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Aero News Photo
    n Alaska ANG PA ANP 1/3
    racers at Reno 83 ANP 11/1 Win 83
    rest at Reno races CPA ANP 11/5 JuneJuly 85

Aeroplane Monthly
    rest CP AeMo July 75
    rest CPA AeMo Aug 76
    Harvard rest CPA AeMo 6/5 Aug 78
    RAF P AeMo Oct 78
    civ CP AeMo 6/11 Nov 78
    Noordyn AT-16 CP AeMo May 79
    civ n New Zealand CPA AeMo Aug 79
    Harvard w Royal Nav Volunt Res P AeMo 7/12 Dec 79
|    at Mojave Air Races CP AeMo Jan 80
    Harvard flying mem CPA AeMo 8/7 July 80
    rest PA pirep PA AeMo Sep 83

Air Classics
    XAT-6E P AC 4/1 Sep 71
    mods CPDA AC 7/6 Sep 71
    Harvards derelict n Canada CPA AC 8/3 Jan 72
    surv CPA AC 9/6 June 73
   rest CPA AC 12/8 Aug 76
   civ rest CP AC Nov 79
   civ N44110 CP AC 16/3 March 80
   at a flyin air race PA AC 19/2 Feb 83
    gunnery trng n W2 mem A AC July 83

Air Classics Quarterly Review
    Columbian AF CPA ACQR Spr 76
    at Bassingbourn, Eng a s CP ACQR Win 78

Aircraft Age
    CP cov Aircraft Age Aug 44

Aircraft Illustrated
    So Africa AF CP AcIl 4/11 Nov 71

    Harvards of SoAfri AF PDA 2vs Afx Nov 71

Air Force
    rest CPA pirep AF Jan 81
    hist PA AF Apr 82

Air International
    foreign users Cpros AI 24/4 Apr 83
    civs at Reno 83 races CPA AI Nov 83

Air Progress
    cockpit PD AP AprMay 63
    civ ex RCAF Harvard PDA AP May 68
    vs T-38 CPA AP Feb 69
    civ racer CPA pirep AP 29/6 Dec 71
    PDA AP 30/1 Jan 72
    "Gotcha!" racer CP AP Nov 78

Air Progress Aviation Review
    rest CPDA pirep AP AvRev 2/2 Sum 78
    civ "Condor Sqdn" CPDA APAvRev Sum 83

Air Trails
    Skywriter composite with BC-1, AT-6 and P-64 P AT Oct 47

Air Trails Annual
    uc scale flymod plans & interior Dil AT Annual 1952

Air Trails Classic Flying Models
    Dil ATCFM Fal 79

    Pacon Super 6 mod PA Airways Feb 68

Armchair Aviator
    civ flown by women in late 40s PA ArmchAv Feb 73

Fine Scale Modeler
    1/48 Monogram CPDA 3v ca FSM 3/1 JanFeb 85

    AT-6 CP F July 42

    airshow flying n England CPA FP Oct 83

IPMS Quarterly
    at Reno races PA IPMSQ 13/2 77
    n Korean War 2v A IPMSQ 13/3
    T-6G Hawaii ANG P IPMSQ Fal 80
    @ Luke AAB early 1942 3v pros A IPMSQ 18/4 Sum 83
    early ac pros IPMS Q Fal 83

IPMS United Kingdom
    PA 3v pro IPMS UK Sep 67
    3v IPMS UK June 69
    4v IPMS UK Jan 70
    3v IPMS UK Dec 69
    1-seat racer 3v IPMS UK Sep 71

IPMS Update
    Korea spotter IPMSU 14/6
    early W2 A pros IPMS U 15/5
    1/48 Monogram Tora Tora Tora movie mod PDA IPMS U 24/1 JulyAug 85

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    -6D ANG P JAS #3 JulySep 56
    NA-16 PA JAS Win 59
    AT-6A PA JAS Win 59
    AT-6G PA JAS Win 59
    at Reno Air Show 1969 PA JAS Fal 70
    ops n Biafra PA JAS Sum 72
    civs at Reno 71 PA JAS Win 72
    civ 3v JAS Sum 73
    in Africa PA JAS Sum 73
    NA-16 PA JAS Sum 74
    as spotter n Korean War PA JAS Spr 79
    T-6/SNJ PD JAS 24/2 Sum 79
    French AF ops PDA 3v pros JAS Win 79
    Mexico AF PA JAS Win 79
    NA-69 seizure from Thailand PA JAS Fal 80

Journal New Zealand Aviation Historical Society
    in NZ JNZ 6 Aug 73
    in NZ JNZ 1 Oct 73

Koku Fan
    n RCAF 3v KF Aug 75

Model Airplane News
    rest CPA MAN Dec 83

PAM News
    Harvard 3v pros PAM #10
    Harvard 40th Anniv a s PDA PAM #31 Aug 79
    foreign users pros A PAM 7/10 Feb 80

Plane & Pilot
    civ PA pirep P&P 2/2 March 66 buying used PA P&P 10/6 July 74

Popular Aviation
    production line PA PopAv Jan 39

Random Thoughts
    civ N1832 3v A RT June 72

Scale Aircraft Modeling
    Harvard I conv < 1/48 Monogram PDA ScAcMdg Nov 83

Scale Modeler
    France AF 1/72 Heller CPA SM Nov 78
    1/48 Monogram CPA SM Aug 79
    Israel AF 1/48 Monogram CPA SM Nov 79
    1/48 Monogram ground trnr mod CPA SM 22/8 Aug 87

Scale Models
    1/48 Monogram PDA ScMods 12/138 March 81

Scale RC Modeling
    civ mod to A6M for movie Tora Tora Tora DPDA ScRCMod Feb 80

    CP Sky Jan 44

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
    Bolivia AF pro SAFO 4/1 Oct 79
    Indonesia AF pros A SAFO 9/3 Apr 85
    Israel AF 2v pros SAFO 9/3 Apr 85
    Latin Amer users surv SAFO #47 July 88
    Mexico AF pros SAFO 12/3 #47 July 88

Sport Aviation
    hist 3v PA SptAv 21/6 June 72
    rest of Sawyer CPDA SptAv 21/10 Oct 72
    rest considerations PDA SptAv July 73
    civ rest CPA Sport Av Dec 75
    rest of Harrison CPDA SptAv 26/12 Dec 77
    civ on auto fuel PA SptAv Aug 83

Sport Flying
    mem PA SptFly 12/5 Oct 78

Vintage Aircraft
    flying one n England PA VA #9 JulSep 78

NA-16 PA PA W 2/5 Oct 72

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