flushing Bay at LaGuardia, NY np clip if

Model 749

ops w Qantas PA Dil APMA 1983 No. 4 if
Air India P ALQ clip if
(749?) Capital inproved interior planned ca A AW 10 Jun 1050 if
Ethiopia Al P clip 1957 if
last US comm flt PDA AP June 69 if
Heller 1/72 kit instructions if
cargo "canoe" w EAL P MechIll Dec 47 if
ops in France today PDA ABD Jan-Feb 73 if

w Save A Connie status CPDA Spt Av Nov 90
Save A Connie status il A Pilot News June 86 if
Monogram Heritage Edition kit 6058 instructions if
N1007C w Air Cargo Support P+ clip if
unlimited racer "Red Baron" of Clay Lacy P KF clip if
first flight P+Pop Sci Oct 51 if
proto P+ Pop Mech Sep 52 if
Psurv Av News clip if
1049G Lutthansa conv from Heller EC-121 1/72 CPD Dil FSM Feb 91 if
1/72 Heller kit inst
ferry takeoff crash analysis The MAC Flyer June 83 if
3 Connies for sale by Roundy P+ AOPA March 2001 if
N9466 agri sprayer P ACQR Win 78 if
Aerovias Quisqueyana CP clip if
Tans Canada P ALQ Win 77 if
India AF No. 6 Sqdn P Flint clip if
used as a bar n NJ CPD+ Spt Av March 1992 if
National Al N7133C P AC March 80 if
HI228 Aerotours CP clip if
1049H Air Traders crash, Columbus, IN analysis A AWST 27 Apr 81
Revell kit H-167 instructions if
freighter N11SR flt desc PDA Flint 27 Mar 76 if
proto P+ F July 52 if
stretch desc PDA Pop Sci Jan 51 if
advert F Feb 52 if

L-1449 (tprop propo)
il KF if

Model 1649
1649A ca AC June 69 if
N8083H CP clip AC June 81 if
Lufthansa P Am Av 21 Apr 58 if
TWA P clip if

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