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Sikorsky misc.
future of helis by I Sik A AeDig June 41
Clippers hist PDA AC 9/8 Aug 73
hist PA AP Spr 60
2 turb 224 mph trans heli proj il A AP Fal 61
STOL compound heli propo il A Sep 69
heli developments PA ArmchAv Nov 72
Advanced Composite Heli (propo) CPDA Flint 31 March 84
advert Bcov PopAv Jan 39
heli predictions Pil A Sky Feb 43

Sikorsky SRR
mockup PA AP Nov 78

Sikorsky Sea King
SEE ALSO England Westland Sea King
n Japan CP KF Apr 81

Sikorsky Standard (2s para ltpln)
P JAS Sum 61

Sikorsky S-5A
PA JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-22
PA JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-29
advert AAAN NovDec 68
3v xs PA MAN 69/2 Feb 64
-29A of Frank Clarke PA Vat March 75

Sikorsky S-30
RS-1 P KF March 72

Sikorsky S-35
1st New York to Paris attempt A JAS 3/2 AprJun 58
PA W 2/4 Aug 72

Sikorsky S-36
PA JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-37
-37B PA A 2/2 March 72
P WWI 66 Jan 78
3v PA WWI 67 March 789

Sikorsky S-38 (2e amphib)
P AC 13/2 Feb 77
2v PDA JAS Fal 59
-38B PA JAS Fal 61
A JAS Win 70
PA JAS Win 79
w Pan Am P KF June 76

Sikorsky S-39
"Spirit of Africa" PA ABD NovDec 81
PA AAAN 7/11 July 64
-39B sb solid model CPA 4v Dil FSM 6/3 June 88
PDA 5v xs JAS Spr 62
PA JAS Win 63
PA JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-40 (4e al flybt)
PDA AC 9/8 Aug 73
3v PDA NewAT Win 76
P JAS Spr 62
"American Clipper" PA JAS Sum 71
3v PA JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-41 (2e amphib trans)
3v xs AP Spr 60
PA JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-42
-42B 3v PA AeDig Mar 38
PDA APict March 71
hist PDA A 17/1 Jan 87
3v PA ca JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-43 Duck
3v PA AeDig Mar 38
of Howard Hughes PDA AC 17/12
PA AA Oct 61
3v PDA JAS Win 79
PDA indiv ac hists JAS 26/3 Fal 81
PD PAM ApMay 80

Sikorsky S-44 (flybt trans)
CP AC 4/3 Feb 68

Sikorsky S-45
il A JAS Win 79

Sikorsky S-51 (heli)
SEE ALSO Sikorsky H-5
n Royal Navy P AcIlX #11
PA ArmchAv July 73
executive flying PA F 68/1 Jan 61
sport flymod plan FM Feb 53

Sikorsky S-52 (2s 1e heli)
il AP 54/55
PA WestAv Apr 54

Sikorsky S-55 (quad lg trans/rescue heli)
Westland-built w BEA PA ALQ Sum 80
ca PA AP 54/55
solid model plan AT Dec 51
Orlando Night Writer mod 3v Flint 28 Feb 87
w Carson Services P JAS Sum 72
PA WestAv Apr 54
hist PA W 11/2 Apr 81

Sikorsky S-56 (2e heavy cargo heli)
PA AP 54/55
PA WestAv Apr 54

Sikorsky S-58
used n search n jungle PA AW 2 Sep 57
pro PD IPMS UK May 70
n Indonesia AF pro A SAFO 11/1 Jan 87

Sikorsky S-59
P JAS W 73

Sikorsky S-60
PA AP Fal 59
6v pros xs AvN 13/23 5-18 Apr 85
PA JAS Win 73
model P KF Aug 71

Sikorsky S-61
S-61N CP AeMo Oct 74
w Greenlandsfly Al CPA AC 10/2 Feb 74
w KLM al A AcIl 3/7 July 70
conv > Sea King 1/72 3v PA ca Afx Sep 71
n Brazil AF CP AI 17/3 Sep 79
P AP OctNov 64
resumes flying after crashes A AWST 26 Aug 68
-61A n Denmark AF 2v IPMSQ 18/2 Win 82
2v A ori conv. IPMS UK May 70
5v xs A MAN Jan 68

Sikorsky S-62
mod to look like Mil-24 for movie P AI 34/3 March 88
pros PA ScAcMdg Apr 80

Sikorsky S-64
civ CPD F 98/4 Apr 76
pro Dil P IPMS UK May 70

Sikorsky S-65
CP AI 15/5 Nov 78

Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk
crash @ Farnborough a s CPA AeMo Jun 76

Sikorsky S-70
PA AF Jun 83
-70C 3v PA AI 7/2 Aug 74
LAMPS propo 3v PA AI Nov 77
advanced composite test P Flint 12 May 84
-70B 3v A Flint 20 Oct 84

Sikorsky S-72 (research heli)
rollout PA AWST 14 June 76
rollout 3v PA AWST 21 Jun 76

Sikorsky S-76
PA AOPA 20/3 March 77
w Bristow Aw CP AcIl Aug 80
3v PA AI 12/4 Apr 77
3v CPA ca AI 18/3 March 80
marketed for civ use PA AWST 20 Jan 75
naval mod propo PA pro Flint 31 March 84
w PT-6 engine PA Flint 11 Aug 84
-76B CPDpirep F Feb 86
PA L&K 13/82

Sikorsky S-80 Sea Dragon (propo for Japan)
PA Flint 21 Jan 89

Sikorsky H-5 (1e trilg heli)
SEE ALSO Sikorsky S-51
YH-5 cockpit PD AP ApMay 63

Sikorsky YH-18 (mil S-52)
il AP 54/55
P AT Aug 51

Sikorsky H-19 (mil S-55)
-19A 3v PA AeDig March 53
remanuf for agri use PA API March 81
PA AT June 52
1/72 Airfix CPA SM 21/1 Jaun 86

Sikorsky H-34
civ turbine mod PDpirep F July 75
PDA pros color chip IPMS HI #14

Sikorsky H-37 (2e heavy heli)
PA AP 57/58
1/72 Airmodel vform PA ScMods Sep 80

Sikorsky XH-39 (1e ret lg heli)
PA AP Fal 60

Sikorsky HO5S-
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76

Sikorsky HRS
ops w HU-1 PA F Sep 49

Sikorsky HR2S-
2S-1W PA AP Fal 58

Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat – SEE Sikorsky CH-34

Sikorsky JRS- (USN S-43)

JRS-1 PA Win 79
CPA JAS 26/3 Fal 81

Sikorsky X1OA-8 (US Army S-43)
PA JAS Sin 79

Sikorsky XPBS-1 (4e flybt)
P AC 4/5 June 68
PDA 3v xs A 7/1 Jan 77
PA JAS Win 75
PA JAS Win 79
3v xs MAN 10/1 Jan 39

Sikorsky PS/RS-1 (USN S-38)
PA NAN Apr 82

Sikorsky R-4
CPA AC 9/2 Feb 73
rest PDA AC 12/9 Sep 76
HNS (USN R-4) rescue & early ops PA ACQR Win 78
n Royal Navy P AcIl X #11
PA Air News Aug 44
cockpit P AP ApMay 63
CP cov AT Apr 45
YR-4 w 1st Air Commandos n CBI pro IPMSQ 4/1
YR-4B 3v xs MAN Feb 47

Sikorsky R-6
n Royal Navy P AcIl X #11

Sikorsky VS-44A
CPA AC 9/3 March 73
PDA AC Yearbook 1978
PDA AP FebMar 64
ca Flint 1/9 Sept 41
PA JAS Win 75
w Avalon Al CP cov JAS Win 79

Sikorsky VS-300 (heli)
PDA Av July 40
il A Flt6 1/9 Sep 41

Sikorsky CH-3 (2e cargo heli trilg)
4v PA AP ApMay 64
P KF Oct 72

Sikorsky CH-34
n German AF CPA AcIl 2/10 Oct 69
-34B PA AP Dec 69
HSS-2 CPA FR 16/11 Aug 61
HSS-1 Seabat 1/50 5v xs KF Sep 71

Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion
CP ACQR 2/3 Fal 75
CH/HH n USN PA AComb Nov 82
PA AcIl Feb 73
CP AcIl 13/7 July 80
3v CPA ca AI 20/3 March 81
NCH-53 civ n NASA PA AI July 81
Cpros AI Nov 82
PDA AP 27/1 July 80
YCH-53 PA AWST 18 Feb 74
updates A Flint 31 March 84
-53D USMC CP KF Aug 71
n Austria AF CP KF Aug 80
ops n MedSea PA NAN NovDec 83
3v PA NAN JanFeb 84
PA PopAv JulAug 67
1/72 Airfix CPA SM 17/4 Nov 82

Sikorsky EH-60
Quick Fix II PA AF 64/6 June 81

Sikorsky YHC-54
PA AP OctNov 64

Sikorsky HH-3
CP ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
Augusta-Sikorsky HH-3 CP AI March 77
P JAS Sum 72
being refueled by HC-130E P KF Apr 69
1/72 Airfix CPA SM 7/3 March 72
1/72 Aurora CPA SM 7/3 March 72

Sikorsky HH-52
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
CP ACQR 4/1 Spr 77

Sikorsky HH-53
inflight refuel CP AWST 31 July 67

Sikorsky HH-54
n Antarctic colors CP AC Apr 81

Sikorsky HH-60 Night Hawk
CPA AF Feb 84
-60D/E PA AF Aug 84
A AF 67/10 Oct 84
PA Flint 5 May 84

Sikorsky HNS- (USN R-4)
SEE Sikorsky R-4

Sikorsky HOS-1 (USN/CG R-6)
SEE ALSO Sikorsky R-6
P ACQRj 3/2 Sum 76

Sikorsky HO2S (doublecheck this)
2v PA Sky Dec 46

Sikorsky HO3S
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76

Sikorsky HO4S (USN/CG S-55)
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76

Sikorsky MH-53
PA AComb 12/5 Sep 84
CH/MH-53E AMCM PA AF June 82
3v PA AI 27/2 Aug 84

Sikorsky RH-53
minesweeper ops PA AComb 10/4 July 82
only one returned from failed Iran rescue attempt P+ AWST 9 June 80
mine sweep ops at Suez PA NAN Sep 74
-53D PA NAN Aug 79

Sikorsky SH-3
n USCG mostly red CP AComb 14/3 May 86
HSS-2 PD pirep F 68/2 Feb 61
SH-3A CPD KA Aug 71
SH-3G CP KF Sep 71
pros unit insig KF May 81
2v PA ScMods 1/10 July 70
SH03H Sea King 1/72 Fujimi CPA SM Oct 81

Sikorsky SH-34
-34G w Italy AF CP JP-4 Jan 84

Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk
rollout PA Flint 15 Sep 79
"CV Helo" mod mockup PA Flint 31 March 84

Sikorsky UH-34
CP ACQR 2/3 Fal 75

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk
CPDA AComb 11/3 May 83
testing A AWST 6 Oct 80
mods by Alaska ANG A Flint 8 Aug 87
1,000th delivery PA Fling 22 Oct 88
VH-60 for president trans PA Flint 17 Dec 88

Sikorsky-Arny ABC Helicopter
CPcov AWST 26 Apr 76

Sikorsky-North American folding rotor composite jet rescue proj
il A AP 21/2 Aug 51

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