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Aeroplane Monthly
     CPA AeMo 5/9 Sep 77

Air & Space
    Enterprise deliv to Dulles airport CPA A&S 1/1 AprMay 86
    small payloads CPA il A&S 2/6 FebMar 88
    cockpit mockup at Lawrence Hall of Science CCPDA A&S FebMar 88

Aircraft Illustrated
    return to earth CPA AcIl July 81

Aircraft Illustrated Extra
    mission profile detailed CPA il AcIl X #3

Air Force
    mired in bureaucracy PA AF Sep 80
    support by USAF CPA AF June 82
    USAF involvement CPA AF Nov 82

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    subcontractor briefings il A AWST 27 Nov 72
    first flight options il A AWST 21 Jan 74
    with 747 wind tunnel model PA AWST 5 Apr 76
    mate w rocket booster PA AWST 21 May 79
    external fuel tank PA AWST 9 July 79
    prep for first orbit PDA AWST 29 Oct 79
    EVA maneuvering unit PA AWST 29 Oct 79
    new problems A AWST 10 Dec 79
    flight schedule Cil A AWST 31 March 80
    problems A AWST 2 June 80
    problems facing first launch PA AWST 29 Sep 80
    Discovery mission descr. AWST 10 Sep 84

Flight Inernational
    making repairs n space CPA Flint 7 Apr 84|
    Discovery rollout PA Flint 18 June 84
    ops CPA Flint 15 Dec 84
    ops described CPA Flint 22 June 85
    launch desc CPDA Flint 24 Aug 85
    Challenger loss il A Flint 8 Feb 86
    Challenger loss PA Flint 15 Feb 86
    Challenger loss PA Flint 22 Feb 86
    remake progress CPDA il Flint 29 Aug 87
    Discovery pre-launch status CPA Flint 27 Aug 88
    Discovery flt CPA Flint 29 Oct 88

PAM News
    1/144 Airfix PA PAM 8/1 AprMay 80

Scale Modeler
    1/144 Revell 5v PD xs CPA SM May 78
    1/144 Airfix kr 4v CPA SM 14/4 Apr 79

Scale Models
    kit survey PA 2v June 78
    kit surv PA ScMods Dec 79

    future pirep PA Soa 40/11 Nov 76

Vintage Plastic
    kit survey A VP 3/1 MayJune 82

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